Women Try Ballet Fitness For The First Time

Women Try Ballet Fitness For The First Time

– I have no idea what to expect, but I do expect that I am about to be in for a world of pain. – [Crystal] You guys are looking great. (yells) Almost there. Last count. Round one. – Ahhh! (classical music) – Today we’re trying barre method. – I have no idea what a class looks like. – I think that it’ll remind
me of dance which is fun, but also trick me into working
out, which is also fun. – I feel like barre method
is one of those things that beautiful girls who wear yoga pants but still look really put
together all the time do. I’m not really put together. – I think it’s gonna be a lot of the stuff that I used to do at a
bar, like this forever. I don’t know. – And then you like, plie
and you like lift your leg. Yep, oh, this is plie. – My name is Crystal. Welcome to the Bar Method Downtown L.A. The Bar Method is an interval class. We utilize certain
elements of a ballet class, like the bar, and stretch. Anyone can do this workout,
it’s safe and effective. – How do you think we’re going to do? – You guys obviously are very
fit, you enjoy working out. I think you guys are gonna do amazing. – We’re ready to go when you are – Alright guys, so today you’re
gonna be joined by Grace. She’s one of our instructors here. So if you ever need a form reference, she’s here to keep you guys on track. Right away you’re gonna start to lift your knees up to
the height of your hips. Lift, Lift. – So the warm up starts, and it’s already pretty
intense from the get-go. I already feel it in my abs. (laughs) – You’re gonna feel it more right now. Release, come down to
the floor for a plank. – We’re doing push-ups, and arm movements. I’ve got these three
pound weights behind me, and we’re just doing
these tiny little pulses, but it’s the hardest thing. – This is the warm up right? – Yes. (everyone laughs) – The warm up is incredibly hard. My body is already on fire. This isn’t what I expected at all. – We get through the warm up, and we go into this nice stretch. – And she reminds us
that we’re gonna stretch after every exercise, which
is like a dream come true. – I wish the stretches could last forever. They feel great. – This is so calming. – It is nice. – Yeah. – And before I know it
I’m back at the pain. Shaking so hard. – [Crystal] Shaking is good, kind of. – We’re starting to do a
couple reps and I’m thinking, oh this isn’t so bad. And the next thing I know we’re doing 10 reps, 20 reps, 30 reps, 60 reps. – Last 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, I got you, eight. – I did not know that holding my leg up was going to be so hard. My left butt is tired. – [Everyone] Yes – How is this happening? We’re about half way,
and it is a slow burn. – It’s a fast burn for me. – We’re doing strength. You got it, you got it guys. Here it is, last 20 and you’re done. – Immediately followed by stretching, immediately followed by
intensive, high rep strength. – We’ve got these mats
up against the wall, and I’m thinking to myself, oh this can’t be so bad, we’re literally leaning against a wall. I was wrong. This is terrible. My abs burn, my quads burn, my butt burns. – Now we’re in the abs section, and abs are always one of my
favorite parts of working out. I am having a great time,
but also I am in pain. – We’re almost done! It feels like little fire ants
are just crawling on my abs. – As I started getting
over how hard it was, and just dealing with it, I
kind of started having more fun. – I feel like Beyonce. – We are Beyonce right now. This class was absolutely nothing like I thought it would be. I thought that I was in
for a world of ballet. And it turned out to be a really
cool combination of ballet, pilates, yoga, all in one
very difficult package. – It was so hard. It didn’t feel like a
dance class to me at all. I think what is similar to dance is having to lift your own body, and your own body being the
thing that’s keeping you back. – This is one of those things
that’s really, really hard, but also really really fun,
and really really good for you. So I had a good time, and I
would definitely come back. – You guys are all done,
give yourselves a hand. (girls applaud) (upbeat music)

100 comments on “Women Try Ballet Fitness For The First Time

  1. KittensHellfire Post author

    I love barre/cardio barre/cardio ballet, but nobody is ever ready for class. No matter how many years you do it or how frequently, it doesnt get easier. You just get mentally stronger because you know that you can accomplish getting through that one intense hour of pain and suffering to achieve one of the best most relieving feelings after its all over. It fills you with such a sense of accomplishment and joy.

  2. Emma sue Post author

    I hope this doesn't sound insanely sensitive but it bothered me whenever they would say they would dance but then workout at the same time as if dance isn't already a workout smh

  3. Jessica's Journey Post author

    Join this fitness team and not only will you see results but you will ALSO become closer to God! https://youtu.be/PaHk4oxu8Ro

  4. Elisabeth Arritt Post author

    This is nothing like Ballet. Except that a Barre is present. It's still a great video and workout. I just with they would call it something else.

  5. Georgina Judith Post author

    I'm a ballerina. I hate to see how they can add the word "ballet" but it's not related at all

  6. lisa berti Post author

    this is not ballet class….it looks like an ibrid between fitness class and something that reminds me dance

  7. Yzza Sering Post author

    I think I did ballet for 5 years, it was hard sometimes. But then I stopped and when I try to do what I used to do in ballet, I couldn’t do it anymore 😂

  8. Nefertari Post author

    This is a barre class that uses SOME elements, mainly the barre,of classical ballet. By the way did she call them fit?

  9. Caroline Terry Post author

    My mom owns one of these studios, I've been to a few classes they're incredibly hard.

  10. gabrielle safran Post author

    I did that way since I was one it was easy and I do after school ballet but now I can't do it because I'm switching but I'm sad about that but I think you guys did awesome woman can do it and you guys did awesome and full shows

  11. Toni Post author

    These workouts are sometimes really dangerous, as the trainer Most of the time don't know anything about proper ballet technique. I got kicked Out of multiple ones for using proper technique e.g. for turnout and critizising the Trainer to want us to turn out from our knees to 180° which is torture for your body and just wrong

  12. f1fan29 Post author

    I wish they actually did me a ballet classes because then it’ll it’ll go to spec did the math and it will be much hotter than just boring boring boring

  13. Madi magical life Vlogs Post author

    I do ballet it is not to bad
    It won’t kill you too much
    Well it will kill you and if your not to use it will
    It will leave you very soar

  14. you got no jams Post author

    People say 'Uhh, ballet is so easy, I could do anything without dying'
    When they start ballet 'Omaigash I'm about to break my leg, somebody help me please I'm dying'

  15. Nola Derks Post author

    The phrase “dammit I’m mad” spelled backwards in “dam mi timmad” “dammit I’m mad”

  16. BalletZaida x Post author

    showed this to my bully because she said it was easy while my hips is cracking bully:those are adults. Me:adult and kids ballet are same you can't even do a split

  17. Blossomness Studios Post author

    Try a wrestling class. There's this thing called flip-flops, where you go into a bridge and then kick your legs over your head and land in a sort of down-dog position.

  18. hi hi Post author

    My ballet class does something similar to this but a little has more ballet incorporated into it once a week and it is very hard. So I feel their pain! !!!!!!

  19. Fatcatthegirl 7658 Post author

    Ballet is legit so hard! I hate people that say it’s not!

    Well maybe not hate, that’s a strong word.

  20. cansu Post author

    Buzzfeed fitness/diet trying series:
    1. Someone who has no experience in that particular sports
    2. Someone who is whining & complaining about that diet/sports
    3. As a result, they happen to like it.


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