Zwift Apple TV 4k Bluetooth Connection Issues SOLVED!!! (2019)

Zwift Apple TV 4k Bluetooth Connection Issues SOLVED!!! (2019)

hi there my name is Tom Crandall from and today we’re taking a look at the Apple TV 4k and Zwift and
connection issues that people might have when they’re trying to set up their
smart trainer using the Apple TV 4k and Zwift so the way it works is the Apple
TV 4k has three Bluetooth slots that you can connect Bluetooth devices the first
slot is used actually with the controller here so you can’t use that
and then that other two slots or for other Bluetooth devices like a heart
rate monitor that I have on here a cadence sensor that you might have on
your bike and then the power or a watt meter or something like that so with
Swift let me just click on here and I’m a rider on Zwift as
so when you load up the Swift application it’s going to be looking for
a power source or a speed sensor one of the two and so what you’re going to want
to do is you’re gonna want to connect your trainer or turn your trainer on and
so I’m gonna turn my trainer on here and over on the left hand side what it’s
saying is it’s running the Zwift companion app to find devices well I
don’t want to have it set up like that I want to use the Apple TV initially and
so I’m gonna click on this and so now it’s using the Apple TV to try to locate
all my Bluetooth devices and so it found my heart rate monitor and so that shows
up over here and then I found the power source which is my trainer which also
controls the trainer so these two lit up and then I have my cadence sensor and
normally like with the cadence you might have to start pedaling just to activate
it to make sure that it’s active and then you can go down into your cadence
and turn that on now when I do this what I should see is an error message pop up
saying I’m trying to connect to many devices to Apple TV and so the reason
for that is because I have my trainer and so that’s one connection in the
Apple TV I have my heart rate monitor so that’s the second one so right now the
Apple TV’s all booked up because it has the controller for one slot the trainer
for one slot in my heart rate monitor so when I click on cadence here I find my
cadence and so then I get the error message to many Bluetooth devices trying
to connect to your Apple TV and so to get around this issue we’re going to be
using the Zwift companion app and what that will allow me to do is connect
additional Bluetooth devices so that I get beyond the limitation of the Apple
TV so over here where it says Apple TV is out of Bluetooth connections would
you like to try to connect through Swift I’m going to hit yes and now what you’re
gonna your supposed to do is you’re gonna load up your Zwift companion app and so
you can download this from the App Store it’s the Zwift companion app or if you
have a different phone besides Apple you download it from whatever store you need
to and when the companion app loads what we’re looking for here is for the map to
show up and once the map shows up then we’re all ready and we will be able to
see a little icon here so currently today is Zwift is running in London so I
see a little map for London here and on the left hand side now I see a little
Bluetooth signal coming from my Zwift companion app if you don’t see that one
of the things you may have to do is you click on more down at the very bottom
and you want to go into the settings for the Swift companion app and you’re going
to want to go into device connection and you want to make sure that your device
connection is turned on and so I have that turned on and so now the last thing
you want to do is you want to go into your cadence
since it says no signal here and you just want to click it that’s
going to deactivate that and now you want to tap to pair and this time the
cadence sensor is going to pair with the companion app rather than through the
Apple TV because if it tried to go through the Apple TV we’d get that error
message again so I’m going to click on that and so here’s my cadence sensor up
there so everything’s good to go so I have my two connections my power source
and my heart rate those are going through the Apple TV and then my cadence
sensor is going through the companion app and so now hopefully I’m gonna get
on the bike and if I did everything correctly
everything should show up within zwip so I’m just gonna click on ride here just
do a free ride so I’m just gonna jump on my bike and start pedaling and so my watts start showing up and my
rpms are showing and also my heart rate so everything’s good I have all the
values in the left hand side that I want to see when I’m riding into it and too
much pretty much good to go so that’s how you do it I spent a few days trying
to figure this all out and how everything works and it was because of
the Apple TV and the two slots are the two slots that allowed you to connect
but not allowing you to connect three devices that was the issue and you have
to sort of go through this process and to get everything set up please hit the
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have a whole write-up on what I just talked about and hopefully if you have
any issues just leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them
maybe someone else that seen the video will try to answer as well thank you so
much for watching and have a great day

17 comments on “Zwift Apple TV 4k Bluetooth Connection Issues SOLVED!!! (2019)

  1. Steven F Post author

    Great explanation, cheers! Do you need to have your phone BT on before you open your 'Pair Devices' screen?

  2. Wil3988 Post author

    My issue using this method is frequently the companion app loses its connection with the Appletv. . Some times it would happen half way through a ride. It happens so often I have given up .

  3. Dave Sutton Post author

    I’m having this issue with tying to connect 3 devices to an Apple phone. Works most of the time but drops the signal and picks it back up so I fall off the pack a lot. Frustrating. Can you use the same format with companion to solve this?

  4. Dave Sutton Post author

    Thank you for the quick reply. That is where I get stuck. I don’t see how to open Map in Companion. If I click on my account name it will show cadence and speed going along with time but no map. Any tricks to get map open. ?

  5. Scott Maurer Post author

    I've been having connectivity issues and I think it's that top/left preference setting that I've been missing/overlooking. Thanks for the pointing that out. Any preference between the cadence sensor or the HR monitor to run though the Companion app? I've been using the ATV4K to connect my Kickr and Cadence, HR though the Companion. Also any preference on whether you should power off the Kickr through a power strip or simply unplug it overnight or leave it on?

  6. muttonmark Post author

    I had zero issues with using my trainer, cadence sensor, and HR monitor with my IPad through the zwift app. My wife and I wanted to use the app using a bigger TV, so we have a 32” TV hooked up, and I went and bought Apple TV to run zwift through. At this point, that all seems like a big mistake. I am very disappointed that we need to use the zwift companion app, and we constantly have connection issues. We run our phones and the Apple TV on the same WiFi network channel in our house, but we have issues gettting all sensors connected, and then in a 60 minute zwift workout, you will lose connection with all least two sensors a minimum of three times. It is very frustrating and I am looking for an app of dongle that maybe we can connect using the IPad, but the zwift also displays on the TV via HDMI or something of the sort. The Apple TV was a waste of $179.

  7. Jon Devine Post author

    Still can’t get it to work. The cadence is not loading from companion. What am I doing wrong? More info in reply.

  8. David Feil Post author

    Thanks for the presentation. What I've found is that I have to disconnect my Kickr Snap, Cadence Sensor and Tickr Heart Rate Monitor from the Wahoo App in order to get all three to connect on the Apple TV and Zwift Companion.

  9. BuexxTM Post author

    I think you are running your apple TV with a network cable? Have you checked if it works with only Wifi, too? I am searching for a new way to Zwift (my laptop broke down on me), but only got access to Wifi in the cave.

  10. Paul Furniss Post author

    How can you change the map view in the upper right hand corner with the remote? Thanks

  11. dirterDarryl Post author

    After a race, I've found the results page to be un-navigable with the ATV remote. If you race, have you had similar issues? Any remedy? Otherwise, your description is almost exactly how I connect. However, I find that I have to leave bluetooth on my iphone off until I get the Kickr and the Cadence (Wahoo) connected through the ATV, then when I'm ready to connect HR, I turn iphone BT on, open the the companion app and finish with the same procedure you discuss for the third device (in your case the cadence sensor – in mine, the HR monitor).

  12. Ean Cowell Post author

    I can use Zwift (without the companion app) and have the remote, BT headphones, BT HR monitor and a Tacx Neo all running at once no problem. Does the ATV4K have an extra channel for the headphones

  13. Lesal8403 Post author

    The KEY is to click that bluetooth icon in the top left corner on the Zwift page… remove the companion app BEFORE trying to connect your trainer. Tonight I missed my scheduled group ride because my companion app was still connected. Good video that makes that point clear. Thank you.


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