Two Tricks To INSTANTLY Increase Your Box Jump!

Two Tricks To INSTANTLY Increase Your Box Jump!

What’s going on Nation? Today I want to share [with] you guys two tricks to help you instantly increase your box job now If you’ve never done a box jump before or a little shaky [on] your form check this video out first over here It’s going to teach you proper form when doing a box jump if you want to see my current PR You can check that out over here because it’s 52 inches I’m pretty proud of being able to do that and I utilize the two Tricks I’m going to share with you guys today in order [to] be able to jump this high and break my old PR Which was 51 inches and one inch might not seem like a lot to you guys But once these plates start stacking up higher and higher an inch might seem like a mile So the first thing you need to do especially when trying to break a PR and obviously this applies to both Trying to break a PR to jump higher or just jump high in general is you need [to] first build Confidence, confidence is everything when it comes to a box jump also need to make sure you have good proprioception Which is basically your ability to know where you’re landing Without looking when you perform box jumps and you start jumping higher and higher you can’t be looking down Expecting to get your body as high in the air as possible whenever you do a box jump You’re relying on both your own strength to push off the ground but also a little bit of momentum By throwing your arms in the air if you’re throwing your arms in the air looking down it is going to affect how high you Actually jump so first we’re gonna build confidence by breaking down that barrier between visually seeing how high the box is and Physically knowing how high it is and the way you do that is actually very simple and it might seem silly to you guys But once you try it it’s going to really help you up and all you’re going to do is climb on top of the box So just climb on top and see what it feels like to stand up here and see how high you Actually are then I also want you guys to practice your landing which is going to be like this and sit here in this landing and Visually see how high you are and get a physical sense of how high you are Because as you start to climb up and down a few times this box isn’t going to seem as high as it was the first time you threw the plate on top and looked at because for me personally as I start the box jump as The plates get higher and higher close to my chest and neck I get intimidated so what I like to do is like climb on top that helps me break down that barrier So that when I go to attempt to jump I’m able to jump right on top no problem So confidence is key and to break down that barrier just climb on top of the box and the second thing I want to show you guys is all about the jump itself every inch you can get is crucial to your ability to stick that landing and I notice with a lot of beginners because the box is so low when you first start, you know Something like how you jump in land as opposed to where your knees Placement is going to be might not matter that much I’ll show you what I mean a lot of you guys will jump in the air and Land like this with their arms forward like you’re supposed to but their knees are into their chest and what ends up happening Is as you jump higher and higher like this Obviously, you’re trying to get your legs as high as possible So if you jump really high and you land in your knees, it’s going to push you backwards It’s going to throw off your center of gravity what you want to do is jump in here and Land with your arms inside of your legs like this And by landing this way I have a better center of gravity I actually am able to get my feet a lot higher off the ground and I can show you guys that just by standing here and doing this and Then doing this there’s a clear difference. I’ll do it over here one more time You guys can see so I’m going to jump in the air this way Or I’m going to jump in the air This way okay. It’s a good two or three inches difference in my ability of my legs higher in the air and also when you start jumping really high you might not always land in the middle of the plate you might start lately close to the edge like this and so if you can’t get that center of gravity moving forward you’re going to fall backwards and you can hurt yourself and we don’t want that to happen so as you start to get better at Box jumps Just make sure when you’re jumping that you’re landing like this Now if you want to program them to help you jump higher in general I want to give you the program that I like to do I actually include box jumps a lot of my and if I’m trying to work Specifically on increasing my max the circuit that I like to do is I’ll incorporate a block jump into my weekly circuit so two or three times a week and then for the first week What I’ll do is ‘ll jump as high as I can four sets of 15 repetitions I usually do like three or four rounds of that, so for me This is high enough where I can do a set of fifteen about 45 inches, and that’ll be week one I’ll be working with this on week, two I’ll actually probably cut this in half or bring it down to about here And I’ll start doing box jumps with the weighted vest on and usually I use about 25 to 30 pounds in the weighted vest Obviously having an actually 25 or 30 pounds on me and I won’t jump as high as this but it’s gonna attack the box jump in a different way and build strength the strength that I need you to jump higher if You don’t have access to a weighted vest You can use something like a backpack or wrist weights, but I wouldn’t recommend using ankle weight It’s never good to have weights around your ankles when you jump because it can cause some separation in your knee you really don’t want to go there and obviously if you’re going to have a backpack on you’re changing that center of gravity, so Some people I’ve seen actually put a little bit of weight in the backpack on Their back a little bit of weight a backpack on their front kind of even it out But obviously the best thing you can do is to get a weighted vest because that’s how they’re made Weights in the front and weights in the back now I’ll do that on week two, and then on week three what I like to do is I’ll actually Increase the height from week one Maybe like two three four inches Max Then I’ll try to do three or four rounds of five jumps in a row only because at five jumps I’m still building that strength I need to jump higher so I can then attempt to do my one rep Max again and Hopefully break 52 inches I would like to be at 53, 54 soon, but it’s processed and we’ll get there So I hope you guys enjoyed my two tricks to help you Instantly jump higher and if they help you let me know in the comment section below and as always guys More good stuff coming soon. See, ya

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  1. Shrop Post author

    I was told u shouldn't land with your thighs parallel or slightly below parallel with floor. otherwise if you land too deep in squat position you're putting a lot of stress on knees and spine.

  2. Leopold Espinoza Post author

    too late, i was about to watch this vid, but my friends took me gym before i could watch this.
    i decided to box jump and… well… my shin isn't happy. ouch! 😉

  3. Wide_Eyed_Lad Post author

    Hey Scott, could you please give some tips for beginners in working out. I have never been in a gym before and I would like to know what to focus on and what to avoid. Thanks a lot 😉 

  4. Glenners Post author

    Did you get a steady cam mount?? Video looks  a lot smoother I like it! I think your camera man needs to work on framing you a little bit better, just a tip. Love the videos!

  5. Electric Water Post author

    Hmm the one thing I don't do is box jumping !id have to build confidence first then,slowly but surely get to a few feet high if u don't see a text from me in your next video that means I broke myself up trying to box jump🙈I'll send you the medical bill,Scott ha!!

  6. Mr. M Post author

    Hey Scott! I had a weird idea for you, let me know what you think. I know you're a busy man with gym, family time etc. but i was thinking, is it possible for you to maybe make a few videos cooking some easy high protein dishes that you eat after your workouts? or just your diet pretty much if you could, if not i totally understand man

  7. Ben N Post author

    Thanks for an AWSOME tutorial man. I was already doing box jumps but my form was really bad and this really just helped me out a lot…THANK YOU. I'm gonna go on 4 weeks 3 times a week training and then I'll be back here to let you how it went

  8. BOBERT89 Post author

    Hi scott! Thx so much! I use to do box jumps a lot until i had a nasty fall and was too afraid to do it again. Thx to you, I feel much motivated to box jump again and set new pr's. =) BTW what shoes are you wearing in this vid?

  9. Derek Dexter Post author

    What about tricks for when you miss? I noticed in your demo you had a spotter there. So does he just catch you in his arms like a damsel in distress or is there a safer way to do that?

  10. doug_ Dunksnlifts Post author

    Can't think of anything to comment so I'm just going to post a pancake recipe.

    1 1/2 cups milk
    1 egg
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    2 cups White Wings self-raising flour
    1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
    1/3 cup caster sugar
    25g butter, melted
    Whisk milk, egg and vanilla together in a jug. Sift flour and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl. Stir in sugar. Make a well in centre. Add milk mixture. Whisk until just combined.

    Step 2

    Heat a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Brush pan with butter. Using 1/4 cup mixture per pancake, cook 2 pancakes for 3 to 4 minutes or until bubbles appear on surface. Turn and cook for 3 minutes or until cooked through. Transfer to a plate. Cover loosely with foil to keep warm. Repeat with remaining mixture, brushing pan with butter between batches. Serve

  11. fistfulofchex Post author

    Used your tips in the gym yesterday when doing my box jumps and instantly added 2 inches to my jump after tweaking my form and being more aware of the space around me!

  12. Ben Kennedy Post author

    Hey Scott. I'm gonna try your suggestions out this week. I made my highest box jump to date at 43 inches today, but I figured there had to be a better form after I saw a video of JJ Watt jumping 60 inches today.  One question…JJ goes up on his toes before jumping.  Does that help or hurt the jumping height?

  13. Joey Corrao Post author

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  14. Paul Travis Post author

    thank you for the video and jumping hints. i am 68 years old and jump 41 inches…i would like to get this to 45 and hopefully this will help!

  15. Myles Domener Post author

    In 5 months of using Growth Sinerama Wmx  Grow taller product, I have added 3 inches and my confidence level has increased. I never could imagine how great height can be influential to self-confidence.

  16. Dannynorw Post author

    very good advice.. i have always just analyzed the jump and went for it… my chin has gotten some bruises( early on ) but now i kind of know how high i can jump, barely fail anymore.

  17. AREEJ Post author

    Use this tool to get alot of them for free!! Two Tricks To INSTANTLY Increase Your Box Jump!

  18. E W Post author

    I read several articles saying 3-5 reps was essential for increasing box jumps. However, I feel like you're always right about this kind of stuff haha

  19. LuvCali28 Post author

    Wow, 15 repetitions is a lot for a jumping program. Usually, you need longer rest periods, more sets, and less reps.

  20. Hero0617 Post author

    Can you give some tips for more experienced box jumpers because I've already know these tips so can you give some more tips

  21. Jenna Lynn Sierra Post author

    I have some questions about my work out by would rather ask them privately is there a place to pm you?

  22. Sahamir Mondol Post author

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  23. siran ahmed Post author

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  24. Army Infantry 11b Post author

    If he doesn't play basketball. I wouldn't expect him to dunk. I play ball. Squat and box jumps. And I can't dunk yet. I'm 5'11. I'm improving my squat weight so I can get up there. Only can do 225 once. Trying to get to 270

  25. Julio Domingo Post author

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  26. Stefan Stojilkovic Post author

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  27. videofreak Post author

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  28. Adam Fripps Post author

    is it realistic to do this training for a couple of months and expect to increase my standing vert 4 inches I already have a standing vert of 25 inches I just want to increase it to 29 inches is it possible say 3-6 months if I train 2-3 times a week?

  29. The Wolf Pack Post author

    when I did a box jump I could almost jump up to my shoulder I don't practice or anything I might try to practice and try to beat the world record cause i'm only 15 I could train up to 5.6 feet I can already almost do 5 feet and I don't practice or jump

  30. Timmy McWilliams Post author

    I know what you mean by an inch can seem like a mile. I just got 56 inches today, and I was pretty scared to do it before I actually got it.

  31. Joel Hilario Post author

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  32. Pigeon Speedrun Post author

    I got a recommended video that said why is jumping 50 inches is nearly impossible. You clearly proved them wrong

  33. SundhedsSansen Post author

    In your PR you took a step before the jump. Is that a legal box jump? That step ads 5 inches to my jump.

  34. Kareem Salessi Post author

    Q:: have you ever measured your jump-force with a force-plate?? if so , how many times of you bodyweight force did it display???


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