We Did 100 Lunges A Day For 30 Days

– I want to hear a lot of damn booty. More of that. (Upbeat alternative music) – So, I’m someone who goes through these stages of like, either working out a ton or not working out at all. Currently, I’m in the not working out much at all category of my life. – I’ve been an athlete pretty much all my life from the minute I could walk, and through college. I’ve played division one volleyball and then I got injured my senior year and from there, it was just, I could never really get that routine of getting back into the gym. – I usually don’t work out. It’s something I’ve never done, I usually walk a lot. – So, I’m not a big fan of my upper legs. I used to have like, fine legs, but then as I get older I can see, like that’s where I start putting a little weight. – My favorite body part would probably be my behind, but it’s also my least favorite part because it’s not as shapely and toned as I would like it to be. – My biggest struggle right now is the thighs and booty. I have no booty. Like right now, it’s hurting me. I have no meat. – I want to try and do 100 in one go. – I am definitely gonna have to break it up. – My plan for this 30 days is that I will do 100 in one setting. Here’s day one of lunges. I decided to go full 100. And tomorrow, we’ll decide if I’m in pain. – Whoa, I can’t do this in one setting. I needed a break. – Alright, so this is day one of the challenge. I am sick, so that’s fun. I’m still going to try and do it because how hard can it really be? I guess we’ll find out. – My knees don’t hurt as bad as I thought they would. It wasn’t that bad. It sucks. It definitely sucks. I don’t see doing this for 30 days. – 100. I’m not like, completely out of breath but obviously I do feel it. I’m a little warm. I’m very interested to see how sore I’m going to be tomorrow. I just finished day two, and yeah, that was like 10 times harder than day one. – I’m already this burnt at 50? And it’s day what, two? – My legs feel like heavy tree trunks now. – Pray for me ya’ll, pray for me. It was easy day one. I was like, oh yeah, you’re lucky this is going to be super simple and then the next day, I was very very, very very sore. – I felt like I was getting a disease because of the amount of pain that I had. I was like, oh this is wrong. This couldn’t be normal – The worst part was really like, day 2, 3, 4, 5. But I still feel good about it because exercise. – So, I didn’t feel like going outside to do my lunges, so I decided while I clean my apartment, I’ll just lunge around. 25. – So I’ve been doing the challenge a week now, and it definitely started off kind of difficult. The first day was easy and then it really, really hurt. Um, then it got easier, then it got hard again and now it’s getting easier again, which is nice. – To be honest, by the end of week one by doing just body weights I was like, this actually got much easier. – My quads are feeling really strong, like they’re so much harder than they used to be. My butt doesn’t really feel different. That is the one thing I’m worrying about, I’m just going to end up with these super solid quads and nothing else. – So, it’s week two. The first week was rough to start, then it got easier, then it got really easy so I said, why not up the weight? I added on ten pound weights. That was a mistake. See how it goes. It started to rain in LA and my knees started to ache. – How can I say it? I did not see any changes or I felt like there was no changes happening in my body. – Alright, so I’m going to be a piece of shit because yesterday, I just completely didn’t do it. I didn’t have time. There were just some days that it was really hard to fit in or I literally did forget. I would have days lined up, that okay, so I haven’t done it for two days, I have to do 300 today. And now, I’ve had half a glass of wine. It’s Friday night, so uh, I’m going to have to do 200 lunges right now. 20 21 22. That hurt way more than normal. I think the days are catching up to me, or it’s ’cause I have a day off yesterday but my quads are so sore. My butt doesn’t really feel anything, but my quads are burning like crazy. You could never tell exactly how easy or hard it was going to be on a day. – This is the beginning of week three. I feel like, it’s really hard to guess if it’s getting easier or harder but, I’ve added this ball as a weight. Kind of scared that my body would not respond to all this workout. I’m kind of scared to look and find out that I don’t have any results. – I will say that there was a three day period where I did nothing, so in order to catch up, I had to do lunges in the office. I did it. I got 300 lunges done today. Thank God I have ibuprofen at my desk ’cause this hurt. (Rock music) What I can say is that I’ve noticed a difference. These are the shorts that I wore in the video, and they fit so much looser. – I feel like I did notice changes. I think my thighs are looking slimmer I had like this shape to me and I think it’s more like this now. – I don’t see a difference in the scale but I see in the difference in the clothes I wear. These were the shorts I wore when I tried the video on, they was like painted skin tight. What! I got a little, I got a little wiggle room. I am so glad 30 days is finally up. It was much harder than I thought. – It was a lot of ups and downs. I feel like, towards the middle I started to get disheartened. But in general, it did make me feel good. Every time I did it, I felt accomplished and my legs were like, you know, sore, and I’m like yeah! – I did see that my thighs got bigger in a way. I put a timer on and it takes 5 minute 24 seconds to finish a set of 100. I think I’m excited to see the results. I’m excited to see if there is any changes. – [Interviewer] First time we measured you your quad was 15 and a half inches, and now it came to 16 and a half. You gained a full inch in your quads. – What! – [Interviewer] And then on your butt, you gained a full inch on your butt too. – Oh my God, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. I’m so excited because I’ve always struggled with my butt, so like if these lunges actually help me grow my butt, then it’s, I don’t know, maybe you don’t have to do the squats? Who knows. But yeah, I’m excited. – What I will say is I am glad that I did it. I pushed myself, and I think I’m a better person for it. – I definitely don’t want to keep doing this every single day ’cause it is a lot to remember to do and to try and fit in but it is good to know that it does work. Well, even if it doesn’t work in the measurements, I still feel stronger and so I do want to keep doing it, so yeah. I’m going to keep doing it probably like four times a week at least. (soft music)

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