Why We Don’t Use Fitness Gadgets

Why We Don’t Use Fitness Gadgets

we get asked all the time on the YouTube channel and within our Facebook coaching communities what fitness gadgets do we use the answer is none we don’t use fitness gadgets in this video we’re going to explain why the number one reason why we don’t use fitness gadgets is something called artificial complexity there’s so much information on the internet around fitness and nutrition and exercise and when you bring in fitness gadgets as well it’s just more noise that detract from you doing the thing and by doing the thing I mean just grab your jump rope we’re doing whatever exercise you usually do and going as hard as you can so many people focus on well let me check my calorie counter and make sure like you know I’ve burned my thousand calories today or make sure my heart rates where I needed to be all that stuff is just creating artificial complexity and detracting from your ability to focus on what matters most which is just going as hard as you can while you’re doing exercise in listen we understand there’s a lot of great marketing around the fitness gadgets promising that like if you pay attention at these different things they can link them so this study that might help you you know what’s going to help you the most just exercising and going as hard as you can and counting the total amount of calories and macronutrients that you’re putting in your body now for all you competitive athletes I’m not talking to you if you are a competitive athlete and you were seriously in awesome shape and you’re paying attention for the numbers whether it be the calories you’re taking in the heart rate the amount of steps the amount of cycles whatever if you’re paying attention to that of course you have to because you’re a competitive athlete these little incremental things make a big difference for you I’m speaking to the person who has trouble losing weight I’m speaking the person who has been plateaued with their weight for a long time and wondering why am I not seeing results the reason why you’re not seeing results is you’re not paying attention to the right things so my boy Dan’s gonna come in here and tell you what you should be paying attention to and he’s also going to do a little storytime and talk to you a little bit about the people who usually use gadgets to get feedback to don’t actually help them with reaching their fitness goals alright guys here’s the deal a lot of people in our fitness community and just in the broader YouTube community email us or comment on a video and say how many calories does this workout burn the problem with relying on gadgets and numbers like the scale or the number of calories you see burn on your little watch the problem with those numbers is they don’t actually give you feedback on the results you’re getting the results that you are getting are going to be seen in the mirror you have to look at yourself you have to take pictures of yourself and compare them you can’t step on a scale and look at a number and expect that to tell you the progress you are or not making we all know Nancy sitting at the office she’s like I get my 10 K steps today well Nancy does your body look any different now we all know the dude that’s decked out from head to toe and like 500 bucks worth of cycling gear but he still is like 50 pounds overweight and has been that way for ten years another example there’s a jump rope out there that counts the number of repetitions that you do how is that information about how many skips you do helping your body lose weight at all it’s not it’s just a number be totally honest with you guys anyone who’s counting the number of skips that they’re doing is wasting a lot of headspace just follow our workouts on the channel and get super intense for durations of 30 seconds that’s all you have to do you don’t have to count how many times the jump rope goes under your legs the point here is guys you can have the best outfit you can have the best watches but if you’re not getting intense during your workouts like Brandon talked about and you’re not eating in a calorie deficit then all of that is pointless and you’re just you’re going down a harder route than it needs to be so guys the two things we want to focus on is looking at yourself looking at the progress you are or not making and second how are you feeling so that first one what I’m talking about is consistently each week looking in the mirror taking pictures of yourself and measuring things like your waist if you are for example not fitting in to your pants anymore because you’ve lost a bunch of weight but the scale is still saying the same number is that a bad thing no that’s a great thing you get the scale says you guys are making progress guys we get it we understand and appreciate you taking interest in your health by buying some of these gadgets and we know it’s very well-intentioned but the problem is guys in a world that’s filled with artificial complexity many people focus way too much on the numbers rather than the actual results that they are producing you guys we want you to walk away from this video understanding that most fitness gadgets are not going to get you closer to reaching whatever your fitness goal is if you are a competitive athlete awesome go using Fitness gadget we don’t use them because they detract from our ability to just do the thing and enjoy the process we want to go exercise we want to go as hard as we can and we want to leave it there we don’t want to have to go look at all these analytics we’re talking about not using tools like Fitbit and things that count your calories as you’re moving throughout the day the count your steps account you know how many harpies you have per minute these are the things that detract from you just doing the thing so if you’ve been plateaued for a while you’re not seeing results and you’re spending energy and conscious attention on using these kind of gadgets stop using them and start focusing on what matters most we hope this video is helpful for you guys you know I got some perspective on like what the Zen dudes do with their lives and how we think about Fitness technology I think in the future that stuff’s going to get a lot more interesting but right now most of these tools are not necessary so if you like this video please like it comment if you have any questions below if you have tools you think are super helpful we don’t know about them drop it below we haven’t seen them yet and finally subscribe to the YouTube channel to get more videos like this to help you jump rope get lean and living off in life

70 comments on “Why We Don’t Use Fitness Gadgets

  1. Jump Rope Dudes Post author

    Why We Don't Use Fitness Gadgets – THE TRUTH EXPOSED

    You guys – we got sick of hearing people talk about fitness gadgets, so we created a video speaking some truth on the topic. In this video we talk about why these are a waste of time and what you should spend your time focusing on instead.

    WATCH NEXT: The Getting Lean Protocol: https://goo.gl/1fs29H

  2. ganjabobby Post author

    Never needed a piece of tech to help me exercise, never will. I know how I'm doing from how I'm feeling.
    Hopefully 10 years from now fitness gadgets will NOT be the norm. There's enough excess or money making crap in this industry when it comes to gear, nutrition etc.

  3. Evgeniy Kalinin Post author

    It's funny to see that video today as I just started thinking about buying of these gadgets. Thanks you guys for your opinion! Keep going and making cool content!

  4. Gerardo Garza García Post author

    love it! absolute pure honesty!!!

    another reason why those gadgets don't work is because everyone is different physically. unique (unless you a twin or triplet). and the modern biofeedback CANNOT encompass your ENTIRE body. we don't live and exercise in BodPods.

    for the average person, like me, just getting lean (and some definition, perhaps muscle! 😎) the requirement is: simplicity is king. look at old school athletes, like Ali, Owens, Bruce Lee, Schwarzenegger, or even fictional Rocky! no gadgets, just pictures, a goal, quality exercise, support, and good eating and rest.

    I invite you to come check out Zen Dude Fitness, and take that 4 Week Challenge that Dan and Brandon SIMPLY display. we, including myself, need to stop the complications. STOP! just #dothething #eatthething (I made that 2nd one up 😂)

  5. Jake Targus Post author

    Bros. I rarely comment on anything on YouTube but you gotta understand that not everybody has all day to work out and being fitness people as a living. And especially important that not everybody has your metabolism or genetics. It takes some people a long ass time to see results and trackers can be a piece of mind thing and can keep you positive. Seeing results on app daily vs. taking months to years to see desired results makes a huge difference and keeps people going. Some people need these things for accountability or just general tracking. Some people need a general guideline of where they are at during the day because of a lot of different things in their life. I've personally used them as a general guideline for what my calorie allowance is for the day and it's helped me lose about 20 pounds that I didn't even know I had to lose. Just because they don't make a difference for two guys running a fitness business doesn't mean they can't help a vast majority of people that need/want/use them. Just having a piece of mind of viewing your tangible daily accomplishments on an app keeps you pushing through until you can visibly see results on your body.

  6. Huuhaa Hoi Post author

    Thanks for the skipedi skipedi videos! I have done jump rope and some weight exercises for over 8 months and I lost +15cm from waist. Very happy for results indeed!

  7. Curt Randall Post author

    I agree with you opinions on this. I see an awfully lot of people wearing these gadgets and they do not exercise REGULARLY and do not eat healthy CONSISTENTLY. It is like they think these gadgets will automatically make them fit without any effort. Although, some people may be forced to wear them to stay insured. Some companies are actually making employees wear them to be eligible for their company's health insurance plan. Sounds ridiculous, but it is true. . .

  8. Raw LawGirl Post author

    I L-O-V-E this and you. I am with you on the arm gadgets. Don't need a device to tell me when my ass is being lazy or greedy. So, does this apply to my Android timer on my phone that counts 30 seconds, rest 10 and repeat when I am jumping? It counts down for me out loud the last five seconds. No other calculations and all that. That is the only gadget I use. Also, do you listen to music when you jump? If you do, how do you keep the headphones in your ears? I have wireless and wired and when I jump, they all fall out? I can live without music while jumping if I must and do my Zen thing, but nothing wrong with little Parliment or Jay Z while I jump! Inquiring minds desperately want to know your thoughts on the phone timer, music while jumping, and keeping headphones in the ears OF you think music and jumping is cool. Thanks guys!

  9. BrownYoungAndHungry Post author

    yep what Brandon says in the video is so true, you shouldn't rely on some watch or gadgets just do the thing.

  10. Venatix_ 92 Post author

    This is the biggest truth ever told! The best tools won't matter if the crop is a damaged one.

  11. dayd3vil Post author

    Great remarks, The most important thing about really working out is FUN, yes working out is fun drop that tablet and have some fun with working out. Challenge yourself = Fun. Nice channel, given me alot of off time from coffee, instead i jump rope in the mornings and feel amazing.
    !also question do you only jump rope or you do like other exercises too?

  12. RIFAQUAT HUSSAIN Post author

    Bang on guys!!! every word you people is absolute correct!
    thank you so much Zendudes!!!
    You both are truly an inspiration for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dustin Morris Post author

    I have a smart watch and I use it to track steps and sleep, but its more to try to push myself into getting more steps in a day. The calorie counter never seemed to be accurate in my experience so I never use it. I have been losing some weight, but just received my crossrope yesterday. I am excited to begin this journey.

  14. roman benfeghoul Post author

    Dudes are you sure you can't build muscle by jumping rope because i am not overweight but still find jumping rope fun that is why i am not sure about buying a cross rope even though i am tempted, i want to be sure i am going to gain from it
    btw great videos i can now do the criss-cross 🙂

  15. Greg N Post author

    I disagree…The FitBit helped me to loose almost 70 pounds in 6 months. If you use it's features properly the FiBit can help anyone become fit. You just have to keep motivated to eat healthy and move. The FitBit does that very well.

  16. 1994mrMystery Post author

    you are the best 👌

    love jump rope because of you

    Quick question
    I lost 40 kilo
    I have to lose 10 kilo more

    I listen from Friend
    you lose Muscle
    if you doing jump rope ?!

    I doing jump rope with push up and squad workout
    and Iam feel better
    more than free weight workout

  17. The Dank Basketballer Post author

    Yo Zen dudes… I'm actually really curious what your guysez diet is to keep your body in shape .I have muscles and strength and I don't have a lot of fat but it covers my muscles.Please help

  18. Marcel Kuhn Post author

    Thank you Zen Dudes for the video. I agree to opt for simplicity to focus on doing the thing. cheers, Marcel

  19. Kathryn Allard Post author

    Love u guys! You both have inspired me to pick up the rope
    that I have not touched! since my late 20s! When I used to train with a boyfriend at a boxing gym in Calgary Alberta! I am 56 now, and the old jump rope techniques have come back so fast ! Like riding a bicycle and the results within three weeks are astonishing! My partner who is 11 years younger has really taken a notice as well as family and friends! My son who is 26 has been watching your videos and cannot wait till I come home from Palm Springs in a few weeks to get on the program can't wait to show him what I've got!! Have not felt like I could kick ass like this in a long time I can't wait to show him my results and the ropes:)

  20. Agam Bhasin Post author

    Simply Love You Guys! U Guys Are Doing The Best Job Ever! Please Be There Always For Ppl Like Me! Thankyou Dudes! Love Ya'

  21. Jasmine Yeang Post author

    I agree focus on workout not depending on weight scales and fitness gadgets it does cause self consious

  22. Daan Lytens Post author

    You guys get me so hyped over and over again i need to oblige myself putting my rope down and give my body the rest it diserves. You guys rock!

  23. Donald Waterman Post author

    😂😂😂😂Guilty. … will just do it. I have one off the counting jump ropes my goal is 1 000 in ten minutes but only reach 650. I am getting better and better!

  24. Daniel R. Rothschild Post author

    I use a gymboss max interval timer when I'm doing the thing. It's awesome. You can strap it on your wrist, go out for a jog to find a cool place to do jump rope HIIT and there's no need to bring your phone or anything. Then you can just go flat out and just follow the beeps for the complete workout without stopping to reset anything or check anything. Highly recommended.

  25. C John Post author

    I use MFP too for food but also to keep track of how long I've been doing the thing and how often. I always mark my activity as "slow" so I won't underestimate how many calories to eat to get enough fuel.

  26. perpetual timetravel Post author

    And the Ad plays "Garmin vivosmart 3" … thats what we are saying they see "Gadgets" in title and bombard with gadget ad… seriously.. programming huh…

  27. Farah Almasy Post author

    Indeed. The only 'gadget' I use is a jump rope. Three weeks in and I already dropped half a kilo. I even gained weight the first two weeks. But thats just how my body works. It goes into panic mode when I start exercising. The weight I just dropped was from my original weight. The HIIT really worked. Do the thing. Lose weight. Be happy! Thanks Zen Dudes!

  28. Adam Colbert Post author

    The only gadget I use is the boxing interval timer app on my phone, and even then sometimes I get too caught up in the time rather then the intensity and just having fun!
    I know it's not the type of gadget you're referring to, but I wanted to point it out as an example of well intentioned technology taking time away from actually doing the thing!
    The timer however is very good for accountability, and for setting and adhering to workout goals….5min on, 1min rest…..10sec intense, 10sec paced…..1min reg bounce, 1min crossovers, 1min side crossunders…..just being able to watch the timer and plan "I'm gonna do this amount of intensity for this long".
    At the same time, it's challenging to get in a FUN freestyle FLOW when you're counting the "lost seconds" on the timer everytime you mess up, because "if I trip up, then I'm not getting the full time in", and I tend to trip up more when I freestyle. So there's a TIME to not have the TIMER!

  29. Treva Graham Post author

    I will admit that I use a jump rope app on my old phone that I use attached to my arm while I'm also listening to spotify with my bluetooth headphones. I use it mainly just to keep the time while i'm jumping. If I stop the clock stops as well and will start back when I start again.

  30. Seth Hanson Post author

    I must say I got a Smartwatch and using the exercise function really motivated me. I loved hitting my daily goals. For me it was a good jump of point for fitness in general. Then I started jumping rope and my motivation changed. It did not matter how many calories I burned or the time I spent jumping. I love jumping and looking at the stats on my watch became less important. What became important is the way I feel and the overall fitness of me and just enjoying becoming a better jumper. I guess once you find something you love….
    I still wear my smartwatch because I love gadgets and the other functions it offers but as for a fitness guide….well…I set my own goals and that’s between me, my body and my mind.

  31. Will Kelly Post author

    word of the month for me "Artificial Complexity" awesome ive been trying to find words for that idea ive had always felt, now ive got it

  32. Mark Isaac Post author

    Are you boys still planning to come out with an app to help with timing my workout? I'm tired of looking at the clock while jumping.

  33. ewetoob blowes Post author

    I quit using my heart rate monitor. It wasn’t like I would ever go back and study how affected anything. So yeah. I agree! Just get the work in! Have fun. Enjoy it!

  34. Daniel Post author

    Just one comment about counting reps. I can agree it makes no sense to know how many skips you made in one session, but I count jumps when I’m training. It helps me to keep the rhythm and I know when I began I could jump almost 50 times in 30 secconds, and now I do 60-70, so it helps me track my skill progress and whether I’m giving my best or not.

  35. Alfred Guy Post author

    Counting and timing both have great uses, and are not mutually exclusive.

    Jumping for time is fine, when that is your goal for a workout or a training program. But, if your goal is to do a certain number of jumps, you have to count them. How else will you know when you're done? If you want to measure improvement, increasing your count over the same period of time is a good measurement. This uses both methods.

  36. batlin Post author

    The calorie counters and gadgets might be a bit of a swizz, but I think the jump counter could be a good idea for people who are struggling to motivate themselves to Do The Thing. If you're really overweight then doing HIIT-style flat out sprints feels awful and it's really hard to keep doing it when it's going to take months to lose the weight. This is why gyms don't tend to work for really fat people — it's hard, painful and the results don't show quickly, so people often vanish after just a couple of weeks.

    But instead of doing flat out sprints, you could "gamify" your exercise by setting small targets and gradually increasing them as you get fitter. What if you start with an easy 200 jumps today? No problem, even if you weigh over 100 kg! And how about adding just 40 more jumps each day? After a month you're up to more than 1200 jumps, and after two months you're up to 2400 or so, which probably takes like 10-15 minutes. Maybe for young guys who are in OK shape, yeah just go nuts. But for people who are really struggling, this kind of approach might lead to less burnout / dropout.

  37. Fatih Ökten'le Atletik Spor Post author

    I sign your words…gadgets may be a good meaasurement for olympic level athletes to see milimetric development.but,many people who need to correct their technique or only a beginner,use these gadgets,but do not work out.

  38. Scott Post author

    I saw an app that would structure workouts on the amount of skips you were doing.The goal is performing a certain amount of skips per workout. What do you think of that strategy?

  39. Pratyush Rout Post author

    I concur that opinion ….. from the very beginning .. what matters most is happiness and you can't track happiness with some gadget

  40. Alexie Astachenko Post author

    The only app I have is the Tabata timer so I can set up timings on my workouts. I also have a Gear Fit but that is used as a music player which I sync up with my Bluetooth headphones when I go climbing. I never really saw the point in fitness gadgets tbh.

  41. Aman Pratap Singh Post author

    gadgets to loose fat : JUMP ROPE(CROSSROPE)



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