Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always start
in the same way and that’s by sitting
on our bottoms, crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and saying our secret
yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Na-ma-ste. There! Now we’re ready to begin and today we’ve got
a special adventure inspired by the
DreamWorks movie Trolls. That’s why I’ve got
my pink poppy hair and my pink poppy body. Oh! Very exciting! Now our story begins 20 years ago
in the Happy Forest in the Happy Tree. So, let’s come up to stand
and do our tree pose. Bringing one foot
on top of the other, our hands together at our hearts, let’s grow our tree up nice and tall and open our branches and let’s sparkle our fingers because we’re a very happy tree. Yes! Now, can we do our tree
pose on the other side. Let’s try. Bring your other foot on
top now using your heel, bring your hands together
at your heart and grow your tree up nice and tall, opening your branches wide, sparkling your fingers and how about a big smile. Bing! Yay! We’re happy trees. Now, living in the tree were Trolls. Tiny creatures with big colorful hair. Let’s come into our Troll hero pose. Coming down on to our knees, now take your hands forwards, take your feet wide, and snuggle your bottom
down in between your ankles. Yes! Criss-cross your fingers, turn them inside out and lift your arms
above your head, coming into your Troll hero pose. Now if that’s a bit
ouchy on your knees you can lift your bottom,
scoop your feet underneath and sit back on your heels. Yes! Now the Trolls love to sing,
to dance, and to hug. Let’s come up into a hug pose. Sitting up tall, arms wide, wrap yourself up
in a big beautiful hug. Oh! It’s wonderful. Life for the Trolls was
full of glitter showers. Let’s come into our
glitter shower pose. Taking your arms wide, take your foot to the side and drop down onto
one of your hands and sweep your arm up
and over your ear. Yes! Making a glitter shower appear. It was also full of rainbows. Coming back to two knees, arms wide, leg to the side, drop down onto one hand and sweep a big beautiful
arching rainbow over your head. Wow! How lovely! Now the Bergens were the
exact opposite of the Trolls, always feeling sad and clumping heavily
around Bergen Town. Coming up to stand in our
clumpy Bergen pose. Feet nice and wide, fold your body forwards, holding on to your ankles, and let’s clump. Here we go, Clump! Clump! Clump!
Clump! Clump! Clump! Rolling up to sad stand. Oh! To be happy like a troll. That’s all they wanted. Then one day,
coming down to crouch, fingers to balance a bergen ate a troll. Seeing if you can balance with your
fingers off and gobble a troll. Hmm! It made him smile and then it made him jump
for joy with a big whoo-hoo! After three, let’s do a big
whoo-hoo jump in the air. One, two, three… Whoo-hoo! So, this is the secret to happiness,
eating trolls, and so they hold
a festival each year Trollstice where they feast on Trolls
to be happy for one day. One Trollstice, the young Bergen prince, Prince Gristle is lying in his bed. Coming to lie on our beds everyone, legs out long, arms down by our sides and closing our eyes. It was time to wake up. So, we open our eyes. He sits all the way up
and he stretches excitedly. Today’s the day he gets
to eat his first troll and no ordinary troll, Princess Poppy,
the special baby troll, but come feast time all the trolls escaped down
the secret tunnels. Coming into secret tunnel pose. Onto our hands and our knees. Tuck your toes and lift your hips all
the way up to the sky. Aaargh! They’re escaping and the Bergens reach down
after them with their hands. Coming onto all fours again, everyone. Now scoot your hand through the
gap between your arm and your leg and see if you can rest on your
shoulder reaching for a troll. Aaargh! Coming all the way back up let’s do that on the other side. Scoot your hand all
the way through the gap and reach for a troll
the other way. Nope, they can’t get them. Coming all the way up to stand. That’s because the troll King, King Pepe marches
his people to safety. Let’s march. He chants, No troll left behind. No troll
left behind, No troll left behind, Back in the Bergen palace, the King, King Gristle
sits sadly in his throne. Bending your knees, sweeping your arms up
by the side of your ears, coming into your throne pose. He tells his young son
that he will never be happy and he banishes chef for
letting the trolls escape. Coming up to stand. Now 20 years later, in the new Troll Kingdom, Princess Poppy decides
it’s time for a party. Jumping her feet wide,
taking her arms wide, she begins to spin and she sings inviting everybody, move your hair and feel united, oh ho ho ho! Branch, the gray troll crouches down going ssshhhhh, too much noise
and the Bergens will hear, you’ll lead them straight to us. And then Creek, the yogi troll,
arrives with a namaste. Sitting on your bottoms, crossing your legs, bring your hands together, after three, let’s do a namaste. One, two, three, Na-ma-ste. He encourages Branch
to channel the positive energy and together we do an Om
just to do that. Bringing our thumbs
and fingers together, resting them on our knees and let’s Om, Ommmm. Opening our eyes, bing! Oh! look at the time. It’s hug time. Coming up onto our knees, arms wide, let’s hug. Oh! wrap it in, Oh! yes, I could squeeze you forever. Now, despite Branch’s warnings,
the party happens. There are glitter cannons popping. Let’s come into our
glitter cannon pose. Up onto our tippy-toes, now we’re going to jump
in the air after three with a big pop of glitter. One, two, three, Hop! Yey! There’s jumping to the music. Coming up to stand and let’s jump and there are light volcanoes
exploding everywhere. Coming into volcano pose. Down onto our knees, bringing your hands down
in between your knees we’re going to
breathe in as we lift up. Here we go [Breathe In] and then we’re going to blow
a light volcano to the sky, Whoosh! Breathing in lift up [Breathe In] and whoosh a light
volcano to the sky. Whoosh! Let’s do a few little ones. Fuf! Fuf! Fuf!
Fuf! Fuf! Fuf! Wow! It’s amazing! It is loud, so loud that the
Bergen chef hears them. She looks through
her cosmonoculars. Joining your thumbs
and fingers together everyone, have a look through. Haaah!
There they are, the trolls. She sees them. Lowering her hands,
here she comes taking big steps. Coming up to stand everyone, let’s take a big step forwards. Here we go. Big step… she reaches all the way forwards
to grab a handful of trolls. Then she steps all the way back
to put them in her pouch, Phrrrr! then she steps forward
on the other leg, Big step… She reaches all the way
in to grab those trolls and she steps all the way back
to put them in her pouch. Phrrr! Oh! No!
The trolls run in all directions. Haaaaa-aaaaaou! King Pepe and Poppy hide. Coming into hiding pose. Down onto our knees, untuck our toes, folding our heads all
the way forwards, to be very quiet as we
hide under our hair. Shhh! Coming up to sit. When the coast is clear, Poppy decides she needs
to save everyone and she gets up quietly. She tiptoes down to Branch,
the gray troll’s bunker, shh-shh-shh. Se asks for his help but he doesn’t want to and so Poppy brings all the other
trolls down to hide with him just in time for…
Bing! Hug time! Arms wide. Wrap yourself up in that
big beautiful troll hug. Aaaaaa! Lowering your arms
all the way to the side and so Poppy sets out on her
journey alone into the scary forest. To feel brave she sings
about the sunshine. Reaching up to the Sun, give it a wave and say,
Hello, Sun! She sings about the butterflies. Coming to sit in butterfly pose. Soles of your feet together, holding on to your feet and fluttering your butterfly wings. Yes, lovely! Even getting soaked by the rain. Using your fingers to
pitter-patter your head and your face all the way round, maybe your legs, yes… and she gets chased by the
wiggly wormy monsters. Coming into our
wiggly wormy monster pose. Onto our tummies, everyone, hands underneath your shoulders. Now wiggle wiggle wiggle
wiggle all the way up making yourself into
a wiggly wormy monster. She sings,
I’m not giving up today, and about getting up again, tuck in your toes
up onto all fours, walking your feet forwards
and rolling up to stand. Then comes the spider’s web. Jump your feet wide, take your arms wide, Oh no! she gets wrapped up
in a sticky cocoon. Bringing your feet together, now crossing one leg
over the other and bending your knees, arms wide, scissor your arms, wave with your underneath arm and twiddle them round sitting yourself down
a little bit lower. Oh no! She’s in a
real sticky cocoon and here come the spider scuttling
along to gobble her up. Taking your feet wide,
coming into spider pose. Bending your knees,
hands go in between your feet. Now tikka tikka tikka your fingers round the back
to the outsides of your feet and walk your feet
all the way in coming into your spider pose. Oh no! but just in the nick of time,
who should appear, but Branch the gray troll, using his hair like a warrior
to shoo them away. Coming up to stand into
our warrior pose. One foot forward,
one foot back, bend your knee, sweep your arms up high, and open them wide, let’s shoo those spiders. Shooooo! And jump the other way, Shooooo! Branch has decided
he will help Poppy. Together that night they
make a campfire. Sitting on our bottoms,
with our legs crossed, bringing our elbows forward and wiggling our fingers like they’re
the flames of the fire crackling away. It’s time to go to sleep and so Branch
and Poppy lie down, lying down with your legs long and your arms down by your sides, Hu-haaaa! Poppy can’t really get to sleep and she looks up
at the starlit sky. She sings,
stars shining bright above me. Branch rolls over. Taking your arms wide, bringing up your knees, taking them over one way and your head over to the other. He looks at Poppy
and he goes, shhhh, then he rolls over the other side. Lifting up your knees
going to the other side and your head to the other side. Poppy sits up and she takes out our ukulele. Taking hold of your foot, bringing it to your body and strumming it like a ukulele, she begins to sing to Branch. Hello, darkness, my old friend. Branch sits up. Poppy puts the ukulele down. Branch picks the ukulele up, picking up the other foot and he’s going to play it but before he does he
throws it on the fire. Whooom! Aw! Now the next day they arrive
at their secret tunnels which take them down
to Bergen town. Let’s come into our
secret tunnel pose. Onto our hands and our knees, tuck your toes and lift your
bottoms to the sky. There are so many
holes to choose from. Which one will lead them there? Walking your feet all
the way forwards rolling up to stand and then cloud guy arrives. Coming into cloud guy pose, bringing your feet together and turning your toes out
to make them a V-shape. Cupping your hands
around your mouth and we’re going to do a big blow
to blow up a big puffy-fluffy cloud. Here we go. Foooooooo! Cloud guy tells Poppy and Branch that one of the holes will
lead to Bergen town, the other hole will
lead to Satan death and then he opens his arms wide and he invites little Branchy-Wanchy
into a huggie-wuggie. Branch has had enough of hugging, and he chases after cloud guy. Come back…. He dives down one of
the holes after him. Reaching your arms all the way up and folding all the way forwards following cloud guy down the hole. Luckily it leads them to Bergen town. Rolling all the way up to stand. Now sitting in the palace is the
young Bergen King, King Gristle. Coming in to throne pose, feet hip-distance, bend your knees, sweep your arms up by your ears and sit yourself down like
you’re sitting on a throne. He’s with his pet crocodile, Barnebis. Coming into crocodile pose. Lying on our sides, arms long above our heads and an opening and closing your jaws by lifting and lowering your arms. Very good, everyone. In comes Chef, looking very proud
and pleased with herself. Coming up to stand she puts her hands on her hips and she tells King Gristle that she has captured the trolls and it is time for trollstice again. Ha ha ha ha! Just at that moment Poppy
and Branch tiptoe into the palace, Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! just in time to see Chef
making a sandwich wrap out of their friend,
Creek, the yoga troll. Coming into sandwich pose. Sitting on our bottoms,
legs out long. Chef rolls out the wrap. Let’s rub our legs.
Here we go. Roll out the wrap.
Roll out the wrap. She takes her arms wide, she twists one way for Creek,
the yogi troll, to put him in the sandwich. Creep troll! Creep troll!
Creep troll! Creep troll! Then she takes her
arms wide again, she twists the other way to get
some lettuce to sprinkle on top. Here we go… Lettuce! Lettuce!
Lettuce! Lettuce! And she rolls the wrap up. Arms wide. Now see if you can bring
your knees all the way in lifting your feet
hugging them in. She shoves the whole lot
into King Gristle’s mouth but before he can swallow,
she slams the door. Coming in to door pose. Up onto two knees, leg to the side, arm to the sky and let’s slam it this way, Ssslllllaaammm! Poppy feels sure Creek
must still be alive but first she needs
to save the others. Coming up to stand, she and Branch jump
onto the apron strings of Bridget the Bergen scullery maid. Bringing your feet together, taking your hands
up above your head, bringing your hands to touch. Now lean over one way holding
on tight to those apron strings and lean over the other way. Oh! Bridget’s taking them into
her room to guard the trolls and when she gets there she comes to her knees and she sings a song about her secret love
of King Bristle. Bringing your hands up. Hello, is it me you are looking for? And she lies down on
her bed feeling sad. Arms down, legs town,
crying and sleeping. Opening your eyes,
coming up to sit. Oh! This is so sweet, Poppy thinks. Bridget is in love with King Gristle. Oh! That’s the loveliest thing but she needs to save her friends. So, she and Branch climbed silently
up to where they’re kept in the cage. Coming up to stand,
let’s climb silently. Up we go, up we go,
up we up we up we go. When they get to the top the trolls
are so happy to see Poppy and Branch. They do a happy dance and they
sing about having a party again Celebrations, good times, come on. But we need to be quiet,
so we crouch down and we shhhh. Now they’re free from the cage, it’s time to save Creek but just as they’re escaping Bridget jumps up in star pose… Stop! Poppy needs to make
a deal with Bridget and so sits calmly with
her legs crossed. She suggests Bridget that she and the trolls will turn her into a total babe, so that she can get
a date with the king. Coming into total babe pose. Taking your legs out long, sweeping them round one way, bring your hand on your knee, your other hand behind you, looking over your shoulder back to the front
and going ooh la la. Then let’s do it on the other side. Sweeping your legs
round the other way, hand on your knee, hand behind you, looking over your shoulder, looking back to the front
and ooh la la. In return they ask Bridget to help
them get Creak the yogi troll back. After some convincing Bridget agrees and so Poppy and the trolls
get to work transforming her into
Lady Glitter Sparkles. Coming up to stand everyone, she wiggles into a jumpsuit. Here we go… wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
wiggle wiggle wiggle. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle. Then they jump on her head, bring your hands above your head, palms to touch, stretch your arms up high like
your hair is growing very long and now opening it wide making that big beautiful
rainbow-colored hair. From here the trolls can give
Bridget the word she needs because they’re
standing on her head just in case she gets stuck when
she’s talking to King Gristle. Bridget steps out feeling rather
awesome and confident. I’m coming out. I want the world to know,
got to let it show. When King Gristle sees
Lady Glitter Sparkles he is in love. Seeing if you can make a
heart shape with your fingers Oh! yes! Together they go and eat some pizza. Sitting on our bottoms,
crossing our legs, we rub a hand on our tummies
and we pat our heads at the same time. Isn’t this amazing? They are happy without eating trolls. King Gristle decides to show
Lady Glitter Sparkles his gem locket. Coming into our gem locket pose, soles of your feet together, holding onto your feet, now folding your head
all the way forwards, we’re going to lift up our head
after three to open it up. One… Two… Three… Woooop! Inside is Creek the yogi troll. He’s alive. Even Mr. Dinkles said something,
Oh! Snap. King Gristle asks
Lady Glitter Sparkles whether she will be his
plus-one for trollstice and she says ‘yes.’ Now they go roller-skating. Coming into roller-skating pose. Up to stand everyone, turning to the side, now we’re going to
lift up one of our legs and take our arms wide to take
our leg all the way back behind us in our roller-skating pose, woo-hoo! Coming up to stand, should we try that
on the other side? Yes, I think we should, standing nice and tall,
lifting up one of your legs, now arms wide, taking it all the way back
behind you nice and strong, We are roller-skating! Coming up to stand, they are having such
a wonderful time and then chef arrives. She has her hands on her hips and she folds halfway forwards to get
a closer look at Lady Glitter-Sparkles, Mm-hmm! she recognizes that it’s Bridget and Bridget knows she
needs to get out of there. Coming up to stand, putting one foot forward,
one foot back, bend your knee,
arms wide, she skates as fast as she can Whoosh! But she leaves her roller-skate behind. Coming to stand, King Gristle is delighted. Folding all the way forwards he scoops up
the precious roller skate, will she be his Cinderella
and come to trollstice? He hopes so. He decides he needs to get fit and so he starts exercising. Jump your feet wide,
take your arms wide, let’s do some windmill pose. Take your hand across to
your opposite foot and reach your top
arm up to the sky. Now let’s switch sides, take the other hand across
and your other arm to the sky. Now let’s see if we can do
eight switching sides. Here we go… And one, and two, and three, and four, and five,
and six, and seven, and eight. Rolling up to stand, this is their moment. The trolls wiggle in under the rug. Coming on to your tummies, everyone, hands underneath your shoulders and let’s wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle. Under the rug they’re looking
for the gem locket with Creek inside. There it is. Lying all the way down, reaching forward with
your arms to grab it, they’ve got it but just as they do Barnebis
the crocodile sees them, rolling onto your side and opening and closing
your crocodile jaw. Oh! no, he’s chasing them. The trolls jump on the roller-skate. Sitting up, legs out long and they drive it out of there. Holding on to the laces
they go forwards really fast. Bhhhhhurrrbb! Then they sit up really tall and Guy Diamond, the wonderful
glitter troll twists to the side and he blows Barnebis with his glitter Hah! Phoooooooooo! and the other side. Turning to the other side
blows some more glitter. Hah! Phoooooooooo! They think they got away but then the locket
flies up into the air. Coming up on to our
tiptoes everyone. After three let’s jump in
the air like with a locket. One, two, three…
Weee! It pops open. Sitting on our bottoms,
soles of the feet together, bringing your head
all the way forwards. After three lifting it up, One… Two… Three.. Whooop! But Creek isn’t there. He has disappeared. Just at that moment Chef arrives and she puts down a cage
on top of them all. Coming onto our hands
and our knees, tucking our toes and lifting our bottoms to the sky but who’s disappearing? Walking your feet
all the way forwards rolling up to stand. It’s Creek the yogi troll. He has sold them out. He’s agreed that he will ring
Poppy’s cowbell three times and lead Chef to where all
the other trolls are hiding. Take your feet wide, criss-cross your fingers
behind your back, stretch your arms out. Now after three let’s fold forward
and ring Poppy’s cowbell. One… Two… Three… Bing! and up One… Two… Three… Bing! and up, last time One… Two… Three… Bing! and up. This is so there’ll be
enough trolls for trollstice. Come the day of trollstice Chef puts all the trolls into
one ginormous pot. Coming into pot pose. Lying on our tummies everyone, bring your feet towards
your bottom. Reach around to grab your ankles and kick your feet into your hands lifting yourself up
into your pot pose. Poppy’s feeling sad. Sitting up, she hugs her knees. She feels like she’s
let everyone down. She feels like she’s
let everyone down and all of the positivity
and hope leaves her. Her color drains away and she is left gray. It then drains away from
all the other trolls. Then for the first time since
losing his grandma, Branch comes forwards. Coming up on to
our knees everyone, he sings to Poppy. He tells her that he thinks her true
colors are beautiful like a rainbow. Let’s do our rainbow pose. Arms wide, leg to the side, drop down onto one hand and sweep your arm up
and over your ear making your big beautiful rainbow. Coming to two knees again. Arms wide, leg to the side, drop down onto one side and sweep your rainbow
out the other way. He sings to Poppy, And that’s why I love you… Poppy comes up. Hearing this, hearing this hope again
brings hope flooding back to her and she and Branch open their arms
wide and share a big wonderful hug. All of the color comes back
to the rest of the trolls and to Branch who
isn’t gray but is blue. Now the lid of the pot gets opened. Sitting on your bottoms, legs out long, bending our knees, touching our toes. After three let’s lift our
arms up to open the pot. One… Two… Three… whoooooop! It’s Bridget. She’s letting them all escape. She wants to thank Poppy for
helping her find true happiness but now Bridget is in some serious
trouble for letting the trolls escape. Coming up to stand, one foot forward,
one foot back. Poppy is not going to leave Bridget
nor are the other trolls and they whoosh in on the
roller skate to save her. Sweep your arms up,
bend your knee and let’s whoosh. Whoosh! They jump back on Bridget’s head turning her back into
Lady Glitter Sparkles. Hands together above your head, sweep your arms up
and open them wide. King Gristle is delighted and stands in star pose to
protect his Lady Glitter Sparkles. Poppy steps forwards. She reveals herself and she explains, you don’t need to eat trolls
to find happiness. It’s in each and every one of us, we just need to find it. Look at King Gristle and Bridget, they had a lovely time and they didn’t eat any trolls. The Bergens start to realize
that this is true and they banish
the chef once again sending her out of the palace rolling down the hill
in a burning hot pot. Coming into our rolly-polly
burning hot-pot pose. Sitting on our bottoms,
hugging our knees, now we’re going to tuck our chin and rock all the way back
and all the way up. After three… One…Two…Three… Whooop! Wheeeee! One…Two…Three… Whooop! Wheeeee! Now this last time can we rock
all the way up to stand? Let’s try. Ready? One…Two…Three… Whoop! Kick your legs
and up we go, yey! From that day on
Bergentown blooms again, bringing your hands together, grow your arms up nice and tall and open your arms spreading
beautiful rainbow colors all over. Branch and Poppy share a big hug. Arms wide, wrap yourself up
in that wonderful hug and Poppy is now the queen. She makes a new law that
hug time is all the time. Coming down to lie in
our relaxation pose, our legs long and our arms down by our sides. We close our eyes and let ourselves
relax here for a few moments, enjoying this peace and this calm, letting all of the glitter and the
sparkle settle in our hearts. So often we look for happiness
outside of ourselves to things that we own, things that we buy,
stuff when actually real happiness lives
inside each and every one of us. We just have to find it and the time that we
share with loved ones, with friends and families, we can double, triple and maybe
even quadruple our happiness by sharing just that
special time with them and the happiness we feel from
a hug is so special and so strong. Look for the happiness
in the little things in life and that means life will be full of
glitter showers and rainbows just as it is for the trolls and now it’s time to wake up. We wiggle our fingers and our toes, we bring our knees into our
chests and give them a nice hug. We roll onto our sides pushing ourselves up to sit, opening our eyes and crossing our legs, we finish just the way we
started with a namaste. So, we bring our hands
together at our hearts and after three,
let’s say it together, One… Two… Three… Na-ma-ste Wow! Well done, everyone. That was super cool. You were amazing. I hope you enjoyed
the trolls adventure and I’ll see you again soon for
another Cosmic Kids Adventure. Bye-bye.

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  21. Christy Collins Post author

    Just found this channel- and my little girl immediately wanted to do this one specifically because she recognized your inspired Trolls look and wanted the Poppy yoga. I must say- BRAVO for your creativity and walking them through a wonderful storyline while doing YOGA! How amazingly wonderful for little kids, mine is only 4 years old and just did the entire video thanks to you!

  22. KRYSTAL ROSE Post author

    I did this with my 5-year-old daughter before bed this evening. This was so fun for us to do together & spend quality time together exercising, laughing, before story time & bed. I really enjoyed this video & will be doing more of these with my daughter!! You are grand!

  23. Vicki Suddaby Post author

    Absolutely brilliant! My 6 year old Niece has just done the full video and loved every second, her first yoga workout πŸ’•

  24. Gabi Cioculeasa Post author

    Lovely that we find you!
    It is a joy to make Yoga with you.My daughter is 4 years and a half and she is a big fan of your videos.
    When she saw this one ( with the Trolls) she decided to put her pretend shopping card near the phone, to pay for the lesson from the yoga lady(that is you).That is how much she appreciates your work.Best of wishes, we will recomand your videos to everybody. ❀

  25. zombbmama Post author

    We just found you @cosmic kids yoga and my kids loove doing a yoga routine before bed! My little is obsessed with Trolls and Moana so we have done both so far and sleep so good after ! Thank you for making this !

  26. L Lindsay Gayle Allen Post author

    Naomi Bergmann
    Good job Jamie. I like the pink skin and hair.
    I like Cosmic Kids Yoga Vedieos


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