The Science of Yoga (Part 1 – Meditation)

The Science of Yoga (Part 1 – Meditation)

this is an ancient Indian dude with far too much time on his hands and These guys are [cutting-edge] pioneering brain scientists now. What could they possibly have in common? Welcome to the science of Yoga and what it means to [us] part 1 let’s Go back thousands of [years] to the ancient world the first mystics would leave their towns Villages and everyday distractions To find solace [in] the [forests] there in isolation they studied their own inner experience As they looked within what they found was a myriad of thoughts and emotions. Just like most people would and also, like most people these thoughts seemed to cause [anxiety] and seemed to serve no real practical purpose with but with Vigilant observation the mystics found that when they stopped feeding their thoughts they started to get quieter and quieter They were quite literally changing their state of mind from the inside out the mystics in India called this practice Vipassana Which means clear seeing? Today, we call [it] meditation Now fast-forward to the early 2000s scientists studying the brain and the effect of brain exercises started to make some surprising discoveries Brain science was still in its infancy [and] in fact up until late into the 20th century It was still thought that the brain was solid like concrete unable to change in its structure But then they discovered a phenomenon called brain plasticity it seemed the brain could actually change It could be shaped and rewired by exercise and guess what they found had the power to cause structural changes Yep meditation Several studies found a whole host of structural changes in the brains of people who meditated here are some of the changes they found The default mode Network which could stimulate wandering and aimless thought grooves was quietened down the Amygdala which processes fear and anxiety reduced in size and activity Gray matter in the sensory regions of the brain increased which in turn enhanced sense perception These were startling discoveries, and it became clear [that] there was something to this ancient practice after all But it’s not just neuroscience the field of pSychology also owes some recent developments to this Eastern philosophy the mystics of old times claimed the simple fact With regular insight you’ll see that your thoughts are not real and the recent success of cognitive Talk therapy uses this exact same strategy the subject learns to see the falseness of their own repetitive thinking they’re simply an interpretation of what is going on not the actuality of what’s going on, so [what’s] the difference you might ask well say someone next to you makes a sarcastic remark? This may trigger you to start thinking about a number of possible explanations, and they could all [be] completely false for example She did that on purpose Everyone does this to me. They’re all planning to keep me down Etc See how these thoughts lead to other thoughts which multiplied with each other The Philosophy of Vipassana is to see that these thoughts are nothing more than stories in your head and as you get better They stop multiplying so quickly, but don’t be disheartened it takes practice By the way, you don’t necessarily have [to] look like a yogi or sit like a pretzel to meditate, so whether it’s breathing meditation Watching meditation dancing or fishing meditation. Whatever clears your mind is a great place to start All of these techniques contribute to a healthier mind There is something that brain science is starting to substantiate and it’s what ancient mystics said all those years ago you

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  1. Brown Post author

    'Ancient Indian Dude with too much time on his hands '??? White people hate being called white people. But the white narrator reduced a Hindu religious guru practicing his religion to a dude with far too much time on his hands??? Yt people stay away from yoga please.

  2. nikhil samy Post author

    This is not vipasana… Its more deep into biochemical nature of body.
    Even though total outlook seems with respect to brain

  3. Lawrence Klein Post author

    Excellent Overview of Meditation: Enhance Yoga with Biofeedback* Posted: August 6, 2017 | Tags: asana, awareness, biofeedback, Breathing, electromyography, meditation, posture, yoga Https://

  4. 2006minesh Post author

    Indian dude? From fukkwalla to indian dude. You british are yet to evolve. Tell me during your occupation of India did you people come to meditate? I would love an answer

  5. Bryo Jafa Post author

    Great video, nice animation. It's amusing that you think you know how meditation started out, how they meditated – it's prehistory, right? Seems like you're projecting modern day Mindfulness approach on to the ancient yogi's. I think a statement that we don't really know would be appropriate. And, while it's fun to discover that meditation has observable effects in the brain, it should be pointed out that Meditation does not need to be validated by science – – it's validation comes from the yogic tradition itself – the writings, the culture, which is very rich and powerful.

  6. Martin Schatzmann Post author

    Great resume, although actually sitting like a pretzel does help. Quieting the body helps quieting the mind!

  7. Brock sator Post author

    The importance in the begging is to watch your mind. Clearing of the mind will come naturally….but it should not be a goal.

  8. Gagan Jangle Post author

    Thoughts are not real? so what is real? Everything we experience will be subjective bc we cannot fully capture reality. But some thoughts still have credibility n serve a purpose! It's the overthinking Obsessive irrational thoughts we can do without tho .

  9. Kai-Sören Gerstenberg Post author

    The title is misleading!
    I was expecting a video which explains why Yoga is science. Because Yoga is science. It is the science of God.
    So the title should be: "The western science of Yoga."

  10. Bipluv Giri Post author

    Yes you have earned another subcriber. Good voice, great animation, very good information.
    Good Job. Keep it up man

  11. Prateek Pandey Post author

    One tiny part of enormous YOG…and why do they start with meditation…which is 5th stage in Yoga sutra… Yam, Niyama, aasana, pranayama, dhyaan(meditation)

  12. SomeStickyIky Post author

    Yoga is the systematic de- identification of the body and then mind. When you watch your thoughts, who is watching the thoughts? If we identify ourselves as just being the some total of our thoughts but if there is something observing them, we become that awareness that is observing instead of the thoughts we are observing. You will not find this in any western religion.

  13. Shri Abirami Post author

    This is very insightful. Like I am starting to practice meditation in the form of yoga, dance and dhyan and it kind of gives me the missing pieces of the puzzle. Keep your brain positively engaged with focus. Unnecessary thoughts dwindle down gradually, eventually. It is a process though. Thanks for elucidating that with a cute little animation.

  14. Dipendra Post author

    Nice video, however, yoga is nothing like fishing or dancing. Yoga is meant for elevating one's consciousness.

  15. Divya kavungal Post author

    Please… It is not Vipasaana… It is Vipaasana. Please correct ur pronunciation before u put it on social media.

  16. Gandhi nation Post author

    Good .Good,  Nice way of learning  science of yoga through animation . We can introduce this to kids too. Thank you

  17. amarjit moom Post author

    Very helpful video;it’s a great tool to show the new generation to how they can learn ancient techniques and journey of self discovery 🙏😌💖✌️

  18. Lola Lola Post author

    There are also these nice reads from Brahma Kumaris… Practical meditation and The way and goal of Rajyoga… these can be found at 'omshantistore'.

  19. John Kessler Post author

    I really like walking meditation. Focusing on each step works great at clearing my mind. I do variations of walking meditation such as walking backwards or with my eyes closed. I often walk so slow it isn't really walking because it just one step at a time and not a continuous motion, balancing on one foot at a time. It looks like I'm sneaking up on something like a cat hunting. Anyone else do walking meditation?

  20. nikson 096 Post author

    Sir, vipasanna is a type of meditation and correct Indian word for meditation is Dhyan
    But, your video was good, liked it

  21. Charlie McLovin Post author

    wtf are ypu talking about 1500bc it started with adiyogi about 15,000 years ago, if you do your research at least be sure you get the right information

  22. Amatuer Critic Post author

    May the Ancient gurus and Rishi's bless you with more knowledge to continue your wonderful work.

  23. success maharjan Post author

    I am looking for the reason behind the meditation and this clearly explain to me. Thanks a lot and keep making these kinds of videos.

  24. constellation 4 Post author

    so true…truly proves that India was greatest..India is greatest…and India will always be the greatest🙆

  25. nair subba Post author

    This narrative about yoga’s ancient roots has become a sacrament for Hindu nationalists, and it is echoed in the West. But it is mostly myth, an idealized origin story of the kind so many would-be nation-builders, from ancient Rome to the Zionists, have fostered about themselves. The oldest Hindu scriptures contain almost no mention of physical postures. Even the Yoga Sutras, the so-called bible of yoga, include only a few short verses suggesting comfortable postures for sitting. Many of the postures practiced in yoga today appear to have emerged in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Dozens of modern ashtanga yoga postures are similar or identical to those found in a gymnastic routine introduced to India by the British in the first decades of the 20th century and originally developed by a Danish fitness instructor named Niels Bukh, who later became notorious for his pro-Nazi sympathies. Bukh, needless to say, has been conveniently forgotten by both Indians and the yoga-loving celebrities of Hollywood.

  26. nirbhey bhatia Post author

    V nice vdo .
    Thanks to mystic yogis.
    But scientists are now accepting the benefits like thick grey matter ..more neurons etc etc .
    If they wud hv accepted it in past most of the people wud hv benefited from yoga as majority only accepts the scientists reviews without realising that sceintists now a days keep changing their statements without wanting to look stupid.
    Ancient vedic knowledge shud b accepted worldwide because this is the only truth.
    Om namah shivaay

  27. Debbie R Post author

    Our real purpose in life is to find the will of God
    We will not feel complete until we do this.
    God is all about others
    Yoga is all about self……….
    Who will cover our sins when we stand in front of our all perfect God one day?
    Jesus is the only way to God .
    John 14:6
    Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me
    We are dead in our sins. If you do not feel God in your soul, you do not know Him.
    Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
    God will then reveal Himself to you…….
    Until we experience God's presence in our soul……. we will remain spectators…………..

  28. Raja Post author

    It is not Vi-pas-saana. It is Vipaasana, or Vipassana. In customary usage it gets extended into Vipaassana. But surely NOT Vipassaana. In Sanskrit, Vipashyana. Pashya is a root word of "to see." "Vi" refers to the same meaning as "Vigorous" and surely they have the same origin!!! This word is entirely of BUDDHIST origin and has nothing to do with Yogic meditation as taught in the Yoga Sutras. In that text, there are three stages: Dhaarana or concentration, Dhyaana or meditation, and Samadhi which is the ultimate goal of, well, being harmony with the mind of the universe. The approach, the technique, is very different from Vipassana. So please: do your research and do not mislead people. Now that said, indeed, Vipassana is a superb practice. Watching the mind in action is kind of like seeing flies in a jar….never ending movement of the flies, going nowhere!!! 🙂

  29. rithwik singh Post author



    hope you losers have a bad day!!!!

  30. Fabian Post author

    Thats my 3rd comment ever on yt, but now i have to…

    This is a series of vids that earns to be commended!

    You guys bundle almost everything of the essence of known Enlightend Beings in a few very good made short movies. Well done !!!

    Maybe i recognized two EB…

    Eckhart Tollle (Pain Body Monster), Sadhguru for sure 🙂

    Very clear presentation of what a human being can work on to break up limitaions!

  31. Kelvin Tai Post author

    It’s a waste of time to study yoga in the so called scientific way! Just try and feel it!

  32. Shiv Leela Post author

    To survive and thrive in this turbulent world we need peace and power, that comes from deep inner contentment. 
    Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu, India

  33. kalpesh Patil Post author

    Sadhana is Advanced Yoga or Spiritual Yoga through Sadhana you invite God to establish / possess himself in your Physical Body, When you complete your Sadhana Successfully you achieve Siddhi of God and feel its Divine Power and achieve success in life in work or business you can even have a live Vision of God if that's your only goal of your life.
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  34. FromBeToReality Post author

    "this is an ancient indian dude …"

    i smiled.
    i laughed.

    yeah, i thought, i'm going to like this video!

    LOVED IT after only listening to it!!!

    SUBSCRIBED after actually watching it when i replayed it.

    "this is an ancient indian dude …" LOL!!!


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