What Playing World of Warcraft Taught Me About Success in Fitness (THE TRUTH)

– If you don’t know this about me already, at one point in my life I was a very serious
World of Warcraft player. And World of Warcraft
was everything to me. My characters were my whole life, and my friends were
from World of Warcraft. All that we would ever
talk about were raids, items, some patch, the blizzard release, the nerve some class, or some ability, or general theory crafting. And if you’re a World of Warcraft or Starcraft player you know what I mean. And World of Warcraft was really all that I did in my life. I would just sleep, eat and play. And during this phase I learned so many valuable lessons that actually helped me reach other goals in my life later on. And I think gaming is underrated when it comes to some of these things. And a lot of people
actually bash on gaming and say gaming is a
complete waste of time, that gaming is just something
like pure entertainment. You just have to turn off your brain, it doesn’t do anything. But actually serious gaming
is really, really difficult if you want to be really good. And everybody who has ever
played at a competitive level understands how much mastery goes into being good at something, and the lessons that
you actually will learn from getting good at a game are applicable to almost
any other goal in your life. And that’s actually what I want to do a little bit of in this video is kind of change some perspective. If you’ve never played any game seriously you will understand hopefully how much gaming can make a difference, and how much you can learn from it. And by the way, if you’re
new here to this channel, my name is Mario Tomic. Normally what I talk about is fitness, personal development
and how to get leaner, how to live a healthier lifestyle. If you’re interested in that, and also hearing more
about my personal story, also consider subscribing below and hit that bell icon to get notified of future videos. And now let’s dive into it. So the first thing I learned about success from playing World of Warcraft is that it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. And no matter what item you win, no matter how much you level up, no matter what is going on, you’re gonna go back to the grind. It’s really the grind. It’s the process. It’s making the process enjoyable and doing it daily. And really embracing that journey that you get most out of it. What was really enjoyable about World of Warcraft is that progression and that process of getting those rewards from time to time, and also the community and being able to actually play with other people with similar interests. And these are actually the things now, when I look back at my fitness journey, and my journey as an entrepreneur that were exactly the same things that I had to have in place. It’s to forget about the
outcome for a little bit, and really try to make the
process itself more fun, the process of doing the
mundane daily actions that get you successful because you’re gonna go to the gym and you’re not gonna see any
results from one workout. You’re gonna eat a
healthy salad right now, you’re not gonna see any results. Same in the World of
Warcraft world as well. Like you’re gonna do something, but you’re not gonna see results unless there’s so much of that compound effect. And unless you really put in the work on a daily basis, you’re not gonna really reach any kind of outcome. And even if you do reach that outcome, the happiness you get from the outcome isn’t really that strong that’s gonna last forever. It’s all about the journey
that got you there. It’s all about those raids, those failures, those things, those small experiences, hanging out with friends in the middle of the night, and beating some boss, and you get some kind of drop that’s really awesome. And you’re just so successful, and you go in and raid over and over and over again, and try to get something. It’s that grind. And that’s really what
life ultimately teaches you is that in order to be successful you have to be able to be
disciplined with the grind. You have to be able to embrace the process of repetition over time because without this, no matter what goal you set for yourself, you’re not gonna get there. There’s no quick fix. There’s no easy way. There’s just nothing you can just magically change overnight that’s gonna drastically change your life. If you win the lottery, it’s still not gonna make a
drastic change in your life because we know most
people that win the lottery go back to living their previous life. So it’s all about the grind. And embracing that grind, and trying to make the grind more fun and more enjoyable, connecting with people that are going through
the same experiences, is really what made World of Warcraft so fun for me, and now what made my
other goals so fun for me is the fact that I had a community, it’s the fact that there is
some progression going on. It’s the fact that there
is no actual end to it. There’s always something you can do. There’s always a way you can improve. And I think that’s a very
valuable lesson overall for all of us is understanding there’s just so much more in the process that we gotta celebrate and learn how to enjoy the process instead of just waiting for that final day when you reach your goal to be happy. You can already start
enjoying the process. In fact, if you’re not
enjoying the process of grinding, you’re not even gonna get to that goal most likely. You’re probably gonna fall off. And so many have quit because they just didn’t understand the grind, they didn’t do their dailies in the game. Like you gotta be able to do those things, like daily things that really
contribute to that end result, and that’s actually one of the first big lessons that I think made me disciplined enough to eventually become a
successful entrepreneur, to eventually transform my body, to improve my relationships, is this understanding
that there’s just no way around the grind so you
better embrace the grind and really put in your effort, and then just allow time to do its thing. And I think this is a
very, very important lesson for all of us. Now the second big lesson about success that I learned for World of Warcraft is the difference between
thinking like a pro versus thinking like an ammeter. And you will see this
when you play any game at a high level. And if you play competitively you’ll notice that there are some players they will improve but up until a certain point, and they’re gonna stop improving no matter how long they play, versus the other players who are just a smaller percentage and they play it in such a way that they keep improving. And at some point there’s
such a big skill gap between the “professional” and the ammeter player that the ammeter player
cannot touch the professional. They’re just basically
from a different planet. This is what I noticed
in World of Warcraft. I also noticed this previously
in Unreal Tournament. I mean we were playing
on a really high level, Eurocup, Clanbase. We were just really crushing. Clanbase was actually a platform. I don’t think it’s no longer active, that was way back in the day. And when we were playing
Unreal Tournament, if someone would just start the game, or someone who is just not
in this professional mindset, we would absolutely crush them. The skill gap was so large that this person, if they
were just starting out, or if they were just
stuck at a certain level, they wouldn’t be able to touch you. You would control the map, you would time absolutely everything, all the weapons, all
the shields, everything. The person wouldn’t have any chance of winning whatsoever. And this is really what
taught me that there are certain people that have this winner and improvement mindset. They’re always gonna
seek for ways to improve. They’re gonna apply what we now know as deliberate practice, where they’re gonna keep finding ways to get out of their comfort zone, learn from their mistakes, put themselves in different positions. Like I remember when I was playing World of Warcraft, like we were always going
back to the drawing board and researching. If we weren’t being
successful at a certain raid, we would have to go
back into the research. We would have to find
ways to do it better. And it was all about grinding, research, theory and learning, better leadership, better coordination. You have to get better
over time in order to beat that level. And then you have to get even better to beat the next level. And that’s really what taught
me about life in general. Is that there are certain people that are gonna get stuck
at a certain level, and without realizing, they don’t understand that if they keep repeating the same mistakes, using the same methods and same systems, they’re not gonna get any better. So if you get stuck at a certain level, like for example in fitness, you get your new beginnings, you’re not making any
improvements anymore, keep repeating the same thing, and you’re never gonna make the next leap, you’re never gonna get to that next level. So you have to be changing your approach, finding new ways, getting into the theory, getting really deep. And in fitness I had to do that. When I got to my new beginnings phase, got all the initial
gains with my knowledge, all I could do with the basic programs, I had to go deeper. I had to go into the science. I had to find mentors. I had to find books. I had to find new systems to do, otherwise I would never improve. I would have never reached
the level that I’m at today if I kept doing the same thing that I did in the first year of my training. And every single year since then I was improving because
I have this pro mindset. And you have to have a pro mindset if you really wanna reach
a high level in anything ’cause an ammeter mindset will
get you to a certain level, but it’s not gonna get you any further. And a lot of people get
stuck at 20% body fat, 15% body fat, not making
any gains in the gym, and just keep investing
hours and hours and hours, and of course if that makes you happy, if you’re happy with a certain level and you’re okay with
that, that’s totally fine. But I’ve noticed that the professional, it’s almost like there’s some kind of fire in that professional that keeps them driven, that keeps them hungry for improvement. There’s this insatiable hunger of getting better, and that’s what I noticed
in World of Warcraft. The best players had that
drive for improvement. And I see that as an
entrepreneur right now. The best entrepreneurs,
they’re so focused, they’re so driven. There’s nothing you can do. They’re so persistent,
they’re just gonna crush it no matter what, and it’s just a matter of time. So this is really what
I saw in gaming first, now I’m seeing it in fitness, I’m seeing it in entrepreneurship, and such a powerful lesson. Be a professional and you’re gonna go really, really far in your life. Now the third lesson about success that I learned from World
of Warcraft from raiding with my guild and my friends, is that success is messy. No matter how prepared you are, there’s always gonna be some imperfection, and that’s okay. You can still win even though
there’s some imperfection. Even though there are failures. If you’re a DPS class, your tent can’t hold the outgrow and then the boss sends warning shots and things like that happen. Someone’s internet gets disconnected, something random happens, like someone’s keyboard fails. You never can control all the variables, and that’s okay. Success will still happen
if you’re consistent, if you’re improving over time, if you’re doing your best. And understanding this
really helped me a lot. As a perfectionist in my nature, I always thought it was all or nothing. I always thought I had
to really do it 100% in order to see amazing results. And I was always going back to that black and white all or nothing thinking. If I can’t do this perfectly, I may as well not do it at all. And that’s really how
you become inconsistent. And if you wanna be successful you have to master consistency. And understanding that success if messy has really helped me in fitness, understanding that look, if I can’t get my full workout, I’m just gonna go in there for 30 minutes, I’m still gonna get something done. In business I realized
there’s so many moving parts that nothing ever goes as you plan. Like some things even go better. Some things go worse. You can only hope for the best. And that’s really the
thing that I learned from World of Warcraft, doing all this stuff, is that there is so much
luck into play there, and that’s actually what
makes it interesting. Like you can make all the best decisions and still not get the desired outcome even though all of your
decisions were amazing. And that’s something you
gotta understand as well. All you can really do is try to make the best decision you can. And then the outcome of those decisions isn’t something you can control. And the fact is, like many people think if something happened in your life that was a bad outcome, they go back and say oh
that decision was bad. Look, maybe you made
all the best decisions, but the outcome just wasn’t there because life isn’t just as predictable. There’s always an element of luck. And that’s the thing in World of Warcraft. That’s what makes it interesting. Like you can roll for something and not get it. Like it’s just the way things work. And I wanna emphasize here is that don’t be an NPC in your life, like put yourself out there. Take massive action. Put yourself in opportunities that it can succeed. Expose yourself to situations, get out there. Like put yourself out there. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a busy professional, like try to be more assertive and really understand that that’s how through doing that action phase that’s when things happen. That’s when you’re really
improving your life. You’re just an NPC waiting and just observing, you’re not gonna get
really far in your life. And that’s something that
really my mindset changed completely around because before World of Warcraft, and before really I was
always this introvert, I was never really
putting myself out there. And I learned actually quite a lot about people skills, leadership, all of these things
from World of Warcraft, from interacting with other players. And I didn’t just play World of Warcraft, I mean I’m a gamer since
I was a little kid. I played Wolfenstein 3D. I used like floppy disks
for Duke Nuke in 3D. I played Doom. I played all kinds of games. I played Command and Conquer, Red Alert 2, some of those classics like Diablo 2. All those games are
really dear to my heart and I played them. And I really got so much out of that. So I wanna emphasize now that if you’re looking at this like I don’t know some
of this gaming thing. Look, you don’t have to
get into gaming right now, but you can learn a lot from these lessons and you can really make the most out of your life if you’re taking action, if you’re applying these principles because they will make
you successful in fitness, in business, in whatever area of your life you wanna apply this in. Also, I’m actually gonna leave a video here at the end that actually dives into more of my personal story where I talk about how I
overcame my addiction to gaming, which at some point actually
was hindering me in my life. So I wanna leave a
video about that as well because I think you’re gonna
find it very interesting. I talk there more about Unreal Tournament and some of the things I’ve done there. So definitely check out this video. Other than that, if you wanna work with me as you mentor for fitness and for helping you get in the best shape of your life and really handling this area of your life and becoming healthier and living a healthy
sustainable lifestyle, I’m gonna leave a link
in the description below. You can check out more details and the results that I get in my clients. So check that out. Other than that, I will
see you in that next video. (upbeat music)

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