WOW! The Youtube Demonetization Fallout is Ridiculous, Biased, And Lazy

WOW! The Youtube Demonetization Fallout is Ridiculous, Biased, And Lazy

Sup you beautiful bastards Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday welcome back to the very friendly (chuckle) advertiser friendly Philip DeFranco show and lets just jump into it and the first thing I want to talk about today is oh my god, what happened over the weekend I made that video on Wednesday, that has now been viewed over 4 million times where I talk about myself and many others seemingly getting dinged with demonetization on their videos and this blew up to the point that even mainstream media covered it and many people who understand the concern covered me in a normal way then place like CNET, which by the way go fuck yourself for using this picture ‘oh look at this guy’ literally almost every outlet used a regular picture but they used this one, go fuck yourself again other places like CNET just heard one line from YouTube and went “uh yup that’s the end of this story” that line is what we talked about in the Thursday show which was “while our policy of demonetizing videos due to advertiser friendly concerns hasn’t changed, we’ve recently improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication.” to our creators now as many of you, and the journalists actually worth a damn realized is that when they double-checked my channel on Thursday all their response did was actually raise different concerns which by the way the escalation of who I am in these stories was fascinating it started out as “YouTuber” Philip DeFranco “notable YouTuber” Philip DeFranco “big YouTuber” Philip DeFranco “top mega-superstar” Philip DeFranco “top anti-PC YouTuber” Philip DeFranco Philip DeFranco who bathes in the blood and tears of social justice warriors spoke out today what?! what the hell are y’all talking about but back to the point I made on Thursday that the good journalists covered and many others didn’t what YouTube has done here is yes they said they made a change and I actually think that the change they put in place is a good one a lot of people now who are aware that their video has been demonetized because of the new notifications and a lot of people who are using the new appeal system are getting their videos actually monetized but what they ended up actually admitting is “we’ve been demonetizing videos for a very long time now” you’d already been missing out on monetization but you probably just didn’t know about it cause you never looked that far in your analytics all these people getting their videos from months ago, years ago re-monetized now because their using the appeal thing thats actually more of a concern because they’ve missed out on monetization when it mattered that’s not being talked about because for much of mainstream media it’s more fun to go “oh it’s just a bunch of YouTuber’s overreacting” and here’s what I’ll also say as a businessman I understand both sides of this if you’re trying to sell makeup you don’t want to have that next to some bomb going off on some kid but if you do any amount of research you realize that all channels are not being hit evenly and the thing is I’ve seen other YouTubers like h3h3, a guy Ethan I respect greatly who said “well, it’s just your tags bro” in some cases yes but if you take a deeper dive that’s not always the case it’s a mixed bag we have videos hit that had nothing wrong in the tags but it seemed like it was a video that was a little bit controversial as far as if people agreed with my opinion and those people had been flagging it and it got demonetized and even that is once again a guessing game because the big issue at hand is YouTube’s communication with it’s creators or more notably the lack of communication and the thing is it’s a weird conversation because most likely YouTube doesn’t even want to have to enforce this if you take ads off a video not only does that person make less money, they do and so now, thanks to their new notification and appeal changes maybe fewer people will be hit but it doesn’t change the fact that YouTubers and YouTube channels have been getting hit for a very long time now without them knowing and when you look at a channel like Seeker daily who seems to have been hit around 150+ times that’s just one channel, we have no idea how many channels have been effected like this, how many millions of dollars have not been monetized how many millions of dollars have essentially been taken out of creators pockets because they were demonetized without knowing about it who now are essentially being told “why are you crazy this has always been the case” –even though it might not have been like super super apparent to you–” and when different channels get hit in a seemingly uneven way, of course people are going to assume bias and I don’t know if it’s because the standards in journalism have been going down or there was just complete bias in the story I love how so many of the articles didn’t mention the fact that I said “YouTube completely has the right to do this” no point where I clarify the difference between freedom of speech as far as the government versus a private organization man and I think on a final note, outside of just media sources like Independent who said “our policy of demonising videos” geez, just hire one editor whatever, other than outside sources, I was most annoyed by seeing prominent PC YouTubers going “ah it’s not a big deal guys don’t make a big deal about it” it’s easier to say those things when your account’s not the one that’s getting hit a ton because you’re not talking about world news and you’re embracing the pinnacle of comedy– a man in a bra how crazy! it’s not about you, it’s not about me, it’s about the little guy and unfortunately, a lot of YouTubers when they say you know “I love you guys” what they’re saying is “I like your numbers” and I get why you’re saying what you’re saying publicly, it’s a business but there needs to be better communication between YouTube and it’s community of content creators that’s what it comes down to the story would have never blown up to the point that it did if there had been proper communication my question with this story though “has your opinion on it changed since Wednesday/Thursday?” and from there I wanna share some stuff I love today in ‘Today in Awesome’ brought to you by the “my mom thinks I’m advertiser friendly” shirt I got that shirt made for myself on Thursday just kind of as a joke but then a ton of you said that you wanted to buy it so I figured let the people buy it for five days only that shirt is up, link to that down below and the first bits of awesome are self-promo awesome also something I want to mention because there have been 115,000 plus new subscribers since last Wednesday I post seven days a week, Monday through Friday that’s the news stuff, then over the weekend I do more of the community/personal stuff on Saturday I did a Q&A with your video questions and on Sunday I did a fun video with my wife so you could see who the hell deals with me what women in the right mind would do that to herself so there was that but then awesome from other people I wanted to share screenrant put out a fantastic fan trailer of The Avengers vs. The Transformers then a fantastic video by a small creator by the name of “TommyCharge” it’s a video called “Battle Fortress 1” which is a mashup of Battlefield 1 and Team Fortress 2 then for those of that who were a fan of the supporting cast of Mythbusters you’ll be happy to know that Netflix is reuniting them for a thing their calling “The White Rabbit Project” then we had John Oliver propose new rules for national holidays then in what I personally consider huge comedy news involving George Carlin the man that just inspired me to not give a damn it’s being reported that a George Carlin standup special is about to be released and the reason no one has seen it before is he recorded it on 9/10/2001 in the comedy special he says “I kinda like it when a lot of people die” and then of course, 9/11 happened the next day and so the decision was made to shelve that special but now, 15 years later, on September 16th it’s going to be released and I cannot wait, this man is a personal hero of mine so just something that I want to throw out there for any fellow Carlin fans– may he rest in restlessness– and with that said of course remember if you wanna see the full versions of everything I’ve shared the secret link of the day anything at all, links as always are in the description down below then one our douchebags of the century, Jared Fogle, was back in the news over the weekend Jared, who of course is serving 15 years in prison for child pornography charges decided to be an even scummier human being and sue the parents of one of his victims reportedly his lawyers have filed a motion against one of his victims alleging that her parents– and not Fogle– are responsible for the emotional damage she has suffered to help you understand the situation involves a girl, who was a minor, she was secretly filmed by Russell Taylor who was the head of Jared Fogle’s charitable foundation while she was changing clothes in Taylor’s home and that footage was sent to Fogle so the victim is suing Fogle and Taylor for the emotional distress that has caused her so Fogle has his attorneys go “no no no, you don’t know what you’re talking about, my buddy and I, you know, secretly filming a minor while she was naked and you know having that video, that didn’t cause emotional distress the real emotional distress came from the girl’s parent’s divorcing the motion saying the girl’s parents maintained a hateful and abusive relationship toward each other saying that the parent’s engaged in frequent fighting and arguing between themselves abusing alcohol and getting drunk, physical abuse, also arguing with Jane Doe, the young girl and that is the reason for her phycological distress, not the whole child porn thing and here’s what I’ll say about the situation, Jared Fogle, his actions beforehand were horrible, his actions still are horrible, he’s the kind of guy that makes me think that maybe some punishment should be cruel and unusual and that’s where I’m gonna leave that story any mention of Jared Fogle just puts a, puts a dark spot on my day then we had another douchebag of the century candidate in the news and that was rapist Brock Turner Brock Turner, who was of course caught sexually assaulting an unconscious girl behind a dumster was only sentenced to 6 months in prison as we said would happen was he was released early after serving just 3 months in prison this past Friday but it now appears that maybe things would have been nicer for him if he had stayed in prison the entire 6 months also quick side note to the media, unless “ex-Stanford swimmer” is new slang for “guy who was caught sexually assaulting an unconscious girl” can we stop calling Brock Turner “ex-swimmer” like if someone found Brock Turner and they cut off his downstairs business so he could never do what he did to a woman ever again and he ended up dying if the person that did it was a basketball player why would you call him a “former basketball player” rather than “convicted murderer blah blah blah” whatever it’s annoying Brock Turner who is of course convicted of a sex crime, he was released and he was met by a group of not-so-happy neighbors/protestors people holding signs like “castrate all rapists” “if I rape Brock will I only do 3 months” “the rapist who lives here got 3 months is this justice?” when talking to the news one of the protestors explained themselves saying “he’s not going to live some happy pleasant life, we’re going to never let him forget what he did” “if he is uncomfortable then he begins to receive at least some punishment that he deserves for his crime” then in an update to a story I thought was far over remember Dani Mathers she’s a playboy playmate she got in a ton of trouble months back because she was on her snapchat and she posted this picture it’s censored here but on her snapchat it wasn’t, it was just this naked old woman it’s in the locker room of her gym, seemingly a private area with the caption “if I can’t unsee this then you can’t either” this story blew up, everyone started dropping her and I thought that was the end of it but no according to new reports the LAPD has tracked down the woman that was in the video and it looks like Dani Mathers might actually get charged over this, the LA city attorney is reportedly looking the case over and as far as what she would actually be charged with in this case, many are leaning towards the dissemination of private images which is a misdemeanour punishable by 6 months in jail and this story, and pretty much any legal case, once again brings me back to how does Brock Turner only serve 3 months by two on topic, I bet Dani Mathers wishes everyone could unsee this now then in news for anyone that looks at porn, Pam Anderson would like you to know that you are a loser she was recently featured in the wall street journal and she said that porn has a quote “corrosive effect on a man’s soul and his ability to function as a husband, and, by extension, as a father.” “this is a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness given how freely available, anonymously accessible, and easily disseminated pornography is nowadays.” “simply put, we must educate ourselves and our children to understand that porn is for losers– a boring, wasteful and dead-end outlet for people too lazy to reap the ample rewards of healthy sexuality.” and I don’t even know what to say to this for me this feels a little bit like if Tom Brady said anyone that likes or watches football– they’re losers like Michael Jordan saying if you watch basketball you’re a chump we’re talking about Pam Anderson– a woman who has two sex tapes, she’s been on the cover of playboy magazine, more times than any other model– I believe around 15 times and I don’t know how recently she’s had this opinion but she’s also the last model to pose nude in their magazine before they went none-nude and even when she had her clothes on her job was to run in slow motion essentially I mean to the point are there people who watch a ton of porn that I would consider losers ya, sure but that’s not descriptive of the entire group that consume that media also, I say personally, if porn wasn’t a thing, I think I would go crazy this is gonna be TMI, if you’re watching this with a parent or someone you respect turn it off now if you don’t have the controls throw a rock through the screen trying to protect you because ever since I was a young age I’ve had a very active sex-drive not everyone has that I’ve jokingly talked about in podcasts and videos a long time ago that when I consume porn it’s to get the poison out of my brain although scientifically I believe it’s more along the lines of a drug actually being put into your system I truly believe that on some varying level if you banned porn or you banned masturbation in general, the world would be in flames in a week and I think my final thought on this story is that whether it be with porn whether it be with anything else out there in the world the key is moderation, if you let something– well no matter what it is consume your life, that’s most likely going to be a problem unless that thing is the Philip DeFranco show in which case don’t moderate it watch that crap till you go and blind and when that happens then just listen to my podcast or whatever, I think that’s where we’re gonna end today and remember if you like this video you like what I do on this channel hit that like button, if you’re new here hit that subscribe button also remember if you want one, snag a shirt while you can but that said, of course, as always my name’s Philip DeFranco you’ve just been Phil’d in I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow

100 comments on “WOW! The Youtube Demonetization Fallout is Ridiculous, Biased, And Lazy

  1. SillyWillySandoon Post author

    This just in, Pamela Anderson says porn is for losers. In other news, popular musician says those who listen to music are idiots, and famous director says only chumps go to the movie theater.

  2. Amogh Belliappa Post author

    so , I just started a new channel called amoghstagram and can someone please tell me how to monetize them , as my friends have told me that they have seen ads on my video and I haven't monotized and and idk how to , if anyone would know how to do it as of now do reply

  3. Ecchi Predatoes Beware Post author

    1. fuck those news networks for trying to sensationalize stories…and for trying to make your dopey face look even more dopey.

    2. fuck youtube for not paying people who deserve it, this is why i always got adBlock enabled. corporations never play fair….so …on the internet 2 wrongs can make a right, hehe.

    3. cool to see the mythbusters are coming back, John Oliver isn't as great as he seems to be, George Carlin either, but he's better than …..everyone on TV, that's for sure.

    4. fuck that pedophile who exploits kids..and abuses the trust of society..then thinks he can point the finger at other people..because they aren't perfect.

    5.Brock Turner probably should be castrated, that's just how i feel about rapists, even if i've had rape fantasies.. since i was 12 18 years now. Raping is another violation in the trust that society puts in people.

    6. Dani Mathers should be charged, it's not cool to do that to people just because human bodies are usually a mess. Nobody is perfect. And you aren't better than others just because you are more attractive.

    7. i kinda understand where Pamela Anderson is coming from(We have a serious self-governing issue on this planet, if we solved it…. corruption would be nearly nonexistent), people are idiots who let their emotions manipulate them…. but yeah. Whores are war heroes..and porn is paradise to me, but anime is heaven and Hentai is an even better picture of paradise

    So fuck Pamela for trying to ruin one of the true meanings of life, since Cameras were made, men started filming women for porn…..we have porn manuals..1000s of years ago, so fuck off with that bigoted perspective..of porn, especially since you got rich off of it.

    Men don't like the bullshit women say so we watch porn instead! MGTOW FOR LIFE! lolz.

  4. Hector Serrato Post author

    Ha! So glad YouTube is doing this…. Tired of seeing all these fucking people making money for no reason. Like this jerkoff.. who the fuck are you man? Why so many "subscribers/followers"? What is so great about you talking endlessly about random shit.. all while looking at your face. It amazes me how millions watch this bullshit. Why should I, essentially, pay you to watch your shit/daily life Fuck that… theres no way you or others should make income for that. Get a real job like the rest of the world. Seriously…. Google and its other companies paid next to zero dollars in tax thanks to tax havens… you think they wanna pay you and other lazy fuckboy tools for "creating" content? Well I think they've had enough of handing out paychecks to lazy bastards

  5. J Bennett Post author

    Porn helps fight global warming. Without porn, I'd have to get in a car and drive around trying to meet women. That means I'd be burning gasoline, which releases carbon dioxide, which screws up the atmosphere.

    When I'm sitting in front of my computer late at night watching porn, I'm helping to save the planet, and I have yet to hear even a single word of thanks from the prudes for all my hard work and sacrifice.

  6. notsosxechris Post author

    It's not just her softcore porn and sex tapes that make her a hypocrite, there's also the irony of Pamela Anderson critiquing what does or doesn't make a good husband. This is a woman who's been married four times. First to Tommy Lee in a marriage that ended after 3 years, then to Kid Rock in a marriage that ended after a year, then two marriages to Rick Salomon that both lasted just 1 year or less.

  7. Elfin Dreamer Post author

    It bothers me that the word 'is' is not capitalized in the title, but 'and' is. Am I crazy or is that as wrong as it looks?

  8. soh loh Post author

    lol its bad but phil having his own problems brings out the best in him on here, always new he was just gagging to give a definitive opinion on something

  9. Kūlia LLC Post author

    Ironically, the ad shown on this video was a promo for a TV show depicting violence – someone getting shot.

  10. Marti D Post author

    I think they use that picture to show your personality not to insult or at least that's how I took it

  11. Jeremiah Boucher Post author

    You have got to be one of the more….. noble? Yeah well go with noble….. newscasters and information sharers I've ever seen out there, so your ending plug of "dont moderate yourself watching me" couldn't have been funnier. You make jokes that, if someone else made them, they wouldn't be funny. Good stuff!

  12. musicluver9154 Post author

    Thanks for pointing out these kinds of topics; came here from the Jenna Julien podcast on this topic and can't believe I've been missing out on your videos for so long!

  13. 99smite Post author

    Calling Phil anti-PC feels like an insult to me. Phil is treating even "controversial" and "problematic" issues in a most cases in a very decent way. I feel like the way Phil communicates is in truth PC because he uses common sense and without hyterical bias…
    Keep up with that good quality work nad may the ads revenues be with you…

  14. Jim Isaac Post author

    Was wondering if YouTube does (or should) let advertisers elect to linked with non-friendly channel. Might be some companies out there who really don't care.

  15. Jaune Arc Post author

    I guess I'm a MASSIVE loser then. Man, that hurts. Who knows how long it will take for my sensitive feelings to get over this insult? Boo-hoo.

    Yeah but seriously who really thinks like that nowadays? Like, it ain't something only a small group of people do–not some secret porn mags stashed under some boxes in the closet, right? As someone really sexually active that's got a girlfriend, I still watch a hella lot of porn. Honestly without it I'd go crazy in a week.

  16. rabcfcuj Post author

    I think it says a lot about how irrelevant smosh are that nobody cares that Phil called them out here

  17. Whofan06 Post author

    I think i remember Pewdiepie talking about the demonetization thing, and his real problem was just with how YouTube hadn't even been telling anyone what they were doing. And I agree, I don't think it's right to not at least notify that is was done. How're YouTubers supposed to adjust and figure out what they've done wrong or they've been cut off wrongly if they don't even know it's happening?

  18. 雷神Raijin Post author

    I truly believe on some varying level if you banned porn or if you ban masturbation in general the world be in flames in a week
    Someone who bites the hand that feeds them, lol can someone say foot in mouth or shoe on head? XD

  19. CG_Imp Post author

    has there been any updates on the demonetization? it seems like it's all suddenly gone quiet which considering how many people's livelihoods are on the line, it's really bizarre for the backlash to just stop.

  20. Oliver Berner Post author

    " Anonymous. . . " so what's "the fuzz" about "snowden" did "you" read "the privacy" notification" of different "browsers" and "companies" + new "Android update" regarding " seemingly " "redflagged" " encryptions" ain't just "random statistical analysing" going on". . ."about as anonymous as "tinder" in "a small community", or her "boob jobs" for the "millenials". . ."which "user agreement" is "she" "referring" to ". . ."TOR"?". . ."

  21. Stephen Harper Post author

    next time on my strange addiction:
    i cant stop watching phillip defranco. i found him while farming moonlight butterflies in dark souls and lookong for something to listen to. phillip, youve PHILLED the sucking void/need for entertainment.

  22. Pookie Poo Post author

    They will shut you down eventually like they did me.. If you are monetizing videos they will anyway. Google the YOUTUBE GOOGLE ADSENSE scam. Since g o o g le owns the internet but there's lawsuits over stolen revenue.. They slashed my rates , started demonetizing all my videos, then suddenly the day I was supposed to be paid, they shut down my account under the "3 STRIKES RULES".. Google the stories about youtube / google from their own employees about what's going on.. Forcing them into silence after some are coming forward and telling how gooooogle is forcing them to shut down accounts and forcing them to be SILENT / firing them for speaking out what's going on. They shut me down all in around a 24-48 hour period and then kept $8,000.00 they owed me.. You're making too much money.. Once you get on the hit list they will eventually get you.. You have a LOT of followers so they don't want to make it too obvious..

  23. larhonda burger Post author

    People can't swear in their videos or face demonetization but I can watch Dakota Johnson take off her panties in a restaurant.

  24. Roleplay Chic Post author

    Just try taking a look at the whole porn thing from the viewpoint of someone in a long-distance relationship.

    If I were to have a healthy sex life while remaining in the relationship, I would basically be cheating on my partner. Is being dishonorable really a better choice than getting off to some virtual ass every now and then?

    Food for thought.

  25. Ozark Yeoman Post author

    It disturbs !e the way YouTube is attempting pick and choose to demonetize channels who's opinions it doesn't like to censor them. Are they going to demonetize the raunchy and violent rap and other music videos out there?

  26. DavesWorld Post author

    Isis says porn and masturbation is evil but luckily for them they get to destroy the lives of thousands of girls by turning them into their sex slaves.

  27. bigbenhoward Post author

    The situation with Brock Turner is hardly fair. I expect more of look into this that Philip DeFranco normally does.

    Brock Turner was giving her a hand job behind a dumpster. Because they were both massively drunk, and went there together to have sex. They were both, again, smashed. If he had passed out first while she was giving him a handjob, no one would call her a rapist. I feel like this situation is criminally unfair to that guy.

  28. Seth Post author

    The Jarrod controversy thing happened when i was in middle school, and my name is Jerod. So i had to deal with that….. kinda sucked lol

  29. Humane Education Alliance AHIMSA Post author

    Just heard about you on Jimmy Dore. This sucks! (I subscribed…<3…)

  30. LordMalice6d9 Post author

    Maybe it is time to just jump ship and go to an alternative site like Vidme. If Youtube continues going down this route of DEMONetization and outright censorship of video uploads they seek to silence, they may as well kiss themselves goodbye.

  31. Joshua McDonald Post author

    Did Phil do a video on Jared Fogle's arrest and such before? I'm trying to find it but no such luck.

  32. ipissed Post author

    Clickbait thumbnails & titles, directly using other peoples content, stupid dangerous stunts that encourage kids to do the same, hate speech. It's about time YouTube drained the swamp.

  33. Marilyn Newman Post author

    Carlin Forever! Like him, I worship the sun, & I believe in Joe Pesci, Joe gets things done.

  34. bobby flay Post author

    fun fact, the fallout games take place in a world where monitization is eradicated by youtube, conted creators then send nukes

  35. Blade Runner Post author

    +Philip DeFranco , Until you guys decide to band together and de-monitize your videos in a stand of solidarity against youtubes practices and private the videos which are monetized by 3rd party this will not stop. As a group we could bring youtube to its knees and get a rightful apology from them. Its about the money and how much they will loose if they dont have this content to use. The trick is it might hurt a little to make it hurt a lot to them.

  36. Rickety Wrecked - son Post author

    this is my first watch of your videos ……. I like the cut of your jib ….. whatever a jib is

  37. darrick steele Post author

    Good explanation of the situation. Appretiate the work you're doing, Mr. DeFranco. I am still pretty annoyed but I think I understand a bit more clearly.

  38. MrTrainerGuy1 Post author

    Gaming channels and other channels who aren't pretty left, hell even the most middle of the road channels but other channels are able to talk about the same subject while cursing and vulgar, also alot of the gaming channels who have had political stuff are getting it. 2017 the year YouTube killed itself and this week is when the purge went into full drive. Also hope MSN will be as upset about Spain and not dance around it as they always do especially the American and UK media.

  39. R3drift Post author

    If you don't like it go to daily motion lol. Dumb ass entitled youtubers don't deserve the money or fame.

  40. WckedLarry Post author

    To kinda quote Dr. Cox about the Porn topic: "If you would ban porn from the internet there would only be one site left that said: Bring back the porn"

    I think that still perfectly describes it

  41. Mikhail Hunter Post author

    Oh yeah YouTube has been putting ads on videos where the owner of the video didn't sign up to receive monetization. So they get to charge advertisers for displaying ads WITHOUT paying the content provider their cut. They have been doing this ever since they implemented ads on this platform. At the end of the day it's their platform they can do wth they want.

  42. Mikhail Hunter Post author

    It sounds like the LAPD is looking for money. I don't the lady but she's a celebrity and when celebrities get charged with crimes they usually pay bigger fines than normal people do.

  43. Major Cooke Post author

    0:29 I don't know why, but just after hearing you yell "Go fuck yourself for using this picture!" And then they display that face…
    I don't mean to be demeaning in ANY way whatsoever, but holy hell I laughed. No wonder you said that.

    I fell out of my chair laughing!

  44. Linda Wolff/Kashmir27 Post author

    The small YouTubers have begun subbing to each other en masse to help each other make the thresholds. By banding together, we can help each other!


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