Ultimate Fitness Test (1 REP OR DIE?)

Ultimate Fitness Test (1 REP OR DIE?)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Athlean-X.com. So, I was going to do an entirely different
video tonight and something came across my desk that forced me to change my hand. You see, there was a recent poll that was
done, or a fitness test that’s supposed to determine how long you’re going to live. 10 drills, or exercises that you’re supposed
to be able to do to ensure a longer life. In that group of drills was this one particular
one called the Standing and Rising Test. Apparently, this is one of the ones that causes
a lot of problems for people. They sit there and they pass it around, and I’m going to
show you what it is because I want you to try it. Whether or not you can, or can’t do it I think
there’s a really big, important message that spawned off of this that made me feel so strongly
about making this video. It is: let’s raise our standards of fitness.
You see, here’s what the Standing and Rising Test is: I’ll stand up out of frame here so
you can see it. Basically, you’re supposed to be able to cross
your feet, and without using your hands, your knees, or your shins you’re supposed to be
able to lower yourself down to the ground here, and then you’re supposed to be able
to rise up off the floor without using your hands, your knees, or your shins. Now, obviously that was easy for me. It’s
not supposed to say “Look how good I am and how I can do it.” No! This is fucking easy
because it’s supposed to be easy. You see, we can’t let this be the standard
of excellence. The fact that I could get off the ground without using my knees, my shins,
or my hands? Good. Congratulations, Jeff! You’re a human being. If we were a kid, when
we were babies we did that all the time. We made things look easy. Why is it that as we
get older – and I mean even in your 20s – why is it that when we get older we start
allowing people to tell us what’s normal for your age and what you can and can’t do. You can’t use the excuse “I’m getting old.
I’m too old for that shit.” Too old for what? To get off the ground by yourself? Without
needing the Life Alert? “Help me, I’ve fallen! I can’t get up!” We
need to be able to have much higher standards for what we do. So, try it out and see and
test yourself in private. Again, if you can’t do it, here’s the thing:
let it be a wakeup call. Let it be a wakeup call. This should be something that should
be easy for you. If it’s not, you might have a problem with
your lower body strength, you might have a problem with your balance, you might have
a problem with coordination, you could have some orthopedic issues; your knees might hurt. I’ve got pretty shitty knees myself, but I
was still able to get up. If those are the things; start working on them. You can. There
are so many things you can do. At Athlean-X here, I try to train you like
an athlete. Like a professional athlete. Even though I know you don’t make a living as
a professional athlete, I try to train you like a professional athlete by giving you
the same exact things that I let these guys that come and make a living off of being a
professional athlete are doing. I have high aspirations for you. You still
possess the same levels and capacity for strength and balance and coordination and quickness.
You have the same capacity, you’re just not allowing yourself to realize it. You’re trying to set these limitations up
being either too old, or just not a pro. Let’s raise the standards. I hope you can all get
off the ground and if you can, congratulations. I really am glad. I think a lot of guys watching this channel
who followed me for a long time are going to be able to ace that test really easily,
but if you can’t, again, not picking on you at all; but it’s a wakeup call. It’s time to start changing your habits and
doing some things. Again, even if you are able to ace this, that’s just a standard of
well-below our standards. So we’re going to take you to that next level.
We have so many challenges in Athlean-X to make sure that we take it to these extreme
levels of fitness and we walk you through them and get you there step by step. If you guys are looking for that plan and
to let me take you through and raise your standards then head to Athlean-X.com right
now and get one of our Athlean-X training systems and work your way up. From the bottom all the way up you’ll get
better. That’s the key. Day by day. If you’ve found this video to be eye opening – again,
this is what we’re setting as our standard of fitness excellence – leave your comments
below. In the meantime, I will bring that video to
you that I promised I was going to make. We’re going to do something on the shoulders again
later this week; a really good shoulder training tip that you might not have been aware of. I’ll bring that to you in a couple days. I
wanted to make sure I got this out to you as soon as this came across my desk. It was
that eye opening for me. I’ll see you guys back here again real soon.

100 comments on “Ultimate Fitness Test (1 REP OR DIE?)

  1. Roronoa Zoro Post author

    wow, thanks. this is a reality check for most people. who still look down on themselves with negativity

  2. Adam Pellegrini Post author

    Agreed, even though Jeff is serious and true the rants are awesome. I laugh every time. Thanks Jeff for these I love them

  3. Sahr Komba Post author

    Jeff, so what are the other 9 do or die tests/assessments? Didn't even come close to doing the sit/stand

  4. Evencrux Post author

    I'm able to do this a lot more easily if I cross my right leg over my left leg. I can still do it the other way, but I start feeling some loss of balance. Maybe the test should be done considering both dominant and weaker sides(or legs)?

  5. 💜Lifting&Lipstick💜 Post author

    That moment when you watch him do it and think "that's nothing…i can do that!" and then try it like "there's no way!!!" 😭😭😭😭😭 lol

  6. UNDERGROUNDATO Post author

    +ATHLEAN-X™ i couldn't do it. i am 22 y/o, lean, fittest physique among my friends, can squat 125 kg(275 lbs)considerably flexible and i am very good with balance. And no, not a wake up call for me. I think this is a no brainer like licking your elbow. Some people can do it, some people can't. It is not a fitness test, it only tests if you can cross your feet and stand up.

  7. Benzene Post author

    super awkward with my feet crossed. I can do it on one leg without stumbling but I failed the first try with my feet crossed. Nonetheless, I agree this should be pretty easy aside from awkward positioning

  8. Wodinn Post author

    As a paralyzed man, I find this exercise, nearly impossible… HEYO! Sorry I couldn't help it. Also, age and disability are PISS POOR EXCUSES. I'm 32 years old and I've been in a wheelchair for 15 years! I DON'T plan on slowing down! So yeah, If i'm working out, you have no fucking excuses not too!

  9. Jonathan Flowers Post author

    Ive beem putting my heels together and standing up in the same fashion for years. Tried this twice and it was a little more difficult but it was a success

  10. AlabamaJRB Post author

    39, and this is easy peazy lemon squeezy. If you can't do this…stop being so sedentary. Roll Tide!

  11. Bradley Hauf Post author

    Walk now everyday so that you can walk later, instead of giving the lame excuse well i'm getting old.
    If you walk today you'll walk later in life. Walk one mile out and one mile back everyday. You'll grow in strength, exceedingly. I was wondering if you really held to The Truth back in exercise. "WE are Sanctified by The Truth. Your Word Yahweh is The Truth." So, putting a Biblical perspective back into exercising/daily life would be putting truth back into exercising.

  12. Vegan Strong Post author

    everyone's body is different, so how everyone goes down and gets up will vary.. it's the same principle with squatting.. i have to lean forward when i squat, while others can stand straight up and don't have to point their toes out, etc.. i'm surprised jeff didn't mention this, as he has a video discussing the different types of femurs in the human body and what forces us to have different squatting techniques.. i can do this challenge, just not exactly how jeff does it.. i have to go down and sit on my feet and then raise back up.. i think that's sufficient.. i don't think you have to sit completely on your ass.. just my opinion

  13. nlucctw2 Post author

    I just did it. I'm 250lbs out of shape (mostly) 6 feet tall.

    Try modifying your legs to be more horizontal when you push up with the outsides of your feet. I had to make the modification to get it to work because I have a tummy.

    But it works. The whole test said you couldn't have your knee, shin, or hands touch the ground at any time.

    It works. Try it. =)

  14. Derg Enterprises Post author

    "They've" been saying that shit since I was kid in the 80's. Anyone remember the "Presidential Fitness Test?"

  15. Derg Enterprises Post author

    I failed. I think it's a stupid test anyways because there are a lot better ways to evaluate your health. I did seven years in the Army and I'm confident that the barrage of tests they put me through are a lot more precise.

  16. Jim Bob Post author

    Wtf ? Can someone record themselves trying to do this ? Why does it look like its so difficult for people , i cant believe there are so many who cant lower themselves down and get back up from that position… Genuine curiosity..

  17. Jim Bob Post author

    Wtf ? Can someone record themselves trying to do this ? Why does it look like its so difficult for people , i cant believe there are so many who cant lower themselves down and get back up from that position… Genuine curiosity..

  18. Luiz Roberto Paciarelli Post author

    Just impossible for me, not gonna happen. It's not like I still cant do that. it's more like no way in hell I'll ever do that, probably something about my body structure that wont allow me to do it, I just keep falling back when I go to sit and can't get close to rise when I'm already seated

  19. CHAOSDEATHCULT Post author

    I could do this but I had to like… lean & explode forward cuz doing it slowly felt weird on my knees. I already did heavy squats today, though.

  20. scorch775 Post author

    I'm 17 I did it with only one year of training, yea I sorta stumbled a bit when I got up, but I still did it.
    I know I'm still a beginner, and without money for trainers, I've been working inconsistently for a year, and onto just begun the religious regime for training. I did it 3 times, and now am thinking that I need more diligent focus towards my training. I am only 17 but I feel like I have so long and so far to go.
    Thanks Jeff for giving me advice and making these videos so that I can educate myself further.

  21. 4X4ismystyle Post author

    just tried this.. if I rock myself I almost had it, stood up, then fell back into my dresser and busted my ass. make sure you clear your surroundings first lmao

  22. Louie de Pointe Post author

    Ok so the way down everything was ok… on the way up I couldnt even get my butt off the floor, my feet keep sliding to the sides. Tried a couple of time finally was getting up, then my knees start hurting. I feel like sh*t. Any pointers?

  23. My Name Is Hello Post author

    Fuck, when I started going down, at the end of it I fell on my arse XD
    Ah… looks like I'm not on a high level.

  24. chad baird Post author

    Whew.. I'm 41 I just ran 5 miles, downed a 40oz Coors light immediately after and still passed this test.

    Is it the piss water beer or the low standards? I blame the beer.

  25. Grifftrogg Post author

    Should this still be easy for some one who snapped my ACL and PCL lost half the knee cartilage and messed up my ankle in my left leg?

  26. muhammad40000 Post author

    I actually did a bit and I got a little gassed 😂😂 but it was a little easy. It's just the balance. The getting up part is easier for me tbh.

  27. TheMerryPup Post author

    If I can't do this test that should be a "wake up call?" Bullshit! I'm 5' 11" 170lbs with good metabolic fitness and I work steadily on my mobility. But I can't fucking do this move hands free and I'm NOT going to waste my time trying to get there. I can't do deck squats either and I've tried for so long to pry my way into THAT move too but nothing has worked. Sometimes it's your limb length and insertion points that makes the difference and puts you at a disadvantage with certain moves. This is one of them for me.

  28. Tony Silva Post author

    Well this is what Henry Winkler as the Fonz was supposed to look like am I right or am I right folks LOL

  29. Broke_ N _Barz Post author

    Don’t do this after leg day. I got up, the ass cramp launched me right off the fucking floor

  30. Gnome Sane Post author

    49 years old been physically active all my life and can’t do it. Frustrating. Going to make it a goal to do this within a week.

  31. Young Doodle Post author

    I’m 14 and can’t do it. Age doesn’t matter. I think it’s the same stability problem that doesn’t allow me to squat deep with my back upright

  32. voidofreason Post author

    Ok I can do it no problem going down.i can even hold my butt 2 inches from the ground for a bit. But getting up i can't do it flat foot, i have to put all my weight on the outside edges of my feet then it's super easy.

  33. Review-Rosok Post author

    i can do this easily. but im not sure im fit. i think its because our culture in Indonesia. its how we sit in community gathering

  34. niceguy999918 Post author

    I am 40’and this made me depressed. I walk everyday but I can’t do this without rolling over. I am
    So depressed I just feel so far gone.. when I was 27 I was so athletic. Now I feel stuck literally on the floor. I am straining to stand up but can’t unless i roll over on all fours. I guess the 60lb gain in 13 years has something to do with it. What happened my habits are the same? I eat better now then when I was 27

  35. NFL1976 Post author

    I joined a gym 33 years ago. I learned I'm a "hard gainer". My focus has been lifting weights, hardly any cardio, which I am now adding in small doses. I go heavy, and now in my 60's have acquired some serious muscle mass, stronger than in each previous decade. Just some observations here, although anecdotal. Seems like every few years there is a new fad, or scientific breakthrough that I have found may or may not be true. While working out with weights, and doing regular cardio has a tremendous impact on fitness, that does not necessarily spill over to health. We all hear about avid runners dropping dead.

    A fraction of us, maybe .25% will look like the guy in this video, and kudos to him! I have learned you don't have to kill yourself in the gym. Sure try new things, but stick with what you like doing, what motivates you. Get there. Frequency is important. Do the power / functional moves weekly; Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and Heavy Pulls- TBar Row, Lat Pull Downs, Rows, etc. It takes me about 7 workout days to do my entire body. My strength and muscle mass remain up. I never do a body part more than once a week. Bi/Tris I hit about 2 – 3 times a month. I can get a workout in the weight room completed in about 25 to 45 minutes. I try and hit the gym five days a week.

    As far as standing up without using your hands or kneeling- who cares? As we age it is much safer to use our arms, kneel, etc. to facilitate standing. Genetics, attitude, and a healthy life style will determine how long we live for the most part. I have seen many fit people die, and never met people in their 80's and 90's who go in the weight room. Some do walking cardio, Silver Sneakers…

    For the most part 99% of people I know in their 90's and some centenarians, never stepped into a gym or on a treadmill in their lives. Genetics at the top of the list, social, church, family structure, immunizations, health care, hobbies, an okay diet and staying heavily engaged seems key. But this class of people, centenarians in particular are able to manage stress, understand that tragedy is a part of life, and have the ability to keep on moving forward regardless of losses. They are fun to be around, quite chatty, have positive attitudes, don't obsess or dwell on negative things they cannot control, and stave off deppression. Sorry for this long comment! 🙂

  36. Evansclan 4eva Post author

    30 years of manual labour in all weathers can wreck the body a tad. We can’t all be gym instructors. Try working in snow, sleet and rain – getting up off the floor would be the least of your worries.

  37. Cucumzebrillion Post author

    I could do this instantly without any problem what so ever and I consider myself to be BAD at caring for my back and legs. And I was so astounded, then you mentioned that it SHOULD be easy and man you are so right. Made me feel good still, but in another way. Made me feel proud that without WORKING OUT everyday, I am NOT the standard I used to be: Sit at your desk/sofa all day and then wonder why the frick your body hurts. Good video as always, love ya man!


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