ZEBLAZE VIBE 5 smart watch fitness tracker UNBOXING REVIEW

Hi guys, Freddy here This is the newest smartwatch from Zeblaze Vibe
5 The screen is IPS and bigger than the Vibe
3 days I have reviewed There are a number of the latest and watchface displays
can be custom Oh yes, for those of you who are just here Can you help Subscribe, to support
this channel You can get information about Smartwatch
before you buy it And after watching this video Check the previous video There may be videos that are useful for you
you Like this, the packaging is still in plastic wrap We open again The box is really zeblaze characteristic On the edge is Zeblaze At the bottom of Smart Fitness watch Vibe 5 At the back there are specifications Ok, let’s open it We see this long box There is a magnetic charger cable Then there is the user manual Simply the user manual As usual this Zeblaze smartwatch is visible
big I do not recommend for those of you who are
have small hands I really like this smartwatch from Zeblaze Finishing material is good Looks sturdy For Case material from DLC stands for Drilling Carbon Coating The display looks pitch black For On press the top left The display is really cool 1.3 inch IPS size Resolution of 240 x 240 pixels Case diameter of 50 mm With a height of 55 mm The thickness is 14 mm Big enough and thick Tpu material band Very soft and supple Band width of 24 mm Overall length of 260 mm Buckle stainless steel material On the back there is a heart rate sensor And a magnetic charger connector the strap can be removed easily Just press this section To change the watchface press the top left There are four watchface displays For the feature press the upper right There are Steps Calories Distance Heart rate Sleep data Notification message Exercise sport Stopwacth / chronograph And find phone We’re the heart rate test Running dynamically / continuously Then sport press the top left to start the exercise When I use it on my small arm
looks great on the strap the case also looks big and thick When the hand is turned, the display is fast
to light up The checking is quite simple, like this For the Wearhealth download application at
playstore This is how the application looks Click more Connecting device Here we can set any notification
that will appear on Smartwatch Screen savers can be set and custom There is a snapshot shake Only by shaking Smartwatch later
will start the photo Here there is the appearance of sport, sleep and heart
rate If there is an incoming call like this And this is if there is WhatsApp in Ok guys, this is the video Hopefully it can be useful and a recommendation
for you I’m Freddy Thanks for watching And see you next video

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