Train For YOUR Fitness Goals, Not Someone Else’s

Train For YOUR Fitness Goals, Not Someone Else’s

What’s going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj on and after
reading through about a million fitness comments over the past eight years or so and watching
endless fitness videos and reading social media posts and forum posts of people arguing
back and forth, criticizing each other’s physiques, whether somebody’s too small or too bulky
or how strong someone is, or how weak somebody is, or their specific training goals. I wanted to basically make a video today encouraging
you to stop putting so much stake in everybody else’s opinion online and to just train for
whatever reason you personally want to. Now, before I talk more about it, if you do
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so that you don’t miss out on anything. So, yeah, I don’t idolize these fitness figures
you see online. They’re just regular people. And don’t look to other people in forum threads
and comment sections to dictate to you what your reasons for being in the gym should be,
or what you should care about, or what you should strive for. Because at the end of the day it’s completely
up to you. There’s no such thing as one ideal type of
physique. Whether it’s a leaner more aesthetic look,
or the bulkier bodybuilder type of look, or the look of a power lifter, or a strongman,
or whether it’s none of those at all. And there’s no best type of training goal
either. Whether it’s training like a bodybuilder purely
for muscle growth, or training for power lifting, or weight lifting, calisthenics, endurance,
or just for overall health and fitness, or some combination of those. At the end of the day, as long as you’re training
on a regular basis and you’re taking care of your overall health and fitness everything
else beyond that really just comes down to personal preference. And unless you have direct practical use for
a certain type of training like being an athlete or living a certain lifestyle that requires
a particular type of training so that you can excel at it, then any style of working
out that you gravitate towards or any type of physique you strive for is your choice. Just like people have different preferences
with the clothes they wear or how they style their hair, different people have different
preferences for how they want their body to look. So it’s really an absurd argument to tell
us someone else that they should be bigger, or they should be leaner, or they should be
this or should be that, or they should train like this and they shouldn’t train like that. Everyone is really just living in their own
little reality bubble and doing their own thing. And so they’ll automatically tend to put more
importance on their individual goals and then tend to project that onto everybody else. People often want to validate what they’re
doing by basically trying to convince everybody else to do the same so that they can feel
good about what they’ve achieved and what they’re working toward. But I think a lot of people just take this
fitness stuff a bit too seriously when it all comes down to it, and they forget that
fitness is ultimately just a tool for enhancing your overall life. And everybody’s living a different life and
everybody looks at things in their own way. So if someone’s really caught up in becoming
as strong as possible and achieving a huge squat bench and deadlift then they’re likely
going to see that particular goal as this super important thing and feel like everybody
else should be doing it too. Or maybe even that people who aren’t doing
it are inferior in some way. Or if someone has the mentality that building
as much muscle and being as physically big as possible is the best type of look then
they might view anybody else who doesn’t train for that goal as being small and weak. Or vice versa, if someone trains for the leaner,
sort of, more aesthetic look then they might look at somebody with that bodybuilder type
of physique and think it just looks a bit over-the-top and goofy. And I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum
personally with that over my sort of training career. And I have had both mindsets so I understand
the different perspectives. But you know saying one type of training or
one type of physique is better than another is really no different from saying that playing
the guitar is inherently better than playing the drums. Or playing baseball is better than playing
basketball or even painting is better than writing. Everyone has their own opinion. So basically what I’m trying to say here is
to just stop worrying so much about what other people are doing in the gym and to maintain
an open mind for yourself rather than letting other people, especially random people on
the internet who you’re never going to meet in real life anyway, not letting them get
into your head and influence you down one particular path to where you, maybe you start
striving for a certain goal or living your life in a certain way that maybe deep down
you actually don’t want to be doing but you’re just doing it to maybe prove someone wrong,
or to feel like you’re fitting in with a certain group, or because you want to be like somebody
who you see on YouTube. It’s really a waste of time and effort at
the end of the day. And if your actions are constantly being dictated
by someone else then you’re really just reinforcing to yourself that other people’s values are
more valid than your own, and that you don’t actually trust your own opinion. It’s normal to be influenced to a certain
degree because humans are social animals. You’re never going to completely get away
from that nor do you need to. There’s always going to be a certain pack
mentality at play. And I get that, that’s normal, but at least
being conscious of it and really examining your motives and what you’re doing and why,
I think that is pretty useful. So I would say, sit down and decide on what
you actually want, at least for the moment, what training goals excite you, what type
of look you prefer and why, what will actually benefit you in your day to day life and how
it fits into your overall life as a whole. And then just do that because at the end of
the day no one actually truly cares about what you’re doing anyway. Just like you know that deep down you don’t
actually really care what anybody else is doing either. So don’t pedestalize anybody online just because
they have a camera and put videos on YouTube. Myself included. I’m just a normal dude sitting here talking
to his iPhone. And I have my own personal reasons for being
in the gym, my own preferences for how I want to look, my own goals, and how seriously or
not seriously I take the whole thing. But that might have little or no application
to you. And all these other YouTubers you watch or
just people too. They’re just people. They’re not special. They don’t have everything figured out. They don’t necessarily know what’s best for
you either. If they’ve achieved a certain goal that you
also want to achieve and they’re able to inform you and motivate you toward, that’s golden. That’s great. But at the end of the day you have to be able
to stand on your own two feet and decide what is best for you. So I hope this was helpful, guys. Feel free to share your thoughts on this in
the comments below. If you enjoyed the video make sure to hit
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box. Thanks for watching, guys. And I’ll see you in the next video.

67 comments on “Train For YOUR Fitness Goals, Not Someone Else’s

  1. Lakers fan Post author

    i have a question. how low do you go on dumbell bench presses? do you touch your chest with the db and use the full rom or just go as far as you would with a bar. Ive heard that if you have your arms at 45° you can go that low bc you wont strain your shoulder as much as if you keep elbows flared at 90°. thanks

  2. Guts Post author

    Damn your arguments are bulletproof. Like you hit the nail on the head with these. Everything I heard here was almost objectively correct.

  3. koban4max Post author

    Thank you. I see people trying to compete with me and they don’t even focus on themselves.

  4. Matthew Davidson Post author

    Another great video! Could you do ome on what type of fitness goals you may want to achieve? Being a beginner there are so many paths and ultimately it's up to a personal choice. Just curious if looking and feeling good is a sustainable goal? Should you focus on progressive weight lifting increases, muscle gains, strength gains, body fat loss or cheeto consumption….so many damn choices!

  5. J Mo 3212 Post author

    I like what you're saying about not getting caught up in the comparing yourself mindset, but I fear that alot of naive people will take your video to mean: I don't have to lift heavy to get big . . . or I don't have to eat clean to get lean. These are the kind of truths that you can't get around just because you don't "feel good" doing them.

  6. Gavin White Post author

    I ask myself, what do I want out of fitness? And that's to have a golden ratio like classic bodybuilders and to be more athletic

  7. William Mead Post author

    Hey Sean. Good point! I have an unrelated topic I wanted to ask you. You may have already touched on this in another video. What are your thoughts of training to failure on every set. There seems to be conflicting opinions on this in the fitness community. I saw a vid the other day which basically indicated that training to failure all the time can actually beat up on the body and that training to failure is not always necessary for hypertrophy. Your thoughts?

  8. JDMusic Post author

    My goals have always been overall health. So when I tell everyone else that I do 15 min of moderate cardio before lifting, they are surprised (even though I out lift them).

  9. Cristian Filip Post author

    Thanks dude, a lot of people nowadays have some kind of body dismorphya and it's definitely a bad thing. Videos like this should be super popolar in order to help those people (myself included)

  10. Xxx Zzz Post author

    Never regretted subscribing to your channel, you have your act together bro, keep it up love it, this is not a fitness channel only, this is also a channel on how to have a normal, balanced mindset ,attitude towards not only fitness but life in general. Description of Sean's channel -HOW TO BE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING BTW I don't remember when I saw some of your videos and didn't agree,well this is just my opinion, there are surely people who don't agree, but who cares about them anyway 😜 all the best bro

  11. Kelsea Nova Post author

    I needed this. Sometimes I'm abrasive to other people. I'll try to keep all this in mind and not be so bossy.

  12. The Contrarian Post author

    Spot on. This kid on Instagram recently tried to get in a flame war with me on someone’s comment section all because I corrected him on the differences between Romanian and conventional deadlift, then he proceeded to make a personal attack on my physique when I literally look 10x better than him lol. Either way it had no relevance to anything discussed. This community is full of insecure dweebs who spend their entire days criticizing people on how they do their routines, whether they do deadlifts or not, how they aren’t big, etc.

  13. David Post author

    I've found myself getting the elitist attitude before, but this video is a great reminder to stay level headed. Thank you Sean

  14. Steve Wise Post author

    Also, consider a huge majority of these online “gurus” or loudmouths 1) are on drugs 2) don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

  15. Muhaimin Zulkarnain Post author

    Thanks Sean! Really appreciate this video, man. This reminds me of something that happened to me last year. I train mostly as a powerlifter, because of that, I'm pretty much bulky all year round. This dude at the gym actually came up to me and said, "I always see you around and you been training for months now, but you're still fat. Maybe I can show you how to train correctly to get a physique like mine." I said no, but it messed up my mental impression of working out and I actually went on a cut right after. I lean down, but then I realize, it didn't help with my powerlifting goals. I was feeling weaker and my main lifts were going down. Then I thought to myself, damn f*ck this guy who said I was "fat" and needed to train like him to get a "better physique." My goal is to lift as much weight as I possibly and safely can. And, like you said, fitness goals are different, be it for a bodybuilder or a powerlifter or for someone who is just trying to get thinner. I do me, you do you.

  16. Jack Tran Post author

    So true, train to be happy for you not for social media or someone else. People try to train for other reasons and they end up stress out and fall off track. At the end of day its all about you being happy and not others…

  17. Joe Smith Post author

    The bodybuilder dot com forum used to be extremely toxic and it may be the same now, where people post their picture about if they have good muscle and weight and are told they 'don't get a man card' unless they are a minimum of 175 lb or whatever. There are good posts, but plenty of arrogant, ignorant chaff. Some people look quite good lean with good muscle definition, and it's subjective. There's a group of people who demand massive muscle size and look down on anyone who doesn't have that. Arrogant and simplistic.

  18. Armando Hernandez Post author

    As someone who is trying to find his way in aesthetic bodybuilding, I really needed to hear this. Thanks Sean!

  19. Todd A. Post author

    Seriously, Sean is simply the best on YouTube…Really, this guy is straightforward and honest. A rare treat in today’s world of the superficial life that is so often portrayed online. Keep it real my man 👍👍👊

  20. elliot438bcfc Post author

    Great points. I started training at 140lbs and always liked bigger physiques like a bulky bodybuilder even towards strongman and i’m about 240lbs now and I always get people telling me to cut and that pisses me off but it doesn’t get to me. It’s like people think everyone should be following their goal and that’s is the only goal to strive for

  21. narak lol Post author

    Thank you so much for putting up this video. I know I should focus on my own goal no need to follow what other people's are but this thought was never that clear in my head, sometimes I even wonder if I believe in myself. How you phrase in the video is extremely helpful to me. Keep up the great work!

  22. Red Rose Post author

    This is nice content Coach. Good reminder. I signed up for 2 yr gym deal. In it, i get to be assessed by any of the gym coaches 6 times to evaluate my progress. My first was assessed by a cross country running coach, so she looked really really lean. I wanted to bodybuild. She was encouraging me to do otherwise. Got my assessment anyway. She was really nice about what i really wanted. My second is coming up soon. Im gonna request for an actual bodybuilding coach this time. Let's see how it goes. Thank you, you've reinforced my primary fitness goals.

  23. dkoh1020 Post author

    I find my mindset is healthiest when I focus on my goals and progression and leave out the excessive comparison to others or seeking of social approval (which can be unconscious a lot of the time). You put it so eloquently!

  24. ANNA B Post author

    Yes thank you. You did hit it right on the head. Just do you. I'm trying to do me….and for the most part im doing me. As an older woman who is striding to grow old gracefully – I for sure attest to this–DO YOU… AND DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU…thank you for posting this And yes fitness is all about enhancing your own life! Well said and well done. More videos' like this please. People get into positive do you wisdom.

  25. Post author

    Well said. Just do what you like, be consistent, progress overtime and always put safety first. Im not super big guy, but i've stick to those 'rules' and after 4 years of optimized, individualized and joyful workouts, apparently im looknig good enough for other to ask me for advice 🙂 Just dont get cut up in the details too much, basics can get you 80% of success 🙂 And remember guys, educate yourself and be skeptic to all 'shortcuts' 'hacks' and magic new methods.

  26. josephhill928 Post author

    If word got out about this channel, I believe gyms will have a whole new crowd. People who actually work out towards their own goals rather than chasing some other dude on roids

  27. john ricciardelli Post author

    I've been training since I was a teenager.  At first my goal was bodybuilding and get big.  As I've gotten older, life, college,  and a job.  My long term goal is train for athletics not bodybuilding.  Plus it's fast and quick workouts to give you good 20-30 minute workouts.  I'm using athlean-x it's worked very well for me.  It's exactly the way I want to train, and it fits my goals.  I'm in my 6th week into the program, and I've made some progress.  I wouldn't say it's a magic pill but it does work.

  28. David Oh Post author

    I agree very much on the individual aspects in our decisions to go to gym. I am so guilty of pointing out to some people's actions, not thinking about their goals and situations. Respect everyone!

  29. metdr0id Post author

    I don't really care what other people do. Doing "something" is already more than the majority.

    Although I prefer when people do full range of motion over all of the zero, zero, zero reps that I count between sets.

  30. Deutsch Denken Post author

    Hey Sean, I watched your Overhead Shrug video a few years ago and saw that you now do a different shrug variation. Are Overhead Shrugs less effective than the "new form"? (was a video from 2016)

  31. MrExplodinGuy Post author

    Your videos have helped me make a lot of improvements to my fitness and health. I think my next training goal is to be able to pronounce your last name. I think I am finally ready for that struggle.

  32. Joanne N S Post author

    I have a friend that wants to start lifting but she has scoliosis, any tips and workouts on that? Thank you!

  33. Senor Mofeta Post author

    Well said Sean! You have one of the best channels, in this genre, on YouTube.
    I can't understand why your numbers are so low. Not a slam, bro. Just perplexed…
    Thanks for your content. 😎

  34. Peter Jones Dela Cruz Post author

    You have the best, most rational fitness training advice, which focuses more on individual differences and preferences of people who just wanna be fit and healthy (basically the majority of people in the gym). I've dismissed dogmatic training advice, such as I should do squats or deadlifts, because everyone is just different. Thank you for putting out these videos for us noobs, who are sometimes confused by differing opinion from different fitness gurus. At the end of the day, what matters is we keep training not because we should but because we love to.


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