Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – Unboxing, Setup, and Initial Impressions

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – Unboxing, Setup, and Initial Impressions

Hello everyone, this is Surya from GeekySplash. In this video, let’s unbox the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. I bought this from AliExpress for 37$ that’s around Rs.2600 and this one is a Global variant. Comes in English and doesn’t have NFC or Voice support. Without further ado, let’s unbox the package. I ordered this on June 15th and got delivered on July 1st, which is pretty fast. In the package we have the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Global Variant retail box, it’s a little tampered but okay. The box looks pretty shiny. To the back of the box, we have details about Colour, Compatibility, Package contents, Bluetooth version and Manufacturer’s name written in 7 languages, as it is a global variant. We have the main features to either side of the box i.e Colour touchscreen, Notification Display, Sleep and step auto-monitoring, and 5 ATM Water resistant, Various Exercise modes and Heart rate monitoring. Inside the box, we have the Band small 125-page manual which basically has basic installation setup and usage written in 9 languages.
Yeah, because it is a global variant. And we have the charger adapter, to charge the band. And here we have the Mi Band 4. Which comes switched on. You just need to pair it to make it work. Apart from that, I felt the Band 4’s strap was smooth and to the behind, we have the heart rate sensor and charging port. To pair the Band, you have to download the Mi Fit app, Sign up if you haven’t, it takes a few minutes. And after you’re logged in hit the Band option turn on Bluetooth and GPS. The searching part takes a few seconds, after you get the prompt, confirm pairing on your band. After the pairing is done, it displays the top features of the Band, that is Band lock, multiple exercise modes, and music playback control. And the Mi band 4 automatically gets updated with the latest firmware . In the Mi Fit App, you have a lot of features and customization available. Firstly in the Band display option, you have 45 watch faces and in the later section of the video. And it has a lot of options like you can unlock the screen when your Band and phone are connected by Bluetooth using the Unlock Screen option Turn on Alerts for incoming calls, Event reminders, Alarms, App notifications, etc. Let’s talk more about them in our review. Apart from the device settings, we have the Band’s tracking data here in the Workouts section. We can start workouts such as walking, running, cycling from here. We can add our friends who are also using the MiFit App and check their sleep tracking as well. We have step count, sleep and exercise tracking over here. Pretty simple navigation. Keeping aside the MiFit App for a while, in the Band 4, on the default lock screen we have Battery Percentage, Bluetooth status, Time, Day and Date, number of steps taken; And if you swipe down and hit status it shows the number of steps taken, distance in meters, calories burnt, idle alerts Heart Rate takes around 30 seconds and calculates your heart-rate by taking the best of 5-6 readings In Workout option, we have 6 workout modes – Outdoor run, Treadmill, Cycling, Walking, Exercise, Pool swim. Clicking any of them will start tracking your calories. Weather option shows you current weather in your locality and forecast for next three days, synced from your phone. Notifications show app notifications that are enabled in the MiFit app.
In the More menu, we have DND, Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, Find device, Silent, Band display which has 2 more watch faces Settings for Brightness, Lock screen, Reboot, Factory reset, Regulatory and About. Wrapping up, let’s talk about a few
features of the Mi Band 4. You can set a pattern from the MiFit App and whenever you remove the band and keep it away, other people can’t use your Band Workout Modes: It sports 6 workout modes in the Band unlike the MI band 3, which is a very handy feature. Music Control: if you swipe from left or right from your default lock screen, you get the music control. It works fine with all music applications and it works really great. You can control playback and volume as well. This one is easily anyone’s favorite feature. Custom Watch Faces – It has 45 watch faces which are a lot, you can pick one based on your interest. And apart from these, You can download a few from various
websites as well. My initial impressions with Mi Band 4 are great. As an Honor Band 4 user, I felt Mi Band 4 is fast and as I told earlier, the music playback is my favorite. I will be back with the in-depth review trying out all the features very soon. Please let me know what more do you want to know about the MI Band 4 in the comments section.

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    How is the sleep monitor
    Does it tell you accurately how long we have slept and how long good sleep is done.any suggestion is given if no proper sleep


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