Washing Machine Repair- Replacing the Siphon Break Connector Kit (Whirlpool Part # 206638)

Washing Machine Repair- Replacing the Siphon Break Connector Kit (Whirlpool Part # 206638)

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today
we’re going to show you how to change the siphon break connector kit on your washer.
It’s a really easy job. All we are going to need is a 1/4 inch nut driver and a 5/16th
nut driver. Let me show you how we do it. Now the first step in this repair will be
to disconnect the fill hoses, unplug the washer and pull it over its opening so that you can
get to the very back of it. Next we will remove the drain hose, if it still has the factory
clamp on it; it’s a matter of loosing that 5/16th and giving it a little sharp bump to
loosen the clamp and then twist the drain hose off of the elbow. That’s probably still
full of water so carefully set that aside. Next, we’re going to remove access cover on
the back with a single quarter inch hex head screw. Lift that out of the way. And now we
will remove the four, 5/16th screws that hold that drain connector to the cabinet. And once
you removed all of the screws, you can reach in and you will find that the drain hose it
comes from the pump up to the connector and pull out away, push the drain hose down and
out. Then you can slide the elbow through the opening and remove that as well. Now with the drain hose pulled out through
the back of the cabinet, cut the old clamp with a pair of side cutters. Pry that loose
with a flat blade, peel that off. Now we can remove the siphon break. And we’ll take our
new siphon break and the clamp that came with it. You probably have to open that clamp right
up to get it over the hose, fully insert the siphon break and make sure it’s not going
to twist the hose. We’ll snug that clamp up nice and tight and then we will push that
hose back into the cabinet. Take caution when you’re pulling that drain
hose up that we don’t get it tangled up with the air dome tube. Now we’ll reinsert the
drain elbow, push it out through; engage the elbow with the siphon break. Now we will put
one of those screws in this till it bottoms out from not too snug. You want to be able
to turn that siphon break to line up the other two holes. And we’ll put one in diagonal to
the first one then we’ll install the remaining tube. Now before we tighten any other screws,
we’ll make sure that the elbow is centered in the opening and just snug the screws up
and make sure that the elbow will still turn without binding but that it’s not too loose
that it will leak. Now we can reinstall the access cover and
there is a square portion on one side of that cover, line that up on the bottom and set
the screw in the top. Next, we’re ready for the drain hose. Use caution when putting that
drain hose on that we don’t create any outward pull on that elbow so that we don’t break
it, just twist it on back and forth. We’ll clamp up into position, snug the clamp up.
At this point, you’ll want to make sure that you have the hose turned to whichever
direction it will need to be when it’s installed and tighten the clamp at that point. Now we’re
ready to reinstall the washer, reconnect the fill hoses and the power in our drain hose,
and our repair is complete. We told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching and good
luck with your repair.

3 comments on “Washing Machine Repair- Replacing the Siphon Break Connector Kit (Whirlpool Part # 206638)

  1. Marissa Neale Post author

    Out of curiosity, do front load washing machines have siphon breaks (I realize this video is for this particular part)? Also, are siphon breaks required by plumbing codes? Thanks

  2. shinerlightman Post author

    Thanks again for your help repairing my old, but reliable Maytag A8640 washer!


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