61 comments on “What is CrossFit?

  1. Edme Neighbors Post author

    i thought u were supposed to exercise slowly and safely not superfast insane godmode style. seems needlessly dangerous to me, but im just thinking out loud idk anything about working out

  2. Tyler Sephiran Post author

    CrossFit: an invention made by a wannbe that combines high intensity and shitty form, the best shortcut to damaging your muscles and tendons.

  3. Nunya Business Post author

    Crossfit:the fastest way to injure yourself through incorrect form while working out, but at least you can piss off your friends and family on social media by posting about your gains.

  4. Hannah Waltmon Post author

    People say cross fit is fun. If this is CrossFit, it doesn’t look fun. It looks horrible and challenging

  5. Chris Miller Post author

    An atheist, a vegan, and a crossfitter walk into a bar
    I only know because they told everyone within two minutes

  6. dannyU2g Post author

    so i think i get it now… crossfit is just a new word for exercising right? or is it exercising with people yelling at you?

  7. Smokie Post author

    crossfit to weightlifting is like wrestling to mma you wana pretend you fight but everyone knows its fake and you still get hurt and you still take steroids only diference is a steroid using crossfiter looks like a natty weightlifter lol

  8. Skills Scoop Post author

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  9. MTB Texas Bike Rider Post author

    I’m very confused what is cross fit? And how much difference is it from working out and lifting weights?

  10. Carolina Hernandez Post author

    Love the lack of explanation and HORRIBLE workouts. AMERICAN KETTLEBELL SWINGS ARE STUPID AND POINTLESS!!

  11. I am Miss Post author

    Me: "People in this video are so fit.."
    Again Me, watching this video while eating potato chips on bed..

  12. Debartello Escobar Post author

    Is crossfat a registered trademark or something because nobody is willing to say what it is exactly.

  13. Alexander Arnold Post author

    The Crossfit Journal was sabotaged by the Dieting article about "Nightshades" being all Peppers. "Nightshades" also were a slang name for alcohol and other drinks drank before sleeping to "give the Nightshades" or "shade the night", etc.


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