– Marlene just emailed us
about the new office unit, so we’re calling her back. – [Marlene] Hi, Stefan. How are you? – Hello, Marlene. I’m good, how are you? – [Marlene] Good, good, do
you have a minute to talk? – Yeah, I’m here with Chris as well. – Hi, Marlene. – [Marlene] Oh, okay. Hey, Chris. Okay, guys. So, I talked to Deanna about a banner that we have, you know,
right at the corner. And honestly, there is no way we can get her to fold it. – I guess we’re gonna
move to this new unit and then we’re gonna wait it out in this new unit until the one in the
summer becomes available and then we’ll move to that one. Marlene, thank you so much. You rock. And thank you for bringing
us to this new space. – [Marlene] Absolutely, guys. Talk to you later. Thank you so much.
– Talk to you soon, bye bye. – Alright, man, it’s official. We just got the new space. The only thing that kills
me is that little ad space but we’re gonna give them a free ad space in our YouTube videos every single time. But now you guys are gonna know why we’re filming the opposite way and we’re never gonna film that wall is ’cause they have that huge ass banner. But I mean, unless Canvas,
you wanna throw ad revenue, then for sure, bro. But anyway, alright, so that’s one thing done. Sorry, guys. What’s up? Welcome to another video. We just got back from California. Obviously we’ve been away for a long time, so I’m hustling, trying
to get everything done. Now we’ve gotta break down
this THENX gym right here. It’s gonna be pretty dope. We gotta do, Kevin, some dope
stuff before we leave, man. – [Kevin] Yeah, yeah. – This is gonna be, like, the last time we ever have the THENX gym. This is crazy, man. Think of all the videos we’ve made here. We’ve made over 100 videos
in this place, dude. This place is like literally
going down in history. It’s really sad to have
to demolish it, bro, but we’re on to bigger and better things. So, speaking of bigger
and better things, today, me and my brother are looking
for a new place to live. So we live in a two bedroom apartment and I’ve been wanting my
son to have his own room and right now, me and
him, we share a room. So we’re gonna go check
out a couple places today and hopefully we can move in just as fast. We also gotta call Demi, and then me and Bryan, we
gotta do some work over here. Let’s call Demi really quick. – [Demi] Yo. – Yo. (laughing) – [Demi] What’s up? – What’s up, girl? Yo, these are some dope videos that you’re sending me, by the way. Look at what Demi was doing yesterday. – [Demi] Dude, I went to
the beach and I skated and did flips, and when
I came home, I was like, I wanna pull up bar. And then my house worker
helped me build one. – That is so sick. Now we’re looking at you
doing these crazy pull ups. Hell yeah. – [Demi] How’ve you been? How’s the new place? Are you moving in yet? – Dude, we just literally
had that phone call. Yeah, we’re moving in literally now. So we might be doing our
video in the new space. It’ll be crazy. So we’re staring, right now, at a whole bunch of flights. What time is the best time for you? Do you like Wednesdays or Tuesdays better? – [Demi] Tuesdays. – Alright, let’s do it. Tuesday. Yeah, we’ll pick you up for sure, as soon as you come through. – [Demi] Okay, I’ll talk
to my mom right now. – Alright, cool. Let me know. – [Demi] Okay, bye. – Alright, bye. Awesome, so we’re one
step closer to be here. She’s gonna come here in
less than a week, dude. This is gonna be some sick footage we got coming for you guys. So, show me how the
affiliation links work. – We can create new affiliates, so I made one for Osvaldo. He’s a tier three affiliate. So we’ve got a new guy
we’ve been talking to. – John. – John. And we want to sign him as a tier one, so I’m gonna just create his account now. – Stefan, we’re gonna
need you to send John a whole FedEx package. What he’s talking about
is we started getting THENX athletes on board. You know, we have tier one, tier two, and tier three THENX athletes. Tier one is basically
where you rep the brand, get an affiliation link, so
the more you rep the brand, you can actually make money back, and we send you some
gear every single month. ♪ Faster than my bullet ♪ ♪ All the other kids with the pumped up ♪ Tier two is everything
consisting of tier one, but you also can create content. For example, you’re doing
posts on our YouTube channel. Stuff like that. As well as having your affiliation link, like I said, everything
that’s in tier one, and we actually pay you
for some of the content that you’re posting. And tier three is you’re
an actual THENX athlete. (cheering) You’re on the YouTube channel, just like me, Osvaldo. You’re on the side of our YouTube channel, linked so you can see,
like, we’re the official THENX athletes. And you actually get paid a salary for being a THENX athlete. So if you guys also wanna
be involved in this, you guys wanna be a THENX athlete, you guys wanna share
and spread the movement, you can find out more
information on that landing page that we’ll make right there. And you’ll be able to put in
your information from there and find out all the
information that you guys need. Alright, now, we gotta get ready to go. I was gonna do some
freestyling on the bar, That was the plan for the vlog, but I gotta go look at the apartments that we have to go see. And the first one that we have to go see is actually at 12 o’clock, and we literally have
30 minutes to get there. Let’s go. So, this is it? It’s got its own little elevator. That’s pretty cool. That’s the dope part about it. So this little room right here, I can definitely see making
a little workout area or something like that. It’d be super dope. I like the natural lighting in this one. It’s really dope, actually. It’s really bright. Yeah, you see the other one
that we went to was dark. Like this one is lit. Yo, this is a sick view, guys. Yeah, this one’s a lot nicer than the other one we saw right? – Yeah, it is. – [Chris] Yo, shout out
to Christian, by the way. – Well, thanks, man. – [Chris] This guy is
literally the guy that finds every single dope spot we go to, bro. – I appreciate that, man,
I’m so happy to help. I’m happy to be part of the THENX team. (soft upbeat music) – This is so sick. Imagine making kids and just, like, growing up like this. I grew up in the suburbs, so this is definitely super dope to me. We’re gonna take this one, guys. Just a perspective so you guys understand where I’m coming from, to be able to come to something like this is really, like, it’s like mind-blowing. Two years ago, I was raising
my son in my mom’s house. To see the growth, it’s just … I don’t even have words, honestly, to put it to you guys, but things are happening super fast. It’s like I say, I’m super grateful. I’m not even gonna stick
around and think about it. I’m just gonna keep going and I’m not gonna stop, you know. I’m gonna appreciate everything. At least I feel like the minute you stop and you start looking around, like look at all these
things that are happening, look at all these nice things, look at all these numbers, etc., is the minute when you
start getting comfortable. And when you’re comfortable, you really don’t wanna work ’cause you feel like you already worked. That’s why I personally never try to stop and think about
all the stuff, you know. I’m saying, like, it’s super dope, but I’m always thinking about work, I’m always thinking about the next step. I’m always appreciative, but I’m never satisfied. That’s one thing for sure. So I guess I’m saying all
this to say this, guys, hard work really, really does pay off and I’m gonna be showing
you guys this year how hard I’m gonna work and how much it’s gonna show for. You guys are gonna be seeing
everything on this channel. That’s gonna be my mission
statement for this year for you guys. Ask yourself that question right now, if money wasn’t an option, and you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? Think of all the things
that you would accomplish. Write it down in the comments
down below, seriously, what you would do. In most cases, money isn’t an option, and you really cannot fail. If you really, really
love what you’re doing, chances are, you’re
eventually gonna master that, or you’re eventually gonna get really good at whatever it is. You fail your way to success. The minute you fail is
the minute you give up. That’s officially failing. But as long as you fail
and you keep going, and you try again and try again, you’re always gonna learn
something within that failure. You fail your way to success. There’s always gonna be
special circumstances, of course, where there could
be a serious financial issue or maybe the country that
you live in and so forth, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Even if all the odds are against you, that shouldn’t stop you from trying because you will have more
odds with you if you’re trying than if you’re not trying at all. People that play the lottery, you know, to me, it feels like, dude, you’re never gonna win that shit. But somebody wins every single time. And the person that thinks like that would’ve never won that lottery if they thought, oh, the way I think that, you’re never gonna win that shit. That’s like the odds are so small. But people win. And the people that win are the people that are invested inside
what they’re doing. So if you’re not gonna be invested, if you’re not gonna try to win, you’re never, ever, ever gonna win. So whatever it is that you love to do, or that you’ve always wanted to do, or you’re passionate about, keep doing that and I
promise if you stick to it, you’re definitely gonna
get some success out of it. In 2018, I am so motivated. I have a top secret app
coming out really soon, guys. I’m probably gonna show
you a little sneak peek, but I don’t wanna give too much away until it’s basically done, but it is almost done, so I can’t wait until you
guys check out this app. So I have a whole bunch of
crazy stuff ready for this year. We almost are ready to show you guys the brand new Heria apparel. We got some cool stuff
coming out for you guys, but I gotta go pick up my son in a second. Alright, guys.
– Hi, guys. – Alright, guys, so I just
picked up my son from school. How was school, son? It was awesome? Oh, good. Did you learn? – We learned about Martin Luther King, we drawed about him, we drawed his dream. – Amazing. What did you draw? – We had to do his dream. And it had to be kids
holding hands and stuff. – Amazing, okay. And what is your dream? – My dream? – Yeah. – My dream is have a bunch of pet animals. Tons. – That’s your dream? – My also dream is to ride a giraffe. One of my dreams is to fly. – Wow. Okay, well, you know what? We’re gonna try to get all
those dreams coming true. What’s up, guys? This is a very special moment right now. This is Jacobo from This is the dude, him and his team, have been the ones that
have been preparing my special, top-secret app and we’re gonna show you guys a little sneak peek of that today. – This dude is getting a bad-ass app. – Yeah, this is gonna be so sick, bro. – Alright, so far, we got a generator, we’ll be able to– – [Chris] Choose the workout type. – [Jacobo] Yep. – Choose the workout style,
if you wanna strength build, rep build, fat burning, awesome. Which muscle do you wanna work out? Abs, back, biceps. How much time do you have to work out? Let’s go for an hour. Boom! Okay, do you wanna warm up? Hell yeah. – Yes, sir. – [Chris] Choose your level of difficulty. – [Jacobo] Let’s put
intermediate. (laughs) – Boom! There’s a workout right
there, ladies and gentelmen! (cheering) This thing literally creates a workout catered just for you,
depending on, of course, the criteria of a workout
that you’re looking for, but also, how I think
of creating a workout, we’ve been able to create an algorithm that produces that same process and that same outcome
with this app right here. So once it spits out
the app just like that, you can then go ahead
and customize anything. So if it spit out anything
that you don’t like on here, like, for example, oh, this warmup, L-sit, hold, windshield wipers, and pull-ups. I like that warm-up, but you know what? I don’t like windshield wipers. What do you do? – If you don’t like it,
you just swipe it out. – Oh, delete. Let’s say I want this
one to be in round one. How do I move that over? – [Jacobo] Alright, you
click on it, take it down, and that’s it. – Awesome. And if I wanted to add an
exercise anywhere here, hit add. Boom! And drop in any of these exercises. All these exercises fit the
criteria that you asked for. So we asked for back and biceps, so now it’s showing us all
the back and biceps exercises. And there’s gonna be a
search engine here, too, so you’ll be able to actually
search for the exercise, specific exercise that you’re looking for. But this is basically it, guys, and if you like the workout that you see, then you hit save. You can add them to your calendar. You can add them to a folder
of your favorite workouts. – Schedule it, get reminders. – Exactly, just like you’re
doing it into your calendar. So that’s super dope. Is there a page that we
can see of what the workout would look like after you saved it? – You can see it right here in the sign. – So it would look like this, this would be like the final page, and if you click on this move, it would play from up here. And it will tell you how many sets, how many reps, et cetera. So the next move would be that. Boom. You click on that, show up there. Click on that, show up there. And you can keep your music playing. Keep going and stuff like that. This is gonna be so sick, guys. There’s a lot more
functions that go with this, but we don’t wanna give
it all away right now. This is still in the making, but this is almost done. So get ready. There’s gonna be a lot
more cooler functions. You’re gonna be able to
track a lot of the stuff. – You’re gonna be able to track. If you’re not doing your exercises, Chris will give you a call, man. – Yeah. (laughing) It’s gonna be super dope. This is definitely … Like the world has never seen anything like this before. I can guarantee you that. And this is gonna become a
necessity in your pocket. Like you won’t be able
to live without this app. I would say a couple
more weeks left, right? – Yeah, absolutely. Even less, maybe. (upbeat music) (banging) – Smash that like button guys.

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