What Age Should You Start Working Out?

What Age Should You Start Working out? This is me when I was 6 by the way. Hello everybody,
This is dr.Fox from the Fox’s Power Basement. Please, like and subscribe. The general myth is that when you start lifting weights at a young age, it will stunt your growth. But there is no research available showing
that weightlifting at a young age can influence your growth in any way. Some people think that the heavy weights might
stunt your growth due to the external forces applied onto the epiphyseal growth plates. Others think that weightlifting might help
you grow because of the increased levels of testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1. The biggest danger of starting with resistance
training at a young age is that young guys and girls don’t have a lot of patience. They often start lifting way too heavy weights,
use improper form and technique and risk injuring themselves. Then again, every rough, high contact sport,
like rugby, martial arts, or whatever risks of damaging the growth plates. The most important thing young people, that
just started weight lifting should focus on is nutrition. Typically on the age of 15-16, you are not
thinking about the foods you’re taking in. Myself, for years I neglected the nutrition
part of bodybuilding, and more than probably I did not eat enough protein, missing on a lot of newbie gains. Next to not counting macros and not getting in enough protein, a lot of youngsters simply do not eat enough calories to maximize their
muscle growth, next to their daily activities and general development of their bodies at
that age. In conclusion, you should not worry about
starting weight lifting at the age of 15 or even as young as 13 to 14, as long as you
focus on learning the proper technique, gradually lifting more and more without losing perfect
exercise form. Next to learning exercise technique you should
also learn at the same young age what matters most about the nutrition you’re taking in, more specific learn to track your protein intake and make sure you are eating plenty
of calories and micronutrients to maximize muscle growth as wel as your general body
development and growth. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please, like and subscribe.

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