Ultimate Burn & Sculpt Workout | A-List Look With Valerie Waters

Ultimate Burn & Sculpt Workout | A-List Look With Valerie Waters

Hi, I’m Valerie Waters, with Livestrong Woman
and the A-List Look. And I have a great workout for you today. It’s a burn and sculpt. So
it’s a two-parter. First, we’re gonna burn. Okay, so burn tons of calories, get your heart
rate up. And you’re gonna feel amazing. And then we’re gonna head into the second part,
which is a sculpt. And today, we’re sculpting shoulders, biceps and triceps. So, we’ll have
you ready for tank top season. You’re gonna love it. So let’s get started. Okay, so our
first exercise of this burn and sculpt workout is a Valband Side Hop. So you can take your
band and you’re gonna put this on around your ankles. Okay, so here I am, toes pointing
straight ahead. I’m gonna hop, back and forth. And you’re gonna activate your glutes. Once
we get started, we keep moving. This is the burn portion of the Burn and Sculpt. So 20
times, back and forth. Are you ready? Here we go. 1, 2. Now, what’s gonna happen is your
knees are gonna want to cave in. You gotta keep pushing them out and stay low. This is
how we’re gonna wake up those glutes. There we go, back and forth. Good. Oops, that’s
12. 13, 14, 15, 16. Keep trying to get, you know, some distance, right? Last couple. And
that’s it. Come on out. Pop that right off. And we’re going right into a Valslide Side
Lunge with a Reach. We’re going to 20, but you control your range of motion. Reach out.
And then we’re gonna open and press back, so we get a little rear delt. Reach out and
press. That’s 2, 3, 4, 5. Keep your weight over the stationary leg. Okay, and sit back,
like you’re sitting back in a squat. You’ll totally feel this in your glute. You’re gonna
feel this in your inner thigh. So we’re reaching. And we press. Good. Excellent. 7 more. Good
keep pressing. Good. You feel that? You should be getting some inner thigh. One more. Excellent.
Switch sides. Here we go. We’re burning already. Feel it? 2, 3, 4. Working those rear delts.
Always like to work that in, you know, get a little extra posture there. 8, good. 9,
10, 11. Get it low. 12. 15. Good. 17, 18. Hang in there. 19, and 20. Excellent. Now
we’re going to a Speed Squat for 20. So it’s just feet hip width apart. Down and up. 2,
3, 4. Obviously, these are called Speed Squats because you’re going faster. 8, 10. 10 more.
Now, you’re gonna hear my breathing start because this is a burn workout. We’re getting
our heart rates up and we’re burning. Excellent. Almost there. And that’s it. Very, very good.
Last one of the burn part of the first circuit is called Pendulum. Sit down about half way
and just kind of lift to the side. That’s 5, 6, 7, 8. I’m not going down and up. 9,
10, 11. Working my hips and glutes. Good, excellent. 16, 17 and 20. Oh, that was good.
You should be feeling your glutes. You should be a little out of breath. I want you to have
a quick sip of water. Catch your breath for 30 seconds. You’re gonna do circuit two more
times. And when you finish that 2 more times, meet me back here for the sculpt. So, right
now, I’m gonna go right into our sculpt portion. This is a little arm sculpt. Taking some weight–I’m
using 5s–if you want to go lighter or heavier that’s okay. Shoulder’s and arms, ready? So
palms facing down. We’re going Breast Stroke for 12. So it’s up and down. That’s 1, 2,
3, 4. Straight arms up, squeeze it back. And 6. Good. 8. That’s it. Push that chest out.
9, 10, 11. One more. Very good. Now, we’re going to Curl and Press for 12. So curl it
up, press it up. That’s 1. And then reverse. 2. Good. 3, 4. Working biceps and shoulders.
5, 6 and 7. That is so good. You should be feeling your arms. 8, 9. Don’t forget to breathe.
10, 11. One more. And 12. Really good. Now, I want you to put your elbows at your waist.
Flat black, lean forward for Kick Backs, working triceps. Going to 12. Lock it out. 3, 4, 5.
So good, you’re almost there. Keep that flat back. That’s 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. That was
so good. Take a quick break here and you’re gonna that sculpt portion two more times.
And then you’re done. You have burned. You have sculpted. You should feel amazing. I’m
Valerie Waters, and remember, you are just one workout away from a good mood.

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  1. Erica Jasna Struble Post author

    Love this, Valerie! I had a question, though. I want to do your circuit workouts everyday, but I thought that you shouldn't lift every day. I'm wondering if that is o.k. to do your circuit workout everyday? Should I do a particular one one day and a different one another day so that I'm not lifting everyday? Any help would be great! More videos please!!!

  2. darkangel Post author

    Go and google Fat Blast Furnace and you'll realize why certain foods 'explode' in your stomach.


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