Toning & Building Muscle : How to Get Rid of a Spare Tire

Toning & Building Muscle : How to Get Rid of a Spare Tire

Hi I’m Bob Mathews with Power 1 K Body Shaping
Program and you want to get rid of a spare tire around your waist. Well first thing quit
eating those bad foods. I mean you probably already know this, that is why you are seeking
things out, that is the truth. You’re not going to get rid of the spare tire by sitting
at home. As far as exercise goes, you can actually hurt yourself and make it worse.
This is what everybody does. They have a spare tire and maybe you’ve seen them doing these
types of machines. I am going to simulate it with a dumbbell some of them do it this
way and some do it with these machines where they do these side things and I guess mysteriously
this is supposed to burn the fat away. You know the irony to the whole thing? You actually
will get bigger. Your spare tire will get bigger because why? You have muscles over
the muscles is the fat. Since you are not changing your diet and you are not reducing
your body fat, well you should be but let’s just say you’re not, then the muscle is starting
to actually grow. You are promoting muscle by exercising. So then the muscles will actually
burn fat but initially the muscles will get bigger so if you had a muscle like this and
you had fat around it and it got bigger it pushes everything out and then all of a sudden
now your obliques look bigger. You are going to blame exercise. You are going to blame
your personal trainer and when all it was is it is you. You are going to have to make
a decision to get rid of a spare tire, diet, diet, diet. You can train hard but you have
got to eat well and it is a two part thing. So you can go to the gym all you want but
you’re not going to get rid of the spare tire. Eat well, guess what? I’ve seen it over and
over and over again in my 25 years of experience people lose their spare tire so the good news
is you can change so good luck.

62 comments on “Toning & Building Muscle : How to Get Rid of a Spare Tire

  1. Chris Babb Post author

    for sure running always helps. There is one problem though, depending on how big you used to be and how much you've lost (i know you've said how much but its different for everyone) sometimes that spare tire is really just alot of extra skin. if thats the case its gonna take alot of work and time.

  2. StuBotNYC Post author

    listen to what he said- its all about thd diet, lots of protein, low carbs, lean proteins: chicken, turkey fish, add cucumber, apples, for alkalinity, add brown rice and sweet potatoes when carbs feel low; do this to lose weight in conjunction with a weight training and cardio program alternate all week. I rise an indoor bike a half hour every other day tis winter and weights alternating on days off the bike. Ive done both in a day, but it gets me a little lightheaded sometimes.

  3. Uberlaser Post author

    What he says is right – Only 2 things in combination will EVER work to get your fat reduced – 1) Diet 2) Exercise

  4. Danielle Noriega Lee Post author

    Eat well and proper meals, drink lots of distilled water or clean water, stay away from Soy products and exercise with a plan and with proper and safe supplements.

  5. Jason Adkins Post author

    Of couse dieting will get rid of a spare tire. THERE ARE CERTAIN EXERCISES That help you loose a spare tire faster. I am half way thru a monster truck tire myself and doing well. One easy thing that helps ALOT is a STATIONARY BIKE. The trick is to put the seat as low as possible. Also Hula Hooping.

  6. Chaaarge Post author

    there's a simpler way of doing it. Eat less, exersize more. If you just eat what you want you will probably be able to maintain muscle because most people like meat and they like potatoes so that protein and carbs will prevent muscle loss. if you just eat less calories than your body burns up you will lose fat

  7. Luis Cofresi Jr. Post author

    @jenevajones991 ..No,, u need to watch this vid again.. Proper eatin is the key to getting rid of that "spare tire"…A good saying is ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, and its so true. Incorporating a intense training program with a proper nutritional meal plan, u will def see difference!!…Now get working! later

  8. varun009 Post author

    im pretty skinny all over except for my mid section and there's almost no fattening food in my diet what do i do?

  9. Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Post author

    He doesn't talk like that because he's a smoker, he talks like that because his vocal chords have an 8 pack.

  10. Ben Calantas Post author

    He is probably a boot camp style of trainer and yells every activity.


    or he is a raging smoker who knows.

  11. StuntmanDAN Post author

    @Bishonen97 well maybe he was a military Instructor and they have to do alot of yelling and then messes up there throat

  12. Cristian Radulescu Post author

    Ahahahahhaa.I laught my ass out because i was thinking of all those ppl i've seen doing that exercise in the gym. (and i was thinking …i need to try this one) then i saw this :))).THANKS

  13. bricedude07 Post author

    About time someone was honest to people. Too many people think they can eat whatever they want all day and just work it off later. It starts with your diet and builds with your exercise.

  14. greveeen Post author

    @ittschris because you don't need that much of cardio if you eat healthy in the first place.

  15. Jonathan Krause Post author

    @ngheomalao no you shouldnยดt because if you wanna get big you have to eat much! much proteins much calories! if you start skinny youยดll gain at least 3 pounds of fat!

  16. varun009 Post author

    @ittschris only girls do cardio! lol jk, cardio is pretty basic. situps, pushups and a 15 minute run every morning.

  17. varun009 Post author

    ok, im a guy and i have a spare tire (fat around waist: belly, love handles and lower back) so if start doing cardio and weight training will the fat go? and where will it go first?

  18. T Raychev Post author

    Big ups. At last some1 who knows what they are talkin about!
    Diet Diet Diet that's the name of the Game!

  19. Joirukj Fkor Post author

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  20. Demon Queen tv Post author

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  21. Chris Hutch Post author

    wont running burn away fat resulting in losing that spare tire? in addition to eating well

  22. Jaherul Islam Post author

    I have a question, have you wondered about this program called the MegaMax Muscle Maker? (Google it). My mom says it helps people get buff.

  23. supeik rokrat Post author

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  24. TMNmaroc Post author

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  25. ujvidek68 Post author

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  26. Ropik Suwardi Post author

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  27. foant Post author

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  29. Veronica Umboh Post author

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  30. misul72 Post author

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  31. Dev Raj Post author

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  32. Muhammad azeem Post author

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  33. soori sori Post author

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  34. Amrish Jaiswal Post author

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  35. johnmason168 Post author

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  36. e james Post author

    nothin about burning calories? I mean,….yeah,we know about cutting out the chips and peanut butter and we know about situp's and crunch's but the 3rd part is finding an activity that will burn the cals.
    tennis is good because it's fun and you might even forget that it's exercise.

  37. Cabal77 Post author

    Don't forget to diversify your activities. A balanced diet and a daily physical regimen are indeed fundamental, but after X months your body will be used to those patterns and you'll plateau. You need to stress your body in new ways. Team sports usually does the trick for me. For example, basketball has a lot patterns not found in my other activities: lateral cutting, spinning, jumping and reaching at odd angles. My body is aching after my first game in years… even though I'm already athletic and fit. Also with sports, you become distracted with the game, pushing you beyond your cardio/stamina/endurance limits.

  38. asattar973 Post author

    fuck you all who comment on his voice. He got the best advise. Bob the great ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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