The Toughest Challenge In The WORLD

Hello guys, it’s Chris here right now hopefully you’re aware by now that head and shoulders is the official hair care partner of soft muddy uk and Today is the day they’ve challenged me to the course I’ve had my training sessions with hector and Mac And I’m ready to go now to fill in some of you Got might have forgotten hot mother is a 12 mile, obstacle Challenge widely regarded by many as the toughest event on the planet I’ve got three mates alongside me today to Join in with the course and I’m hoping that we’ll have all three alongside me by the end of the course right from the viewers perspective it might be a little bit difficult to work out who three of us are today are we ready for It boys lady, Jaye going come on. Let’s get it Yeah That another bed. We were away the 12 more callers had begun now. There’s a lot of jogging in there I’m going to be honest a few a lots of joking I can’t acts like them enough So I’m going to cut a lot of it out and show you the optimum maybe it’s about five hours, okay? Good if anyone’s feeling it for the proper. I’ll get off that So perfect not getting any subsidy, or channel though Right then after a little break so called de la hoya we came across our first obstacle Right at the first obstacle. We’ve got a kitchen model right now this is when I trained with Mac to deal with all of the barbed wire and everything soap base with Now I think I think about this point that no matter how much you trade? And I you know try and prepare to something like that when you’re on the day, and they’ve watered the ground But it’s not quite money enough, so in phases. He just water and gravel you can’t prepare how much It is also real world wire there was a guy whose job was just literally just and though the microphone going it will cut you And it will hurt Okay And then I made the mistake of asking what was next they defy down achieve into a bowl of ice good yeah, right I’m going to be tweeting out that we’re doing it here hot way Tonight funny, just Paulo filho go oh did I snow sorry? It’s give me all the resources. We did all right we go. Oh look an email this one oh I feeling We literally couldn’t speak at this point. Well actually no. We did say a few words that market only shortly followed up Meanwhile we’ve branded as just lost all thought process and which means we running in circles ah I’m in pain. I’m only literal pain. I open my eyes in the one of it yeah, except is Equality from a short brown this one carefully don’t tell me what to do Right so we just got up to the here awards and Sorts the section I trained with maps or we’re just looking at how everyone else do like you need to look into here That’s so much bigger than you collecting suddenly. I think we might have all these guys near the ball and take some that We then realized sending all the over first was a better idea before we were all not there to lift him up when the job’s Passed over to an innocent member of the public this helpful drugs was giving us leg up he had the 25 top model legionnaire vandal Too so it felt like we should possibly Just possibly work with him I were not second using that technique max had taught me you know keeping bodies very close to the wall and everything before the helpful Guide just seemed to lose patience and this next leg up on mark. Just went entirely wrong How are you fools? but What team no one with the wildcats really team banger out? Next up was the book school people not to ness monster. It’s pretty much what you’d expect Oh, it’s not warm the general idea was that you had to work in a group and Huggies rotating blocks to get to the other side of the law where the only shelter look okay? Which only lost his shorts going over one of the block? But that’s just a nice atmosphere for the whole day this sort of sums it up like everyone was soft and how well people get Through and you know you you just helped along into another group. That was get for it. So it was nice We were however stuck standing in this pond for about 20 seconds at this point waiting for olly to reappear over the block like if it’s around Four feet water really like a solid leaping over walls at all on a summer spring Yah, full mouth when only the clouded Thirds ow, all he did actually lose his short and he was looking for the water That’s why he spent so long there damn. It there goes my thumbnail material Do we smell? think actually yes, probably Hopefully no Not only slightly of aging Next up was the mud mile and the guys they said it would look so much better if we did it at pace the three of us did unfortunately All he got mud in his eye right to the start so I spent most of it repeatedly decking himself Yeah, and you need to fuck yeah Call it the spot you wanted to play on an adventure playground to the gear now it Another 20 minutes or so on and this was our next challenge essentially monkey bars, but with more of a consequence unusual a feeling That’s wait this repels lesson big ok she’s the one there’s no elephant here, and we’re all in work Top Gear Rizzoli It was a good attempt. I just wasn’t quite expecting the jokes you get when you reach the bottom of the wheel There’s got a little further talent of exactly the same thing as me is exactly the same time team GB synchronized-swimming sign us up Because I feel sure pay back decent distance is just before you again really like talking Then in the mean time Mark and Brandon were absolutely smart oh At least one of us. Go there. I wasn’t good last know when you’ve seen it You know how to advance it has stopped it as they go the whole way down, so I didn’t get it’s not yeah Yeah, you can literally look at us to your hand Sorry yeah, oh it’s covered in mud. Though. Yeah, so we’re done Now after that we were up to mile nine And Shawshank was the next obstacle which involved crawling through a tube and being dumped into another pool of water can we call it that Take a cheese any TV think I ran the person in front of these iron halfway up you want to get into Tube Jube cell it’s always a bit of a graft you have to climb it like on your back holding onto this rope up is key And then tumble into the water below then back magnet a theory of obstacle Then just before mile ten it was time for the head and shoulders sponsored the obstacles the Augusta’s glutes I actually just for that term or jogging for then All right, so on some somewhere on mile nine. That’s all the area that. We’re onto now We’re about hit dog of the group Which is our blue water heading up the ladders are there’s a lot of showers going down to the tops I mean it could be a wet one again. Sorry about that guys. That’s it nice and This was what it was all about that 7:00 a.m.. Star. Those weeks of Cardio it all seemed so worth it at this point I can’t put it into words like really I got Mr.. Peeing on the shower. Oh haha Okay, and now we were almost there. There are a few obstacles left only a couple of miles left at this point But now is probably the topics remaining obstacle every Right, so we’re at the finish line We’ve got everest 2.0 to do left if anyone’s going to go straight up without trying for any assistance is the question Currently hanging upside down it seems like a question exactly absolute teamwork at the end so uh let’s get it done This time Brandon was up nothing the police Now come with me now I’ll call you no I will get let’s go ya down Sebastian. No this part of the course was marketed misleading to me I do to want to point that out after we had to continue going up after climbing Everest now after some discussion the tough mudder teams had allowed us to finish the course in the same way legionnaires do it which allowed us to film the kong and at this point meant we had about 200 meters and just won that last obstacle left, and it was one. I trained a lot with max or so we were prepared Right now our provide the corn. We wouldn’t actually be able to do the Training the back. We’re going to give it a gun right very quickly first line now this all about Is your first? Now I put my hand in some water as we were climbing up so frantically. I was trying to dry it on anything I could find at this point which included this woman has shot with her consent You’ll be glad to hear there was no chalk around here to help me this time I? And as soon as I started I knew I wasn’t long See slipping anyway, then Brandon was up Trying to get into it Hi, at least one of us got across. I’m sure Mark will struggle Oh, we’ll all be they both smashed it. I listed only though at least I’m not the only one Oh, they’ve all done it without spending a day with an Olympic champion Well, this is exactly how I wanted this video panning out as I’ll end up for my second attempt there was massive pressure there was No way, I could fail at this to be had slippy hands. I thought it was Yeah Thank the lord so my left hand with those other start Bolivia’s slipped off Yeah, right lads. Keep it Pg Right so finally. We’re at the finish line. We’re all in a bit of a state right now. It’s been a lot of fun We enjoyed it guys it’s been good. It’s doing good. I think I’d definitely come back for another year anyway We’re gonna head into the showers now clean us all off with the old head and shoulders You know how it is see you next year, right do showers Well big thanks head and shoulders again for making this all possible Giving me the opportunity and everything it was a lot of fun today. We finished tough mudder. We’ve taken up the challenge guys big Thanks again coming along cheers. It was a lot of fun doing it boys. Thank you Oliver leaving you like that Thank you very much, so yeah, that’s it I please make sure to leave a like of course subscribe to you new around here And yeah check out all the other videos we’ve recorded to do with this and I shall see you later

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