I think we’re gonna see somebody invent something new like Dorian did. When Dorian walked on the stage we never saw that.. Like what the hell is this? We never saw that kind of mass and size. There was a whole bunch of guys that could have possibly won the title.. It’s also a barrier to get over.. Could it really be me? Could I be the best in the world at my my chosen sport? It was that barrier, and then eventually I got over that like.. Why the hell not? It’s gotta be somebody.. And I don’t think anyone is training harder than me. And I always had that inside of me.. I don’t think anyone could have done anymore, so that gives you a lot of strength. This year is my first Mr. Olympia contest And people might think, well.. He’s gotta be overwhelmed by the occasion and intimidated.. I believe in myself and I come here to show everybody what I’ve done. When Dorian Yates showed up in ’93 he was a transformed bodybuilder that was unbeatable. I was the first guy to compete at the Mr. Olympia in condition over 250 pounds. Dorian was taking bodybuilding to a whole new level of impression.. People were just getting overwhelmed with his size. I had this drive and I had this system of high intensity heavy training Which have gotten me from a backstreet basement gym in Birmingham in England to be Mr. Olympia. I was always covered up.. I wasn’t doing it for anyone else. I kinda didn’t wanna show anybody because it wasn’t ready yet. It’s like an artist with his painting.. They don’t want anyone to look at that shit till it’s finished. You gotta get ANGRY You gotta PUSH You gotta VISUALIZE whatever helps you get through that set. He has a heart of a lion.. And I doubt if anyone trains harder than this guy. When he does a set.. He does one for momma, the babies.. EVERYBODY. This guy is a FIRST CLASS. And a MONSTER at 260 pounds.. Better than ever before… Mr. DORIAN YATES!! I look back and I got a tremendous respect for this young guy.. Because all the odds were stacked against. No family support, background and encouragements.. Living on my own in a counselor state. Just so far away So I was just dreaming about it.

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