Yoga with Liel Cheri

Yoga with Liel Cheri

Hello everyone!
Do you remember my recent
trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago my? My hair color changed a bit since then. I did share some of it on my Instagram stories. but I absolutely ignored all the
messages from everyone who were asking me: What brought you to Vegas alone!? Sorry guys! Nothing personal! First of all, I was so
so so busy that I barely had time to eat even though, I was at amazing restaurants,
but the focus wasn’t on this food. Second, I really wanted to share this big news in a special way, because it`s really deserving some of exclusive attention! Hello Vegas! Just checked in into my
hotel. Pretty nice, pretty nice, pretty nice not the one that I wanted from
the beginning, but no bad at all. Let me show you around! Yo! Wassup VEGAS? That’s it! No more to show! What not a Las Vegas outfit, but this is what it is! This is all I brought with me, some jeans and t-shirts. Nothing fancy, nothing sexy. I’m just gonna be a good girl in Las Vegas! As you may already know I’m certified
fitness nutrition specialist and health coach, by the way I finally decided to
frame a few of my certifications in my office. Here is my fitness nutrition specialist and my health coach certificate, that I am so proud of! and now let’s dive back into the reason why I went to Vegas alone! You know how they
say: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Luckily for me what happened in Vegas
will change my business! And I’m actually very excited to share
with you that it’s also going to help many people’s lives for the better. It seems funny to me that most people go to Vegas to get drunk and party. I might do that one day! I’ve been to Vegas for quite a few times, but never done it
yet. I guess, I partied too much in my twenties, and now I respect my body very
much, but then again, a drink or two should be fine right!? You don’t have to get drunk
to have fun and stay healthy! This time I had a better mission to do and it was to
expend my knowledge my mind and to be able to build a better business that can
help many people live their lives at their peak. I totally stayed three days in Vegas and it was such a powerful, vigorous experience for me to gain mind-blowing
knowledge and education. You may have
heard that knowledge is POWER well, not quite the case! What is truth is,
that applied knowledge is power You probably know some people that have
“the knowledge” yet, they choose do nothing or very little with it. For the past few weeks I’ve been putting lots of this knowledge into action! I’ve been re-working
my business, so I can reach and help more people to reach their goals and to live
their lives at the peak of health and performance. These days I am restructuring on how I’m doing things, and I am building a new program that it’s going to change so many lives for the better. And, I’m so so so so freaking excited I’m so freaking excited! And I know you guys are going to be excited as well to learn about my new program. I just cannot wait to share with you what I’m incorporating from everything I learned in my solo trip to Vegas. I can’t wait to share with you everything I`m putting together specially for you. Stay tuned, keep your eyes open wide for this amazing news …… Coming on… December 10th All right, meanwhile thank you for watching take care and remember to kick ass every single day! NAMASTE!

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  1. Tatyana Post author

    I love your new hair color! You look stunning 😍😍😘 Can`t wait to hear more 😊


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