the tutorial video for i6 HR

the tutorial video for i6 HR

this is a new s6 edge as my friend there are four different colors at first please tell the practive film of the screen then turn on the smart Bend keep raising the screen remember the code nine five one four on the screen if you can not turn on the pen maybe the been run out of power so you need to charge it Peniston back the respect you would see a mark with open take the main part from free spend you could charge it into any USB interface if you charge it in the right way you would have fear a slight vibration and see are charging mark on the screen but we also recommend charge aids through computers introduced how to connect with your folks [Music] at first you need to download an application named I won’t fit prefer a dois App Store or Google Play the pan should be on already before connecting either to your phone open the app you need to send up a nuke account before you – in it when you sign in successfully connect the setting to turn on the Bluetooth then back to the app connect device to search pen Panisse connect the exclusive health to pale [Music] this is connection tutorial for Android system at first as the same with Apple we remember to not tell on Bluetooth before searching device you can only tell and gluteal through app set up a new account next I’ll show you what the functions included in the app [Music] there are steps heart rate and snip record you could connect into one option moreover you could choose no more than four types of sports to synchronize to the band the band could show the incoming caller ID you could reject the call through keep raising the screen [Music] next I’ll tell you how to use the pen there are three operations to use the bends the first one is connect you will see that state car waiter and a temperature on the screen click the screen you could see the steps calories burned distance and the right hand heart rate the second operation is vertical sliding screen [Music] Canadian to the message the could read the detail commit the training as is reffered before you could choose four types of sports through app to altitude training commit to the function they often form no disturb down information resource aids and the power of keep raising the screen and then choose you could choose your favorite down and then hit voice in the screen it means you can choose your favorite cell [Music]

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  1. Faricha Restia Rini Post author

    How to adjust the time,date, and year on the band. Because after charging the time and the date not updating?


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