Undefeated 8lb Donuts and Ice Cream Challenge in Georgia!!

Undefeated 8lb Donuts and Ice Cream Challenge in Georgia!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” and I’m very very nervous today I’m not excited
because we have so much food in less than the 30 minute time limit! I am here
down in Alpharetta Georgia which is just north of Atlanta I’m at Scream’n Nuts
I am with my friend Matt “Hungry” hazzard we did a challenge a while ago in
Washington Missouri together a burger but now we’re back we are Scream’n Nuts taking on there “Are you Scream’n Nuts” Challenge! Now this
thing is massive the donuts are actually a little bit lighter than I thought but
we had a bunch of options of their specialty donuts we had to go with 13
big donuts and then we have to go with 13 five scoops of ice cream
we had choices for the donuts and ice cream I know he was more manly with this
decisions a lot of his are cream-filled mine are all holes – they don’t have any filling but we’ve got six with chocolate icing
six with white chocolate icing then I’ve got for a celebration,
actually probably do it first but a black forest doughnut but then his… is
going to be rough, but we’ve all got different scoops of ice cream we’ve got
thirty minutes if we fail it’s going to be $48 but if we win we will be the
first people to win we’ll get sweet t-shirts and then get added on their wall of fame, are you ready? Yeah
Let’s get this challenge started! All right this is gonna intense,
like I said we’ve got 13 doughnuts 13 scoops I’m going to go for the
doughnuts first back when we did the challenge it was early on in this career
and I beat him he’s been training ever sense, and has been doing some big challenges
so we’ll see what happens today but we’ve got 30 minutes gonna shut up any
I’m kneeling he’s standing. 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! if I’ve got 13 of those I’ll just quit
now! Five and 20 seconds in, he’s killing it
over here, keep going Matt! Alright a little under 8 minutes. Got the donuts down. Getting a sugar rush, but lets get the win! We are 30 minutes 10 seconds and get
crushed by this man over here he’s doing great!
Even has filling his ice cream so good job to him, last donut then we’re on the
our ice cream with no filling All right 15 minutes in I wanted to be
15 minutes now we got halfway through the challenge. We got 15 minutes to go
lets go Matt, finish strong! [Matt] The brownie flavor was a mistake! [Randy] You made 26 mistakes in my eyes! He beating me too, by a lot! [Randy] What’s in there?
[Matt} Kool Aid! [Randy] 26 mistakes… Ooooh I’m scream’n nuts! [Randy] We good?
[Owner] Yeah! What did you think of it Mr. Record Holder?
[Matt] Donuts were delicious, very high quality ice cream, that was a lot of food!
[Randy] Yeah I enjoyed it all! Be sure to check out this Instagram YouTube Facebook page
all the links are down in the description
Big thanks for coming to do the challenge, thank you to Scream’n Nuts, but thank you guys for watching, it
was overall win number 703!

100 comments on “Undefeated 8lb Donuts and Ice Cream Challenge in Georgia!!

  1. Randy Santel Post author

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! This was so much food and I am happy that Matt was there because I was trying my best to keep up with him and I might have ran out of time if he wasn't there pushing me to eat faster!! For anyone interested, here is the video from our first challenge together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1mBWuDAosA

  2. Felix Eraño Santos Post author

    It's been always fun watching you dominate these challenges, Randy. But please, take care of your health as well. Thank you for your contents 👍

  3. Steve Robertson Post author

    All you guys nagging him about his weight need to just stop. Make a comment on the food, or his clean wins, the nagging is not helpful at all. Hell, nothing pisses me off more than when people try to tell me what i "need to" do, I will decide what i need to do, thank you. Not you. Anyway, great job again Randy!

  4. Gold Post author

    Hey Randy ,
    serious question Do you throw this all up after ? like purge or do you just drive back to your hotel room and go to bed? ..just curious how you function after gorging yourself this full .

  5. Larry Cook Post author

    Dude you are in bad shape you can hardly move around and you need bigger shirts you look bad man….. I'm sorry but you need the truth

  6. Mark Walker-Taylor Post author

    I had saw this challenge last year on his Facebook live out with 2018 and more of 2019 challenges Randy

  7. jay roth Post author

    Holy cannoli! Each of those platters could have fed the whole room. That's scary impressive. First 2 humans to complete this challenge, for a reason.

  8. Pickle Von CrunchnMunch Post author

    "he was more manly in his decisions. My doughnuts are the hole filled ones, and his are filled with cream"

    when are people going to get away from the concept of eating more calories means being more manly?

    more cals on a regular is going to make you fatter, have higher levels of estrogen, and a limp dick

  9. daddiesgirl05 Post author

    Randy glad you beat this challenge, was worried about you during this one Please take of yourself

  10. Nikith Klement Post author

    Randy have you ever thought of going to back for a challenge that you think you could have done better??

  11. The Truth Teller OJ is Guilty Post author

    Randy is looking HUGE in this video. Not slam against him, but how can you work all those calories off? I'm shocked by the health numbers that he's posted before. I just can't believe that his sugar and cholesterol numbers aren't through the roof!

  12. mark white Post author

    i wonder if the wheelchair bloke at 2.54 with one leg was a previous contender and lost his leg to diabetes

  13. V Wo Post author

    Randy i know you and Matt had a sugar rush from HELL i think i can feel it from here i had to take a insulin shot just to watch you guys but you both still dominated that challenge now it's time for a jog around the block lol safe travel's my friend 💪👕💪

  14. ShutItDown12 Post author

    I Remember watching the Reuben challenge years ago and you were jacked. this just got recommended and those food challenges are starting to win the long war. Dude, maybe try a salad challenge? These can't be healthy anymore and you don't want long term health issues

  15. pedro veliz Post author

    Great video.
    I had a question?
    Are you going to post the video when you went to parish,Florida.
    I was there and I really want to see it.
    Keep up the great footage.

  16. Thomas Diviney Post author

    I'm just curious, in most, if not all of your videos, you are kneeling down. Is there a particular reason for this?

  17. Lacey Humphrey Post author

    How has this man not had a quadruple bypass yet?! I'm not the healthiest eater, but that is ALOT OF CRAP at one sitting.

  18. Alex Shawe Post author

    Wtf I'm sure I've watched this 🤔 confused haha. Ah it may have been Facebook, ah well I'll watch and like it again on here at least 🤷‍♂️😂 great job to you both. Keep up this 🔥 content

  19. korlu01 Post author

    Randy, whoever your plumber is, I’m going to bet you’ve put all of his kids through college 💩

  20. Chris Bryant Post author

    Dude that's every child's dream at some point if you're ever in northern Michigan check out the house of flavors ice cream shop they used to have a challenge but for all I know they may have closedown just saying

  21. SandmanFightingSys Post author

    Just some advice , change the color of the time clock when it’s against a white background 🤷🏼‍♂️

  22. Wil Woo Post author

    I don't think your body can take any more of these challenges. You need a break. Every challenge you been in lately u have struggling.

  23. christansdad Post author

    Why would you not use the ice cream to soften some of the doughnuts? I understand eating the ice cream last to let it melt so it is easier to consume. However, 3-5 of those doughnuts should have been sitting under the ice cream to let them soften so you could eat them with a spoon.

  24. Darlene Matthews Post author

    Wow almost thought you weren't gonna make it but I shouldn't have doubted you. The king. Brain freeze much? lol

  25. Aaron Gibson Post author

    Why do most competitive eaters feel the need to eat like complete pigs with no manners? There's just no need. Randy shows them how it should be done.

  26. Melissa Perdue Post author

    Hi Randy, That looked very very tasty!!! Yum yum!! That was a lot, there's no way I would do that!! Congradulations!! Magnificent!! 👍😊💜💜💜👏💜👏

  27. Steve W Post author

    Dudes making average 200k a year doing this while i work 9-5 for way less than that. Im doing it all wrong

  28. Bekay Allybe Post author

    I do not like sweet challenges with all the sugar. Cannot stand to touch sugary things with my fingers but you are the King Randy. What makes you so special is the fact you use knife and fork and eat until the last bite. No waste…you respect the food and pay respect to the makers of these meals. Some other eaters act like cavemen but you are the Gentleman of food challenges….

  29. metalfreek m/ Post author

    Brother in San Antonio in April is Oysterbake and somwtimes in May/June is Rockfest. Lots of Rock bands on both events and lots of food!!! San Antonio, Texas 78245

  30. SirWrecksy Post author

    this is very trivial…a fun food eating contest…
    but you can read volumes into Randy's personality…always finishes more than required, won't stop the clock until past finished (unlike others), not a braggart and not a foul mouth…
    solid character


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