We Worked Out At A Queer Gym For A Week

(pop music) – So I do work out at mainstream gyms but I don’t always feel like I fit in. – Mainstream gyms are very like machismo and aggressive. – I do go to the gym I I have to go into the men’s locker room and you know as somebody that has you know a past as a woman going
into an all-male space where my you know my body is very distinctly different is terrifying. – The gay community puts a lot of pressure on men to look a certain way. And because I don’t look that way it makes me feel like
something’s wrong with my body. – This week of working out at a queer gym is going to be really fun. (hip hop music) – I’m Sam Rypinski and I’m
the founder of Everybody. – I’m Lake Sharp and I am co-founder. – [Sam] Everybody is a radically inclusive holistic gym. – [Lake] It’s a place to build community. We welcome you through
our doors as you are. You’re not required to change anything. We welcome your body as it is. – Primarily we wanted
to found the gym because I wanted a space that I felt
comfortable working out in. (hip hop music) Hyper body is incredible and is exactly what someone from
the future would look like. This class does not feel like a mainstream gym class because it takes so much from queer culture. Bright colors, high energy, a slight shamelessness to moving that you don’t see in mainstream gyms. – [Man] I definitely felt like a huge sense of belonging. – [Woman] I did get emotional at one point in the class. Definitely dancing to Whitney Houston, looking around at
everybody and just seeing everyone just smile. – [Man] I typically
don’t like moving my body in a sexual manner but this class made it okay and I felt comfortable to do it and
I felt safe to do it. (applause)
– [Woman] You guys my name is Amelia. My preferred gender
pronoun and she/her/hers. This is Pony Sweat. We’re gonna move our
bodies for a whole hour. – I’ve always thought I
was a good dancer (laughs) until I took Ponies Sweats class. There were several times
that I was off beat, missing the steps I was
like what is happening here? ‘Cause I can dig it. (laughs) – I felt really good when she started playing
Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. – [Man] I’m already not a very good dancer so just trying to keep up
I was just like, uhhhhh. – Say thank you body. (hip hop music) Thank you class.
(applause) (hip hop music) – I thought the class
was a really cool way to have a little bit of
a physical interaction as well as feeling a spiritual
connection to yourself. – Today what we’re going to do is a nice restorative yoga class. And we’re gonna combine all
the postures with a little bit of breath work and mantra. – [Woman] The class was super relaxing and it felt like a really
good intro into yoga in a way of just understanding
and feeling my body more. – [ ] Put out a blessing to yourself. Send out a prayer to
your friends, your family whoever needs your support. But again, most of all,
to yourself because if you are happy that’s
the only way you’re gonna make other people happy. – I knew the classes
were gonna be different. I didn’t expect them to be so fun. – I loved working out at Everybody. – It was really cool to
just kind of be myself. I saw a lot of women
weightlifting which was cool. I was like yes, my people. – The minute I stepped into Everybody I saw people who looked like me and I was immediately put at ease. – Having queer gyms across the country would open so many more
people up to fitness and that’d be great. – If I could send a wish
to myself it would be to care for myself and
be patient with my body. And it’s gonna do its own thing. I just have to work with it and you know love it the way that I can. (hip hop music)

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