YOGA for Anxiety & Stress | Home Workout – Koboko Fitness

YOGA for Anxiety & Stress | Home Workout – Koboko Fitness

welcome to today’s you’ll go video we’re about to get woke very short preview today just jump right in don’t think too hard we’re going to do a nose to belly breathing exercise just breathe deeply in through your nose let your stomach relax and breathe out that’s it nice and easy today’s yoga exercise practice what your ma collet is going to be a little different but it’s gonna be good good for your whole body your spirit your soul all of it keep breathing stay calm just listen to my voice don’t worry about anything don’t worry about the timer it’s just there to give you an idea how long you have to do this for relax your shoulders relax your face good relax your stomach let that air flow all the way down let it all hang loose keep breathing deep slow breath there’s no rush here that’s good we want to calm all the way down there is no to-do list there’s nothing to do just breathe you’re doing beautiful keep going just breathe very quick preview you can stay in that same position but now you’re breathing out through your mouth slightly more intense if you’ve made it this far pat yourself on the back you’re doing good it’s not easy to sit still that like that for so long you’re doing it you’re two minutes in already well not quite that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you’re doing alright breathe in hold breathe out breathe out through your mouth good that’s going to expel way more air out of your lungs which is what we want take a deep breath in hold it and then let it out through your mouth we have just a minute of this don’t think about anything just flow with it feel your body feel your butt on that mat fill your hands on your knees [Music] if you’re finding it hard to sit still like me you can rotate your neck get that tension out of there and keep breathing you can do this you’re doing really really good deep breath relax your belly this is the one time I’m not gonna tell you to keep your abs engaged do not keep your abs engaged relax good we’re gonna keep going with our breathing but now you’re gonna lay on your back take your time to get into that position hug your knee to your chest nice and slow make sure your lower back is nice and secure on the mat just hug your knee rotate your ankles a little bit if you’re finding it difficult to stay still and breathe we’re doing the same nose to belly breathing but now you’re laying on your back deep breath in through your nose relax your belly and breathe out wonderful you’re feeling calmer that’s good that’s what we’re going for bring it in through your nose breathe out through your nose relax your belly quick preview for you Before we jump in just put your leg down you gonna bring you then breathe out through your mouth make sure that lower back is still on the mat take a deep breath in hold breathe out through your mouth you’re doing good you deserve this time to relax unwind calm down feel your body feel your palms on your thigh feel your soul on the mat feel the back of your head on the mat breathe good you have one job just breathe that’s it this is our warmup wouldn’t it be nice as every every warm-up was like this just breathe you’re doing good all right I’m gonna give you another short preview we’re going to go into the easy pose and we have some help today sit however is comfortable for you for me it’s with my ankles crossed and just breathe deep breath in and exhale you can exhale from your nose or your mouth whatever feels comfortable for your body deep deep breaths there you go if you’re able you’re going to lean forward as far as you can and we’re going to do a bound angle if you’re unable to lean all the way forward go through your own range of motion don’t you just love when you get help with your workouts just breathe deep deep breaths stay calm relax this is real life you guys I told you it was gonna be different almost there get ready we’re gonna just switch go slowly and gently back up into that seeing position your easy pose and just twist from side to side she really feel this in your lower back throughout this whole workout it’s so important to just keep breathing that’s all you have to do breath in and breathe out hold that twist it’s okay if your knees aren’t quite close to the mat if they’re really high that’s alright the more you stretch the more yoga you do the more supple and flexible your body will become keep breathing of course we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side just gonna maintain that position and twist keep breathing can you feel your body on the floor there you go just let go of everything in this moment you have one job that’s to breathe deep breaths all the way down to your belly do what’s comfortable with your legs they don’t have to be crossed everything that’s causing you stress is inconsequential at this moment doesn’t matter which is breathing keep going it’s okay if your mind wanders just come back very good we’re going to switch positions now so we can do some cat cow this is so good for your back take it slow you’re in a tabletop position your knees should be right under your booty when you’re ready we’re gonna arch that back I know you know something about arching your back I just know hold that just hold it and when you’re ready do the opposite for this one you do want to make sure that your stomach is firmer your core is engaged nice and tight and just flex that back guess on mobility going in there all the tension you’re holding in your back just let it go do your best cuz preview for you are going into down-dog if this is challenging for you go through your own range of motion but if you can you want your feet to be flat on the floor your palms flat on the floor and your booty in the air for your neighbors to see you can come out of the pose if you need to and get back into it you don’t have to hold it the whole time you really feel that stretch in the back of your leg the back of your thigh just keep listening to your body good we’re going to do an extended Child’s Pose sit back until your heel and just stretch out your hands your palms should be open and on the floor go through your own range of motion if you’re unable to sit on your heel it’s okay if you’re even on your knees the most important thing here is that you breathe and you are aware of what your body is doing you have literally nothing to worry about don’t think about anything everything will take care of itself right now you’re taking care of you that’s good you’re doing something good close your eyes if you need to and breathe you know how to do this perfectly it’s okay if you move if you fidget that’s good if that feels good you can keep doing it but our next pose here is the corpse pose just lay on your back that’s all you have to do this is more difficult than it sounds just lay on your back and do nothing palms open body is totally relaxed stay calm and breathe relax your feet relax your ankles relax your neck just breathe eyes open eyes closed doesn’t matter feel your upper back on the floor feel the back of your thighs on the floor breathe there’s life in your body that’s amazing let go good this is your time it’s good if you want to you can stay in that position quick preview for you again if you’re unable to sit on your heel go through your own range of motion if you are able put your feet under your booty and sit there upright stomach relaxed chin up face forward palms on your thighs deep breaths there you go ah Mei Xing you’re doing amazing keep breathing this is doing so much for your body your mind you can do it you’ve come this far you can definitely do the rest of this just hold it if you move if you fidget if you shake it’s all part of it uh-uh-uh-uh-uh bring your mind back come back to me come back to me relax your stomach don’t hold it in let it hang out it’s okay it’s all sexy all of it oh look at that good free you can be on your knees or you gonna sit down just breathe beautiful beautiful you’re going to extend your legs out now as straight as you can and your staff pose you want your toes to be pointed toward the ceiling if your legs are refusing to stay straight if your knees are pointing toward the ceiling it’s okay that’s what your body wants to do just go with it go with the flow your palms facing down feel your fingers on the floor relax your belly chin up and breathe every time something pops into your mind just let it go you can tie it onto a balloon and let it go or you can drown it in the ocean doesn’t matter click preview for you we’re going to lean forward and try to touch your toes this is a challenging one so with your forward bend you can reach for your toes or reach for your heel try to keep your legs nice and straight if you cannot no big deal let your knees Bend it’s your body and it’s beautiful breathe awesome I love that you’re taking this time for yourself so hard to do sometimes what’s so essential lean forward just breathe oh that’s so good yes you’re doing good hold on hold on just hold the pose very very challenging but you’re doing it it’s a few more seconds and then we’re going to straddle click preview for you so you can start to get into position and then we’ll do a leg straddle get those legs as wide as you can it’s okay if your knees are not as close to the floor as you see mine go through your own range of motion lean forward just a little bit so your palms can touch the floor and breathe there you go breathe deep breaths perfect are you ready pull one knee in you just want to tuck that one heel into your crotch this should be called the coochie pose maybe shouldn’t I said that but too late now you lean forward all the way forward bring your forehead as close to your knee as you can relax breathe you can hold on to your ankle to make it easier to get into this position or you can hold on to your calls or your knees wherever you are is good enough looking good of course in a few moments we’re going to do the other side as well so get ready for that super quick preview for you same thing you’re gonna pull one foot and word into the secret area and then put your forehead towards your knee hang on we’re at the end folks or at the end you believe it that one by so fast just think about how good relax your body feels right now there is nothing to worry about you got this whatever it is you can handle it you’ve done hard things before right it’s free I know I know three awesome just hold it don’t worry I’ll tell you went into time just keep your head down that’s a good philosophy for life just keep your head down and do the work thank you so much for your guiding with me today subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I’ll see you in my next video check out my website I have really good workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home I love you

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  1. hillywood Post author

    You are so cute, I'm amazed you managed to keep focus…he's a distraction ..cute πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  2. Tricia A Post author

    Awwww!! Super cute! ❀❀ Plus, after these past few weeks- I have REALLY needed this

    Love ya! ❀❀

  3. Barbara Lively Post author

    When I do this video I'm going to be doing it with the help of my toddler as well so I feel this
    And I love how you didn't comment on your son or when your partner decided to walk up in frame
    If that's not real life I don't know what is

  4. Monica Pettiford Post author

    I've been searching for black women in yoga . This is Everything, I cried need so much more African American yogis video's with that black love . It's so perfect. It's Real, appreciate you giving me the confident mind body I was missing. U have an awesome family,handsome little man is so perfect I want one, .


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