What Are the Best Exercises for Stomach Fat? | Ask A Trainer | LA Fitness

C: Hi, and welcome to another episode of Ask
A Trainer! Today I’m here with Pro Results® trainer
Kayla. Kayla, how’s it going? K: Pretty good, I’m ready for some questions. C: Alright, well I’ve got one for you. Today’s question is from Erica. Erica asks, “What are the best aerobic and
weight training exercises to remove stomach fat?” K: Oh, I love this question! There’s such a myth about, I want to lose
here, and in reality there’s no such thing as fat spot reduction. You can’t crunch your way to losing, you
know, whatever you have around the belly. In reality, you want to burn calories, you
want to eat fewer calories than you burn, and you want to focus on full-body movements. You know, squat and press and push-ups, and
these exercises that are going to get your heartrate up, burn some calories building
muscle, and in terms you’re going to slim down all around. A lot of times the stomach, nutrition, of
course, we already know that and just focusing on moving your body and burning the calories. C: Well there you have it. Send us in your questions, follow us on YouTube,
and we’ll see you next time!

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