What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Do Yoga Regularly

What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Do Yoga Regularly

This year is the year that you start doing yoga,
and I mean for real this time. You’re going to join the
36 million-plus Americans who have taken up this beautiful practice, connecting yourself with
a millennia-old tradition and helping you flush out
those nasty toxins, or, you know, probably not. Before you grab a mat,
here’s what yoga really does to your body and brain. First of all, yoga comes in
many, many different styles, but generally speaking, it involves some amount of stretching and meditation. Now, despite what you may have read, there’s no scientific
evidence to support the idea that yoga will flush out
toxins from your colon or anywhere else. But that doesn’t mean these techniques can’t help your body in many other ways. Take back pain for instance. An estimated 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain
at one point in their lives. But one study found that after
just six to 12 yoga sessions, participants reported significantly less pain in their lower back. That’s because certain yoga poses stretch out your hamstrings,
which, when they’re too tight, can yank on your hip flexors
and strain your lower back. But the more you practice yoga, the more flexible your hamstrings get. For example, in a 2015
study, women practiced a type of hatha yoga,
which involves positions like downward dog and triangle pose. They practiced 90 minutes each week for around 16 weeks straight. And by the last week, they could reach four centimeters closer
to their toes than before thanks to those loose hamstrings. Now, if you’re also meditating
during those yoga sessions, the flexibility might
not be the only benefit. After seven to 16 weeks
of meditative activities, participants in one study saw a huge drop in C-reactive proteins in their blood. Those proteins are linked to inflammation, which, when you’re overly stressed, can kick into overdrive. And over time, that inflammation may contribute to serious illnesses like cardiovascular disease and cancer. That’s where yoga’s
meditative qualities can help. Researchers suspect that
yoga may reduce stress by interfering with the
central nervous system’s ability to release stress hormones. Plus, studies show that
meditation-focused types of yoga, like yoga asana, boost
levels of feel-good hormones like oxytocin in the brain. Plus, yoga is an exercise, and exercise in and of
itself is a stress reliever. In fact, the US Department
of Health and Human Services recommends two and a
half to five hours a week of light to moderate exercise. That can include workouts like yoga, brisk walking, or swimming. And to be fair, any
amount of regular exercise is most likely going to reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and improve
sleep and self-esteem. So while yoga might have an edge in the flexibility department
and mindfulness department, there are plenty of other
activities you can try to get fit. But as long as it gets you moving and maybe gives you some new friends, why not give it a try?

100 comments on “What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Do Yoga Regularly

  1. Rohit Raj Post author

    Oh! Didn't know that Yoga was started by Buddhist monks.
    There are Yoga Asanas for exercising every body part. They are specifically very helpful in dealing with cardiovascular pain. I have AS and Yoga has helped me a lot in controlling the pain.
    You should get some books on Yoga for right information.
    Have a healthy day.

  2. Azri Azhari Post author

    I had a problem with my shoulder from martial arts. When I started yoga, the pain and flexibility got better and now it's barely noticeable. I just got my Yoga Sports Teaching Licence last year to help share this knowledge with other people. Try yoga out, it's a great lifestyle to incorporate into the one we have currently.

  3. moptop guap Post author

    Asian people been knowing this and white people make a big deal out of it all of a sudden😂😂😂😂 funny

  4. thu truong Post author

    I did yoga for about 6 months. It really does improve my flexibility and sleep but I started to get some backaches (I'm only 16), I am wondering if yoga is not suitable for me or I just did the wrong poses even though i had my yoga teacher :((

  5. saltghost Post author

    this is the strangest most cringey comment section i’ve come across on a fairly normal video.

  6. Radhika B Post author

    Why are you showing Buddha and Chinese people ? Nothing to do with Yoga. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  7. Kundan Shroff Post author

    I don't get this, why Buddha comes too many times in this video.
    For all of your knowledge yogà was practiced way way before Buddha in India.
    Research well before you post any thing on internet

  8. Ryan X Post author

    I know I just feel better after hatha yoga… After work, it's a great segue to home life.

  9. LASH Post author

    Don’t people who exercise usually stretch first? So just exercise then. The specific weird balancing break dance positions of yoga don’t need to be learned.

  10. Pranav Anil Post author

    Yoga should be applicable for kids so they can be stretchable and use this skill in the future.

    Yoga, if done by adults, can be very time wasting

  11. Bree Post author

    Yoga is life changing, I love it ❤️ gives you body and mental strength. #3years consistently

  12. Jesus Rico Post author

    I brought a Lenovo yoga didnt do anything for my body but I did lost track of time sometimes

  13. Anjith H Post author

    And all these were written on Indian texts 6000 years ago ,Which people 100 years ago called stupid

  14. aditya joshi Post author

    Wake up my dear Indian friends. Yoga originated in India. It is the pride of our culture and we ignore it ourselves

  15. Bruno The Expert Post author

    I do yoga 2 hours a day . Its a new pose. It called youtube pose . You just hold your phone and lay on your bed .

  16. Beautiful Villian Post author

    Well, good info. But yoga exercise which is now popular isn't related to any religions. Both Buddhism and Hinduism. (I don't know why they mentioned about religion at the begin).

    It's just like other stretch exercise that has been doing since ancient era. If any religion persons feel uncomfortable to do yoga, just switch to learn from the dancers. They teach how to stretch either. Very advance and share many trips how to do split fast.

  17. helicas Post author

    It’s literally impossible for me to meditate. I’ve tried, many times before, but I just can’t.

  18. Just A Guy Production Post author

    Is that what the body looks like when it turns into a queer hipster? Because that's the only thing yoga does: turns people into a queer hipster.

  19. ahri Post author

    Ppl be hyping up yoga too much. It’s just a way to stretch your muscles and cartilage, and gets you in the habit of focusing (aka, a meditative activity). But you know what? Stretching and getting into the habit of focusing is beneficial for your mind and body. It’s not going to solve all your problems tho 😶

  20. rajendra trivedi Post author

    Yoga is a Sanskrit word derived from the Sanskrit root yuja which means to join. it is one of the six major schools of philosophy in Hinduism. The Yoga practiced in the West is hath yoga which is more focused on posture and stretching. The Yoga emphasised in Hinduism is Rajyog which means the royal Yoga. It is described in the yoga Sutra of Patanjali. In the yoga sutras Rajyog is one of the ways to attend the ultimate reality.lf someone really wants to experiance god the this is the practical way Hinduism shows to attain God. So Hath yoga is a prerequisite in order to follow Rajyog.

  21. ilove2929 Post author

    Americans and their false advertising. Yoga or anykind of meditation is about wellness, just like essential oils, not necessarily or directly connected to ur health condition.
    I practice yoga to help me sleep, just another way to improve quality of life

  22. blank space Post author

    Meditation is not something you do…
    It's a state you.achieve

    meditative state…

    Just like love is not something you share it's something you become…

    Then everything you do and everyone who is in contact feels that you love them…

    Yoga in India was not practised with health benefits in focus rather for path to enlightenment…

    If you were totally at ease it aids you to keep aside you physical self and focus on other dimensions of life. That was the purpose of yoga exercises which is just a miniscule part of yoga science.

    Yoga right now known to the world is just physical dimension or rather physical exercise which forms the very minimal part of yoga as a science towards enlightenment.

  23. whatever04 Post author

    Yoga is neither stretching not meditation. Yoga postures help regulate the flow of 'prana' (life force or energy) in your body.

    Anybody wants to see what yoga can do to you, and it's effectiveness – just try this – sit in padmasana (corss legged posture) for 30-60 mins (not easy) and see if you feel any different in terms of 'energy'.

    You can also try Surya namaskar..

  24. Black Aryan Post author

    Indian muslims opposrd teaching yoga in public schools in India.
    They call yoga religious and hindu , so should not be introduced in state funded educational institutions.
    So the world should embrace this ancient knowledge and document it fully before islamists distroy it fully.



  25. Ordinary Guy Post author

    What’s with yoga being linked to Buddhism in the visuals of this video? White people brain cannot process “Asia” to anything beyond mongloid looking faces is it?

  26. ankit choudhary Post author

    It's called Yog. I don't know what happiness the first interpreter got when he added an "a'' in every Sanskrit word

  27. Sehaj Sidhu Post author

    Hey guys, so I just want you to know that I get we aren’t always educated about other cultures and history. But Yoga actually originated in India very long ago, it is mainly associated with Shiva ( Hindu God ) Buddha has nothing to do with yoga but solely on meditation.

  28. Mohith Viswanathan Post author

    The many Buddhist images in the video indicates that you think yoga was in Buddhism and China. The name yoga itself has it's roots in Sanskrit word Yuj meaning Union. Research properly before posting about a topic.

  29. Amith Magajikondi Post author

    Fool = A person who thinks Yoga is a physical exercise!

    Dear West, Yoga in Sanskrit means "Union". It's a Hindu philosophical way of uniting body and soul so as to have peak control over sensory organs and all other parts of the body. The one most important and fundamental aspect of Yoga is to constantly chant "Aum" while performing it which the west totally neglects. "Aum" is a Hindu religious word which is said to encompass all the vibrations of the universe.

  30. Brian Thomas Post author

    Yoga is what made dhalsim so stretchy in street fighter 2. Then using yoga, he could also project a flame from his mouth.

  31. DragonKazooie89 Post author

    I did a lot of yoga after I was diagnosed with Scoliosis in my teens. It helped with my balance and loosened up my back, making the orthopedic surgeon able to straighten my curve more that what he thought he could when I needed rods installed.

  32. Manogya Singh Post author

    I'm from India and I want to say that there is one practice that literally flushes out toxins. I don't exactly remember the specific name but it comes under the "Neti Kriya" (Google it) and it involves drinking a special mix of stuff in the morning and then being only on hot water for the rest of the day.

  33. Manogya Singh Post author

    Yoga has originated and devoloped entirely in Aryãvarta (old name for India). Your pictures are showing China and Buddha, but Yoga is more than 4000 years old while Buddha and Buddhism came 2000 years later. Word origins from Sãnskrit confirms : Yuj (Union) + iyam (pratyãy) = Yoga (To unite)

  34. Shreyash Prashu Post author

    Yoga has many different kinds …the only one which the west knows is streching and body postures..which is sad..


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