Top 10 biggest fitness myths You Believe ! (Stop believing after this)

Top 10 biggest fitness myths You Believe ! (Stop believing after this)

eating carbs after 6:00 p.m. makes you
fat girls lifting weights going to gym makes them bodybuilders like man in
today’s video I’m gonna be breaking down top-10 fitness myths of all time and I’m
going to tell you the facts behind it also so stay tuned myth number one if a woman starts lifting weights will look like men this is one of the most common misconception in the
fitness industry male hormone testosterone is responsible for big
muscle size, hairs, your voice change but in a woman’s body this male hormone
testosterone is 15 to 20 times lesser than a male body even for men it takes
lot of time it takes years to build those muscles x3 discipline it takes
proper head training X lot of nutrition to reach that level but in case of women
it even takes more time to build that amount of muscle mass the only way for a
woman to achieve that body is some kind of steroids steroid is some a loaded
form of testosterone to build muscle mass so ladies nowhere is not going to
gym there is nothing wrong you think weights in this is the common mistake no
the truth it number two biggest myth targeted fat loss is possible I have
spoken this many times in my videos before but you cannot target to lose
body fat from a specific area meaning if you have fed in the store mom you cannot
forget to remove only the stomach person if you have been the highest if you have
in the hips you cannot target that specific region
and remove the fat from that particular area so the only way to remove the fat
is through your entire body through nutrition through workout it is the only
way so if you burn more calories then you consume in a day event
you lose where there is the truth myth number three the most popular
commandment eating carbohydrates after six pm makes you fat we are living in
different places with different time zones so let me ask a question here this
your body really know what time you’re consuming carbohydrates the answer is no
truth is you can effectively lose fat even if you eat carbohydrates after 6
p.m. and the only thing you have to keep in mind is you have to maintain the
daily caloric expenditure is more than the daily calorie intake and one bonus
tip for eating carbohydrates after 6 p.m. is it makes you feel relieved you
make you feel comfortable eating you can have a good night’s sleep after eating
that so there is a bonus point it is completely false eating carbohydrates
after 6 p.m. makes you fat myth number four cleansers are the keys to flat apps
so include they are not actually the best to lower down your midsection area
why because they don’t burn up a lot of calories instead what you should be
focusing on is you should do more component exercises like dead lips
quartiles meaning which involve different more than muscle groups
because they burn a lot of calories more than a single exercise group myth number
5 the talks will reset your system and make you lose weight this is completed
but until a long detox can really actually slow down your metabolism plus
you will even lose some more muscle mass so when you start to gain some weight
then we again eventually get fat as a result the body
will be less fit and unhealthier than before the only key is smart food so is
through nutrition I heard when people say drink with the honey in the lion
water in the morning with lemon this is completely positively again okay please
please don’t tell me again what is the use of drinking goes through the rest of
your days nutrition will come from there is no use when you are going to eat so
many fat things up today what is the use of drinking those things so the only way
to boost red is through a proper nutrition throughout the whole day myth
number six no pain no gain another admit so the truth is there is a
difference between muscle soreness and pain when a former one is called delay
onset muscle soreness which happens when you get microscopic tears in your muscle
and soreness but if you feel pain in your muscle in your joints in your
ligament you should consider a doctor immediately so there is nothing with the
fact no pain no gain this is not a fact this is completely false
number seven light weight versus heavy weights the myth is you should leave the
light weights when you are cutting when you are trying to lose fat you should
leap heavy when you are trying to build muscle this is completely false again be
one Venus if you want spreading the only way to focus is through nutrition again but not like crazy heavy you should be
able to control the weight you should be able to take control of the weight the
weight should not control you number eight lifting weights tonnes yoke Road
in the side good no studies till now have sun lifting weights inhibit growing
number nine you are going to become fat once you go stop into zero why will I
become fat if I stop going to see the truth behind this is when you are going
him you’re checking your diet the extra calories with you it you are going to
burn it burn up at you but when once you stop going to gym the extra calories
which you are consuming it’s going to store in your body you are not burning
it out so eventually that will become fact but if you are checking on
nutrition you will not become fat at all last final myth
but then one cannot lose weight without exercise so the throat for losing weight
is 80% nutrition 20 % from exercise so once you are maintaining the
80% nutrition you are very very easy to lose weight without even exercise so
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    Please use this words in one of your vedio or in every videos " don't be lazy, move your ass and exercise, health is wealth" . Thank you.

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