Wim Hof breathing tutorial by Wim Hof

Wim Hof breathing tutorial by Wim Hof

Great! Here we are. We are going to do the breathing. This is the first video of the Mini-Class. The breathing. Breathing, how to change the chemistry? You know stress? Oxidative stress? It comes through shallow breathing and a lot of stress coming in So much pressure on our lives… And that deregulates our chemistry. Now, I found a very effective way How to deal with this deregulatory stress coming in Chemistry inside of our physiology. Body and mind are suffering, normally, with this wrong chemistry. And with this one With these exercises I’m going to show You are able to regulate Your chemistry in depth. We have shown this in the university studies. And right now, here it is! Here it’s going to come. Don’t do this in a swimming pool! Don’t do this in a car! Do it like me. I’m gonna do this lying here. Do it in your bed, on the sofa Wherever, because this is very strong. Very, very strong! And it is able to knock you out of consciousness. Just for a couple of seconds. But imagine what happens if you are in a car or in a swimming pool doing this. Don’t do this. We are learning how to go deeply within our physiology The way nature meant it to be And that is going past our normal conditioning. Okay, you can all read it up! Go into it. Make you notes – your retention times See what happens with your body and with your mind. The thing is… This is a very effective way to become alkaline. We have shown this in the studies. So, become the master over your chemistry. Do these three rounds in the morning. And during the day, your blood is right on. This exercise goes as follows I’m sitting here, but I’m gonna lie Because then I’m most relaxed. So, I suggest you do this in your bed or on the sofa. If you feel really relaxed sitting, that’s okay. So, what I do is … I’m relaxed. I’m gonna lie down. I got a belly. I got a chest. I got my head. And with these three parts Actually, the whole body. Not only the lungs are breathing. We are able to manipulate by *inhales* Belly breathing is the deeper part of the of the lungs The chest is the upper part of the lungs. That is deep breathing, and even within the head.
*inhales* We are able to… Receive more oxygen in the head, in the brain. It’s logical because it’s part of your body and oxygen gets in there. We all found this out. So, belly, chest, head That’s the way it goes. Like this!
*inhales* Let it go!
*exhales* Fully in! Letting go! Not fully out, but fully in! Once again! Fully out means…
*exhales forcefully* There’s still more coming out. Don’t do that! Just let it go! So, fully in… And let it go. Once you get this rhythm, you do this 30 times. Your head becomes lightheaded. You become loose in the body. It feels like *woah* Tingling in the hands and feet. It’s all possible, and it’s all ok. Breathe toward it! Intensify those symptoms. Lightheadedness, loose in the body, and tingling Make it stronger, because that’s your charge. And then, you go 30 times – 40 times. It’s okay! Fully in, let it go! Don’t think in time! Don’t think in numbers! Think in intensity. Think in feeling. Feel! Follow the flow of your breath. Then at 30, you take it fully in. Let go! You could time it. After the exhalation, let go. You stop breathing. Press the time device, stopwatch, and go! And feel! Round number one – you will be able to stay for one minute, one and a half minute without air in the lungs. This is round number one. When you feel the urge to breathe after the exhalation And then staying in, stopping breathing Timing. You take the urge to breathe, okay? You take a breath, hold it. Squeeze a little. For 10 seconds – 15 seconds to your head. Breath hold. And stop the timer. And then, you let go. That is round number 1. Then we go again. Round number 2. Fully in! Let it go! Fully in, let it go! 30 times – 40 times Whenever you feel lightheaded, loose in the body, tingling. Okay, those are the symptoms Intensify those symptoms by breathing toward it. Go with the flow! Feel! When you feel charged You feel very lightheaded, loose in the body, tingling is strong. That’s a charge! You take it in… You let it go… You stop! Then time again, and let it go. When you feel the urge to breathe again Fully in, and hold 10 to 15 seconds. And then round number 2 is done. Then we go into a round number 3. Same thing, only every time the retentions are longer. Because you bring in more oxygen. Because you relax. Deeper. Every time more and deeper. Thus, more oxygen is able to get in And the retentions, that is the stopping of breathing after exhalation Will be longer, and longer, and longer. And it is longer because it goes deeper into the lymphatic system Then your chemistry becomes alkaline. More oxygen gets in. Acidity goes out. Alkalinity comes in. Amazing how simple and effective. After round three, if you like to do You do another round, like round number four Because you love it, because you like it, because you feel it. You will understand ‘high on your own supply’ when you do this. Round number three, round number four, high on your own supply! It’s gonna be great! How to do the breathing best, is a question asked a lot of time I say on an empty stomach. In the morning, before you go have breakfast. That’s a great time to do it. Or whenever you stomach is empty and you feel ‘Hey, I got some spare time’ ‘I don’t feel really good. I want to have some peace.’ Then go into your breathing on an empty stomach On empty stomach, empty stomach! It’s the best! Then you are able in three rounds to change your chemistry full on! Good luck! Hey guys, thanks for doing the breathing with me! It was great! So, from here we go into the cold, the next video. I got a great exercise for that. I mean, the mystery of the cold is going to be revealed. Let’s get into this! It’s there, it’s beautiful! Good luck!

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  1. katerina lesakova Post author


  2. JmeBlu9 Post author

    I was doing it while watching your video. Then woke up 20 minutes later to my movie date alarm! Hahaha! Great nap! I will continue to do this! Thanks!!

  3. OmegaTra - Roblox Post author

    Would certain medications block the effects of this? I am on antidepressants and the breathing technique didn't seem to do much for me. I am slowly weaning off these medicines because they haven't helped me either.

  4. OmegaTra - Roblox Post author

    Would certain medications block the effects of this? I am on antidepressants and the breathing technique didn't seem to do much for me. I am slowly weaning off these medicines because they haven't helped me either.

  5. LizBramsen Post author

    This guy is just great! I love it, all the way down to the Dutch accent. Thanks so much for giving us this!

  6. bobbi ellison Post author

    I never made the connection…euphoric, tingly, out of body sexual experience. It's the breathing! And it's natural. Nobody ever gets instruction on how to breathe during "relations" WOW! Must research.

  7. richard plantan Post author

    After the 30th breath when you exhale before your breath hold are you supposed to exhale completely? The first 29 breaths you don't.

  8. Kathryn Ruhl Post author

    If l stop breathing and hold my breath, l get panicked.. it reminds me of how l stopped breathing as a child while I was assaulted

  9. alxgms2 Post author

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™ for this most appreciative and grateful. Get Hogg on your own supply of O2 โฃ๏ธit

  10. Moni singh Post author

    I am medicines drug addict and i felt urge to take pain killer when i did this exercise i felt alot relaxed for the first time thanks alot

  11. Chris Schneider Post author

    The fuck is with your hair dude? I dont want your advice, that's the most bizarre comb over.

  12. Korroki Aternak Post author

    Pretty much how it went for me:

    round 1: Okay, this is okay…

    round 2: not feeling anything… feeling a bit better though

    round 3: Okay, I'm starting to feel something?…. warmth in my hands?



    The only weird part is that now it feels like I'm not getting enough oxygen in "regular mode" like it feels like I'm supposed to be getting more. XD
    Like, I have to breathe intentionally, as I write this to get proper breaths. lol

    I feel like I'm a bit more present, just a little bit more real than usual.
    there was this odd tingling feeling in my abdomen and my arms.
    This warm "tingling" numbness.
    Like, the inverse of having your arms fall asleep (because muh oxygen) but still a strange numb feeling.

    I'm definitely going to do this more often, I really need to look into this some more.

    I remember when I was a kid I was able to astral project incidentally, I wasn't sure what I was doing and I called it "ghost flight", like something from Danny Phantom.
    I'm not sure exactly how but I did some kind of intentional breathing to get me out of my body. This is highly similar to that, but it seems more focused on the -"getting high on your own supply bit".

    You have my interest, ^-^

  13. Eternal Consciousness Post author


  14. Jesse H. Post author

    I just did this to a gong meditation. Glad he had that gong back there I never tried that kind of meditation before. Anyway….this is no joke people. 1 session and I feel incredible right now. Soooooooooooreeeeeeeeellllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxeeeeeeeedddddddd

  15. kittendivine1 Post author

    Wim, when are you going to get your facts straight? The reason you shouldn't do it in water, is because you can pass out from oxygen deprivation. But you keep telling people that you are increasing the oxygen levels in your body. Buy an oximeter and see for yourself that the oxygen in the blood that is bound to the red blood cells is already at 94-99% and does not go up by hyperventilating like you do. Oxygen uptake into the tissues does decrease though. Light headedness, tingling, they are all signs of oxygen deprivation.

    Yes, pH of the blood goes up (more alkaline) when carbon dioxide goes down by breathing out a lot. But that's not good. That's why the red blood cells hold onto oxygen more and release less into the tissues.

    The way you improve your breath hold time is not healthy. You're creating a form of apnea with your hyperventilation exercise.
    Also, look for 'duikers' on this page:

    Besides, chest breathing and mouth breathing are really unhealthy.

  16. Tore Kesicki Post author

    Anxiety, Depression, Loss of self all gone. I added visualization to give myself crystal clear focus of how I desire to see my future. There's no need for medication. We were all born with everything we need… Great work Hof!

  17. Krejtaz Post author

    WHY do I always start feeling hungry after the second or third round?? xD and that's strange because I'm never hungry

  18. Scott Ward Post author

    I understand the deep breathing will make the blood chemistry alkaline but won't the not breathing afterwards cancel that out?

  19. Jeremy Noel Post author

    Proven to help and possibly heal tinnitus?? Been suffering for months now due to a lack of self love and abuse to myself. Dealing with anxiety and lack of sleep atm and some serious withdrawals.

  20. SYNC Post author

    i have tried every method and came up with 0 results
    i swear i never felt like this anytime in my life , this information is a treasure and you gave it to us for free , thats require a big heart, you are the real guru. love you

  21. Natasha Diedricks Post author

    Just confirming… is the inhalation via the mouth or nose? I thought it was via the nose but in this tutorial Wim seems to inhale via the mouth. ?

  22. MindfulMagic Post author

    Combine this with semen retention (no fap) and intermittent fasting and tell me your results. Do you feel like superman?

  23. Aaron Mancha Jr. Post author

    My lips were tingling so intense by the third round and they even started to curl into my mouth a bit (involuntary) as I opened for another gasp of breath. It was my first ever try at this method and I'm just wondering, what the hell was going on with my lips.

  24. Kevin Raja Post author

    Worked for me first time, although the belly – chest – brain pattern took a little practice, but visualisation helped. I also listened to weightless part 1 by Marconi Union which definitely added to the experience.

  25. Khabib Nurmagomedov Post author

    "Hey guys, thanks doing the breathing with me!"

    Nonono you thank nobody. We thank you!

    Some day i will come and visit you.

  26. ลรซรฃn Ff Post author

    Muchas gracias amigo me sirve mucho!!! Con los subtitulos me guรญo ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. nithinsreeku Post author

    I am from India

    It's a powerful method in India we call it as pranayama

    It's a different form of pranayama

    I love to know that people are following this type of steps
    To free their mind

    I think we do this process for 1 hr or something

    The results is super please do it and enjoy your life maximum

  28. Kareem Cyrus Post author

    I'm confused is he inhaling and exhaling through the mouth? I've read some articles that he suggest we inhale through the nose exhale mouth. It seems he's doing both inhaling and exhaling through the mouth?

  29. rehan khan Post author

    Trust in Allah and Fate. What ever has God written you will face you can't change anything. Live in the moment. The moment is your life. Be happy work hard.

  30. nonewhatsoever1000 Post author

    Best instruction of your method I have seen so far. You teach another one, where the breath retention goes hand in hand with muscle contractions as described in the Kox-paper: "The second exercise consisted of
    deep inhalations and exhalations in which every inhalation and exhalation was followed by breath-holding for 10 s, during which the subject tightened all his body muscles" Is this one another part of the exercises? What is it good for? It does make me sweat a lot. Thank you!

  31. Rosa maria torres jimenez Post author

    Hi mr i suffer from anxiety and panic atacks for 10 years now , you think this may help me ? Thank you

  32. Johnny 3000ize Post author

    All he is doing is hyperventilating, which is not a cure for anything. Hyperventilating causes hypocapnia, or a lowering of the CO2 levels in the blood. This can be followed by alkalosis and vasodilation/vasoconstriction. Hyperventilating causes tingling, contraction of the hands and feet, flapping limbs, spasms, seizures and brief blackouts. These are all things seen in this video. After that, the hypocapnia causes a person to be able to hold their breath for a long time, because CO2 levels tell the body to breathe when holding your breath. With low CO2 levels (hypocapnia), caused by hyperventilation, you have no CO2 telling you to breathe, so you feel like you can hold your breath for a long time, which is a false feeling, because your lungs would be burning like crazy if you had proper CO2 levels. Breath-hold divers use this trick. The problem is that hypocapnia, while it lets you hold your breath for a while, deprives the brain of oxygen and hurts the body, even though you don't feel as much pain, due to lack of CO2. The brain uses up the pool of oxygen in the blood around it quickly, but the rest of the body uses oxygen more slowly. As you hold your breath, your brain stops getting enough oxygen after 60-90 seconds. If you keep holding your breath, thinking you are fine, you will eventually have no blood flow to the brain. Breath-hold divers are known to get shallow blackouts as a result, which causes many of them to drown. Hypocapnia, combined with holding your breath, and subsequent shallow blackouts, will lead to alkalosis, or an increase in your blood pH, which causes neurological irritability, such as crying or getting mad, anxiety symptoms such as tingling, fast heartbeat, high blood pressure, cramping, dizziness or strange muscular feelings, as well as mental confusion, which is often interpreted as euphoria, or happiness, even though it is simply minor brain damage. People in this video exhibit these textbook symptoms, especially crying, anger, and then confused "euphoria". They are actually giving themselves anxiety by doing this. They only interpret it as "euphoria" because Wim Hof tells them it is euphoria and they believe him. However, over time, hyperventiliating + hypocapnia + breath holding + alkalosis will lead to severe anxiety/depression and permanent brain damage. In the "choking game", some people choke themselves to deprive oxygen to get euphoria, and others hyperventilate, then hold their breath to cause alkalosis to get euphoria. What Wim Hof is doing is nothing more than the "choking game", a very dangerous and potentially fatal deprivation of CO2, followed by deprivation of oxygen through breath-holding and then a false sense of euphoria because of increased pH levels in the blood releasing chemicals into the body. Those chemicals cause vasodilation in the tissues and vasoconstriction in the brain. Vasodilation in the tissues allows for increased blood flow through blood vessels, which can explain how you would supply excess heat to your fatty tissue to keep warm in cold weather. Vasoconstriction in the brain is not good. It is the opposite. And vasoconstriction, due to alkalosis side effects, since it is harming the brain, would cause the brain to release large amounts of adrenaline to save itself, thus explaining the surge of adrenaline. Vasodilation also helps to prevent immune disorders, which is why people are given vasodilators as medication. Hyperventilating until you have hypocapnia is, like smoking, bad for you, but it doesn't necessarily kill you or shorten your life by more than a few months. A lot of people can tolerate hypocapnia and not die. Hypocapnia does allow for holding the breath without pain for a long time. Alkalosis does give a natural, sometimes "euphoric" high. And vasodilation can result in resistance to cold, protection from immune disorders and more adrenaline released into the body. But, on the other hand, this technique will also, like the "choking game", lead to tingling, spasms, loss of blood flow to hands and feet, seizures, mood changes, crying, anger, confusion, dizziness, blackouts, oxygen deprivation in the brain, potential serious long-term brain damage, severe long-term anxiety/depression, and potentially death. You'll notice that the people in this video, within 2 days, have mood changes, confusion, complaints about tingling and numbness in the hands and feet, and they are notably down, starting the video genuinely happy and enthusiastic and ending the video zombie-like, just sort of going through the motions, as depressed people often do. Wim Hof seems to tolerate almost all of these symptoms with no ill effects. He also benefits from the Hunting Reaction, which prevents damage to the hands and feet in people who vasodilate and vasoconstrict in either cold or tropical weather over a long period of time. But he could still be described as depressed and, at times, quite confused. He may also have a lot more anger, depression, and other problems than he lets on. Nothing about hyperventilation, hypocapnia, breath-holding, alkolosis, or vasodilation/constriction is going to cure anything. At best, it helps in deep sea diving, cold-weather endurance, maybe (but not for everyone), and offers some protection from frostbite and a few immune disorders, but only if done intensively for a long time. All of those benefits could be achieved easily without any of the horrible side effects of going through hypocapnia, alkolosis or vasoconstriction, things which carry dangers of depression, brain damage and death. Use an air tank for diving, clothing for cold weather, and take vasodilators or other medicines if you happen to get sick. Simple. No need for putting your body through a bizarre version of the "choking game". The scariest thing here is the fact that people will try this without consulting a doctor or an intelligent person, just because they saw it on a YouTube video. Now you know why kids play the "choking game" and eat Tide pods. One person makes a video making it look great and everyone joins in with no questions asked. Not one person who tried this technique thought to ask, "Is breathing like this good for me?". The answer is … not really. Notes* – All 12 of the people, including Wim, had reactions to the bacteria in this video, they only had less of a reaction than the 12 in the non-Wim-Hof-Technique group. The doctors agreed that this was a short term benefit only and ultimately all of them would have ended up sick without the treatment that the hospital provided after the test. The guy with cancer died in 2 months, like his doctor said he would. Wim Hof took a group of his students to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and claimed it a total success. In reality, Kloptdatwel.nl interviewed a person from the group and they said that half of the group was evacuated due to altitude sickness and several of the ones who made it near the summit were not in the photo because they had bad foot injuries and were in failing physical condition. Even Wim Hof didn't climb down Kilimanjaro. He was taken down in a vehicle because he had pain in his feet and swelling in his ankles. Het Parool, a Dutch newspaper, wrote in July 2016 that 4 men had died from the Wim Hof Method. Wim said he warned them of the risk in his workshop, but no one could verify that claim. La Presse, a French newspaper, contacted Wim's brother and performed tests on him, and without any breathing techniques he had the same results as his brother Wim. La Presse wrote that Wim's brother had extra fatty tissue that insulated him against cold naturally (genetically) and that he had increased adrenaline in his blood normally, without any techniques. La Presse stated that they believed Wim and his brother share a genetic trait that is not something a person can learn and that the breathing technique is quackery.

  33. Frank Buckley Post author

    Hi Wim! What is the name of the pillow you are using? It looks like the perfect height and cushion.

  34. tucker3601 Post author

    I have a less than perfect nose and sometimes I struggle to breath more than 50% from it. Is there a way I can get around this?


  35. Top12 boardstore Post author

    Fat around your waistline is not good for you Wim. Check Dr. Gregerโ€™s Nutritionfacts.org. Take care.

  36. Francesco De Caro Post author

    I've ever tried stuff like this before, I have a terrible apnea, I hate holding my breath, especially underwater. I did the first two rounds sitting on a chair, and didn't feel much, held my breath for only 27" the first time and 25" the second time, my lungs just started breathing even if I wasn't forcing anything. Then I tried the third round lying down, and it was way better, I felt some tingling in my hands, a little light headed, and held my breath for 1'13", so 3x more than the first time. I'm definitely gonna keep trying this after or before my workouts or as a morning routine, hoping to increase my apnea and getting all the benefits of it. Thank you sir for helping people be more aware of their body

  37. Antonio Blanco Post author

    Doing this just after you wake up in morning is not going to make you fall asleep again? Not joking.

  38. YouTube User Post author

    Wim, did you know your breathing method is rather similar to the tummo vase breathing technique in Buddhism? Very powerful and very effective!

  39. Northern Summer Post author

    Two questions Mr Hof please. When does the adrenal release occur enabling your body to repair itself? And how can you stay relaxed when it happens?

  40. Red Pill Vegan Post author

    Combine this with carbing up, frequent high-intensity sex, cardio and lifting and proper hydration… And tell those nofap, fasting kids to eat dust

  41. Maier Markus Post author

    Nice damn smoking… I have been able to hold my breath 15 seconds ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  42. Ofelia Vega Post author

    Hi, I am a person who suffers a lot of depression and anxiety, I will start following you. I am looking for my life better.

  43. Shivakumar Patil Post author

    Can I cure my Psoriasis? Anyway I have started doing it from today. Any tips would be great help ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Dennis Dejong Post author

    Quick question, how to know the difference between the fake need to breath and the real one. As I want to try the breathing method, but seeing the video's I have no clue if its safe to do it when going in a unconsious mental state..

  45. Ar Niloy Post author

    PLEASE, need help with some stuffs. when do i start to feel high during the procedure? I dont seem to feel anything except the light headedness and tinglings, which also occurs only after completing 4th or 5th set. Are you supposed to feel the "weed high" or is this it? And also my breaths feels forced after 10-15 reps, is it normal or am i doing something wrong? and is the stretching/exercise and bath necessary after every breathing session?

  46. Mansour Tchourtchaev Post author

    It really works.. after round 1 i could go 1:34 min without breath.. after round 3 i could go 3:16 min without breath!!

  47. Mansour Tchourtchaev Post author

    Does someone know what possitieve effects it will have if i do this breathing for one month and i started few days ago.. i have a boxing fight in one mounth.. what will be the possitive effects? Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  48. Dominic Townsend Post author

    I find it a little hard to do. I get tickles in my throat and get the urge to cough. It also feels like my nose is going to explode. I'm doing the breathing after having a coffee and smoking a joint, could that be the cause? Or is natural to feel that?

    I manage to do 2 rounds at the moment…. still feels great, I have anger issues but I never take it out on people or act like an ass I'm just moody most of the time. These breathing exercises have really helped, I can think straight. I feel lighter, less tighten more loose and relaxed and I feel the comfort in my feet the same you get from wearing brand new trainer's.

    Really big help! I am truly grateful!

  49. Lifestyle Brown Post author

    Wow.. where do I start. I'm literally buzzing right now after following your breathing techniques in this vid – and then jumping into a cold shower (intentionally) for the first time in my life – the first 20 seconds were somewhat of a shock, but then this amazing change happened where my body seemed to adjust and all of a sudden the water was fine to me.. almost enjoyable! I stayed in for maybe 5 or 10 mins and could easily have gone longer. Have exited the shower and feel freakin great! Not cold at all. In fact, my ears are super warm. I have heard of this over a year ago as my mate swears by it, but haven't taken it seriously enough to actually do it. Now that I've experienced this feeling there's no going back! I'm a believer thank you Wim. Incredible. Thank you for sharing this with the world. – Hayden.

  50. Londonfogey Post author

    I tried round 1 (30 breaths) for the first time in bed this morning and…holy crap! Total paralysis and tingling all over with a weird sense of elation, which then gradually subsided to a very calm, relaxed, focused feeling. The whole thing took about 10-15 minutes. I was definitely getting 'high on my own supply'. Very strange indeed!

  51. MARINE serving Jesus Christ Post author

    i'm can't wait to try this soon…. the cold is going to be a game changer for my mind over matter….haven't done this mind over matter since Parris Island 1997

  52. beast beast Post author

    Damn 1st time it feels soo good did up to 5th round its amazing i wanted to do more but i felt like its a little bit much for a first timer. Wim hof you are my favorite super human other than the guy who can lift 1 ton on his back

  53. Jones Post author

    I was very relaxed doing the exercise then I opened my eyes and saw Wim Hoff dancing I must be high on my own supply ๐Ÿ˜‚

  54. goldBOT Post author

    First time trying this. On my third round breath-hold, my face, lip and my fingers kinda seized up from tingling. I thought, "I am having a stroke. I don't have enough oxygen…Wait…I have just been deep breathing…I guess I have too much oxygen…? This actually feels kinda like I am on drugs. Wait, how long haven't I been breathing? (I check my phone stopwatch and I had been effortlessly not breathing for 4 minutes…wtf)

  55. Gilgamesh Of Sumer Post author

    This is how long i can hold my breath
    Before: 26 seconds
    First try: 30 seconds
    second try: 40 seconds
    third try: 1 minute
    i'm now trying the fourth time

  56. rj deep Post author

    breathing tutorial????
    This is pranayam, one of the form of ancient indian yoga practice.
    Learn from us then tag your name on it.
    Good to help people but better if let people know actually what they are learning n what is the source of it.

  57. Cheryl Lanney Post author

    Thank you. I may have found THE technique I need. Tried so many. The comments speak volumes. Stress. High anxiety w my existing crap is baad, is for anyone.


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