The Legless, One-Armed Bodybuilder

The Legless, One-Armed Bodybuilder

(upbeat music) – You can have a regular normal
body guy with his shirt off trying to inspire people, or you can have me, a guy with no legs and one arm. (somber music) My name’s Nick Santonastasso, I have Hanhart Syndrome, and Hanhart Syndrome
is a rare genetic disorder which either leaves the
baby with undeveloped limbs or undeveloped organs. In my case, it was just
my limbs that were, you know, affected. Middle school was like my rock bottom. I was always asking, you know, why was I born like this? Had suicidal thoughts. Wrestling started me on, you
know, the answer to why. I had to have standing
ovations when I lost, and I just didn’t understand because I’m a very competitive person, I’m like, you’re not supposed to cheer on someone that loses. After the matches, I’d
have parents come up to me and be like hey, my kid never did a sport, and he saw you today,
and now he’s signed up for all these sports, you know, because he sees that if you’re doing it, there’s no excuse for him not to. It was like, that’s why I’m here, and I wanted to break
into the fitness industry, because I was inspired
by these fitness guys that, you know, sit around
with their six pack next to their nice car, but getting into it,
it’s much more than that, it’s how you can move people and show them that, like, living a healthy
lifestyle is not as hard as you think it is, especially if I can do it. My life revolves around, you know, eating and training and posting. (camera flashes) I look at being fit, I look at motivating
and inspiring as a duty. I got a message from a UK mom, she had twins and one of the
twin’s legs had to be amputated, she said that they watched the videos together and he goes, like me, mom, he’s like me, mom. I didn’t have that as a kid, I didn’t have someone to look up to. That kid can you know, oh, I don’t know how to do this, let me look at Nick’s page. That’s why I do this. (upbeat music)

100 comments on “The Legless, One-Armed Bodybuilder

  1. Raymond Riggio Post author

    I love this I'm ashamed that people look up too people like Greta bullshitberg when people like this exist. What an inspirational person. Let's give credit when credit is due. Good job buddy. Initially I felt bad for this man but he doesn't want us too, instead I'll be proud of him, he even has a six pack wow.

  2. jimstanator lifts heavy Post author

    This guy is such an inspiration not only to disadvantaged people but to everyone ❤ love your work man keep doing what your doing and inspiring people to embrace their unique and different challenges. Love and light to you homie 💪

  3. Violate Post author

    Stories of a person who's gone through depression so deep that they had suicidal thought and then to get out of it to become an inspirational person to people are some of the best in the world. Stay strong my friend! Lots of people need someone like you to encourage them.

  4. Nick Mullen Post author

    It's not hard to be a body builder when you've only got half a body. I mean he's only got half the work to do

  5. Era Playz Post author

    Okay but my guy over here is one handsome
    Motherfucker. “Don’t Complain Just Train”, he has the biggest reason to complain but he shuts up and trains like nothing. What an inspiring dude

  6. Northbound Post author

    Fantastic to se him find his passion in life and helping people become their best self in the process 💪 Much respect brother 💪👍 👊

  7. Hameed Ullah Post author

    I think people with small heights shouldn't be worried about it they should be thankful for at least having a full body
    Instead of worrying think positively
    Life is short
    Just love and appreciate your self
    Coz other won't do it for u

  8. Johnny Wang Post author

    This just proves how lazy some of us are. The people who are fortunate enough to be born with 2 arms and 2 legs don't take it for granted, and in the end we some how mess up our bodies with junk food. Then there is this guy. Who only has one arm and has a better physical ability than us. Some may say well he only has one arm. But what if he had?

  9. lonewolfanddog Post author

    He's not a fucking body builder! He's tough, inspirational and all that other shit but pretending he's something he's not is so dishonest

  10. Aryan Rahman Post author

    The people who has two hands they will realise that they are very lucky to have two hands but they are still unsatisfied.

  11. Xaris p Post author

    Hes a beast and all that but i do have a question. Arent pulls ups easier because he doesn't have the weight of um legs?

  12. Seriously Dude Post author

    This Guy could beat the shit out of me with one arm

    but for real here. truly an inspiring human being.


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