VITAMIX 5200 REVIEW | Vitamix Reviews by Blender Babes

VITAMIX 5200 REVIEW | Vitamix Reviews by Blender Babes

Hey everyone and welcome to Blender Babes!
This is our Vitamix 5200 Review – learn about Vitamix STANDARD blenders – which are part of their Classic
or C-Series. Many models in the Vitamix line are part of their “standard” blenders,
which consists of their popular Vitamix 5200 model, as well as the Turboblend – which is what
we have right here – the Professional Seires 200, Creations 2, CIA Professional Series,
Creations GC, and their Total Nutritional Center. This means that several of their models
have (ALL THE SAME FEATURES), and are basically the same blender, but they were made for different
retail outlets, so they might have different COLORS or different COOKBOOKS. The standard models are the most popular and
universally sold models in the Vitamix Line. They’ve been around for many years now,
and only recently models have been coming out with more features and power, and also
more money. These Vitamix Standard blenders seem to last forever. Honestly I have met
SO MANY people who told me they’ve had their Vitamix for 15 or 20 years, and it’s STILL
going strong! This blender is able to replace 8 or more
appliances in your kitchen and can do EVERYTHING the newer models can do. The power of the
5200 and other standard Vitamix models comes from a 11.5 amp, 1380 watt, 2 peak horsepower
motor. There is enough power and torque in this guy to blend any food product. There
is also a wide range of speeds, the blades can spin as low as 500 Revolutions per minute
and as high as 37000 revolutions per minute, which allows for a lot of control. The standard models don’t have automatic pre sets – like the newer Vitamix 6300 and 750 do – but it’s really a big deal. You
have 100% manual control over every blend and just have to turn it on, pick your speed,
and turn it off when you see it’s done or want to test it. This variable speed dial
has 10 speeds to allow you to chop, grind, or fully blend your ingredients. You also
have this high switch, which is used for maximum processing, thick ingredients, and larger
recipes. -Typically almost every time you use speed 10, you will also flip to high. As you can see here, the standard Vitamix
models don’t have a separate pulse feature, but you can still pulse or chop ingredients.
All you have to do is have it set to 10/HIGH and turn the machine on and off to equal 1 pulse. Vitamix has SEVERAL BPA-free copolyester jars of various sizes that will fit on all the standard models . The only jars NOT recommended or sold with the standard models include their Next Generation and S30 jars. Otherwise all of their other jars (WORK), and these include the tall 64 ounce standard jar, the shorter
48 ounce jar, which can fit under your kitchen cabinets, the 32oz jar and the 32 ounce special dry goods jar. Their wet jars can blend Hot Wet and Cold recipes all with the same blade, but Vitamix DOES recommend using their Special dry goods
jar when grinding grains or seeds, since it’s made especially for this and does it more
efficiently. Now we HAVE tested this for you, and you definitely CAN grind occassionally
with your wet jars, but in order to save your jars from scratches and better keep the blade
from getting dull, if you grind a lot you’ll PROBABLY WANT the special dry goods jar. Each jar comes with it’s own special spill
proof gripper lid and perfectly sized tamper, so you can fill it up and not WORRY about
spilling. and if necessary the tamper allows you to push the ingredients down into the
blade. The tamper makes the vitamix very versatile, you can easily blend everything from thick
nut butters and dips to your smoothies, whole food juices, soups, and ice creams. With the 64oz jar the Vitamix stands at 20.5
inches tall and with the 48oz jar it’s 17.4 inches tall. They weigh a little over 10.5
pounds, are 8.75 inches deep and 7.25 inches wide. It has this 6 foot long chord but can
easily be wrap it under the blender when not in use or for easy storage. Cleaning is pretty easy, you just add dish
soap and hot water and run it on high for a few seconds, then rinse. That usually gets everything out. For sticky stuff like nut butters, you can always use your sponge too just be careful when cleaning around the blades since they are sharp. I find the 64oz tall
jar a LITTLE harder to clean than their other jars, but that’s b/c I have a small sink!
Also their jars are NOT dishwasher safe, so be sure to rinse them right away – trust
me! One of the great advantages of owning a standard Vitamix 5200 blender is their long product warranty, compared to the typical 1 or 2 year “regular” blender warranty – Which means they are a brand that can back up their warranty. The
quality construction of the Vitamix standard blenders means you will use it for YEARS without a problem. For added peace of mind, Vitamix comes with a complete 7 -Year Full Use warranty on their new standard models and 5 years on their refurbished Vitamix models, you can also get a 3 year extended warranty if you want – You will see all this while your going through check out – The warranty covers the blender top to bottom, including the base,
motor, and jar. Remember that Vitamix has a 30-day free trial period, so you can return it for a full refund of it doesn’t work for you. They even pay for return shipping!
And That goes for ALL of their blenders! Also Vitamix blenders are made in the USA! And guess what Babes, if you order you Vitamix through Blender Babes, we will give you FREE shipping AND FREE GIFTS, Such as superfoods for your new blender, free workout programs, or an Amazon Gift Card!! Just use any of the links from our website or the link you see right here and make sure to give them free gift code 06-007974 to redeem your free gift, Just forward your purchase confirmation email to [email protected] And remember they do have a payment plan option, which makes it more affordable for everyone And as always, HAPPY BLENDING!!

100 comments on “VITAMIX 5200 REVIEW | Vitamix Reviews by Blender Babes

  1. sarah oswald Post author

    I love that this is made in the U.S.A and that it has a warranty of up to 7 years and also can buy an extended warranty. I love that it is a free tryout and if its not what I want I can return it at there cost.

  2. Krista Post author

    Very helpful review. I love the tamper. Would be very helpful when blending thick ingredients that tend to stick to the sides.

  3. Robin New Post author

    My aunt has had her vitamix for over 20 years; says she uses it all the time. Sounds pretty good to me!

  4. mmstarla Post author

    I absolutely LOVE my Blendtec! I have also heard so many amazing things about the Vitamix! Love your videos Blender Babes! So helpful and entertaining! <3

  5. trulifegem Post author

    This Vitamix 5200 is amazing! I want to start making my 5th(6 mo old) homemade baby food, but wow this is far beyond a basic blender! Must have!!

  6. Lori Williams Post author

    Thank you for this review. It just confirms for me that I really want to own one of these awesome mixers!! It has been my dream for sometime now. So much that this can be used for! I love the different size mixing containers that fit on the same base. No need for all those other kitchen appliances!!

  7. L Charest Post author

    I like the honesty that it's not always easy to clean, especially something sticky, although I've never had to do more than a litle light scrubbing with the dishcloth. i love my Vitamix!

  8. Michelle P Post author

    Awesome!! i so want a Vitamix blender – my current blender is about 12 years old so it's about time for a new one.

  9. Taryn Beck Post author

    So far this year I've already had 3 blenders that broke. All three my mother-in-law got for me on HSN (Wolfgang Puck brand) and they were just awful (one of them died after I put a frozen banana in it to make ice cream!!!!) I've been wanting a Vitamix for so long and this makes me want one even more.

  10. Mya Murphy Post author

    Having a 7 year warranty on a product I would use all the time, means a lot.. love the easiness… I would feel blessed to use a product like this!!

  11. Kira Slosser Post author

    Every time I watch these videos I think of all of the exciting things I could do with such a powerful blender!

  12. Liquidlele03 Post author

    I hadn't really thought about a Vitamix for purchase, or rather i can't justify purchasing another appliance, watching this however has made me move that much closer to wanting one. I mean 5 years warranty on a REFURBISHED product…. Hmmm >.> and there are payment plan options available… hmmmm

  13. Stacy Scott Post author

    Amazing and helpful review……I am absolutely in love with the Durability Epic Giveaway =) Thank you for the chance

  14. Crystal R. Post author

    Definitely want a Vitamix…been wanting one for years. My trusty standby economical blender is tired and ready to retire.

  15. Debbie Snell Post author

    this sounds amazing and would be fantastic to help make our diet way easier and healthier plus I have heard that they are fantastic and durable and last forever thanks for the chance

  16. Party of Five - On The Road Post author

    It's great to hear that the Vitamix is made in the USA and that it's an investment worth the money and that the Vitamix will last for many many years!

  17. quantmlife Post author

    I have been thinking about buying a grinder for grain; so good to know this can do it without an additional investment.


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