The ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer from Wahoo Fitness

The ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer from Wahoo Fitness

when we created the world’s most powerful indoor trainer the industry called it disruptive we just called it long overdue you see no one had taken advantage of the awesome power of the smartphone to make indoor trainers better so we did and now we’re doing the same thing with the GPS bike computer meet element let’s face it setting up most by computers sucks it’s like trying to send a text from an old flip phone there’s a better way we all know it and the good news is you already own element uses the power of your smart phone to take the pain out of the typical set up process so all you have to do is download an app scan a code and you’re off and running set up different workout pages connect your favorite cycling platforms pair other devices go nuts if you use apps you already know how to do this thing so let’s move on to the ride element is all about simplicity you’ll notice this the minute you powered up what’s with the grayscale display right we’ve met color looks cool but not when it’s bright out and high clear conditions unique contracts contrast elements large 2.7 inch display can deliver and any lighting conditions now let’s talk about how the data is presented whether you’re navigating through traffic or mocking down an open road your eyes should be focused on what’s ahead not on trying to read your display so we designed some really cool ways to make it easy for element that provides you with the info you need and just a glance like the ability to zoom in and out of data feels want to focus on power boom power and cadence boom boom the whole enchilada boom boom and boom or what about an entirely new way to communicate with your bike computer like programmable LED indicators that let you know when your heart rate speed and power are above or below your averages element can even alert you when someone’s trying to reach you or give you a heads up what you need to turn which brings us to navigation and the whole GPS thing because element is Wireless it’s always syncing acquiring and pushing data right and a lot of this data happens to be routes local routes distant routes virtual routes all of which you can load and share without ever needing to plug in the US want to relive a route pull it from your ride history what about that kom you posted on strap element can tap pass rides and post new ones back to straw but when you crush them yeah you can even take outdoor rides indoors when it gets too nasty out oh you know we were going there of course element gives you full control over kicker when you need to bring the suffering inside with the ability to control resistance with levels ERG mode or simulated routes you can make life as miserable as your lactic threshold can handle look we could go on and talk about other features like the ability to find friends with live tracking or compatibility with Wahoo’s complete cycling ecosystem but we know that you know that this is a product video of course we’re going to high felon but we also know some chain gang arisen his basement right now unboxing this thing he’s going to post something YouTube there will be likes there will be hates but there won’t be though is a feature-rich GPS bike computer on the market that is as powerfully simple as element

40 comments on “The ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer from Wahoo Fitness

  1. Mark Hewitt Post author

    There's some chainganger unboxing this in his basement right now?

    Well not at the moment there isn't as you haven't shipped the thing yet.

    Eagerly awaited here!

  2. Ben Aylsworth Post author

    Garmin is the Blackberry of GPS (iow due to be irrelevant). I've been waiting for someone, anyone to replace it's useless functionality. And I own the best one you can get! Hopefully this takes the market where the riders want it to! Fingers crossed!

  3. Nicolas Christin Post author

    It's been 3 months since the first video and it's still not available… Sorry to say I ended up buying a 520 instead :-/

  4. John Kourgiantakis Post author

    Fantastic device, reasonably priced, and sleek looking too! The question I have is what features and benefits does this device provide that can't be done with an iPhone + the Wahoo app?

  5. Fango Wolf Post author

    Please show us what the display looks like when you're on a route. A screen that shows something like you are 5 seconds off pace.

  6. Christopher Dean Post author

    Game changer!! Finally something that isn't singleminded! Get me on the order list. Well done guys

  7. experiment54 Post author

    looks like you guys actually ride bikes and thought about this product, said by a garmin 520 owner 😉

  8. trebleboostboy Post author

    Can you save maps / directions to the device for use without having your phone with you ?
    Can it be independent once setup ?

  9. isondd Post author

    Just purchased and the verdict is still out. One thing that is definitely misleading is the top LEDs signifying directional alerts in navigation mode in this promo. This simply does not exist. Automatic upload to 3rd party sites is also slow and uncertain. A lot of promises – not all fulfilled (not yet anyway).

  10. Karl Roche Post author

    But according to many reviews this doesn't do turn by turn navigation

  11. wickedout2010 Post author

    I picked up mine on Friday. So far, so good. Easy to use once you get the hang of it. There's some tweaks that could be done easily. Like listing all data from ride to the app under results. It only list elevation, HR and speed. Please fix that or is their a way on my end of doing this? Great product otherwise. I love it. Thank you Wahoo Fitness.

  12. 69pslim Post author

    The wahoo is a really nice GPS, but wow for that price tag. The battery life sucks man. had returned and stuck with the lezyne year 10 GPS. Now the Lezyne had the best battery life 24 hours, but lack in "some features". When you guys upgrade the battery life to 24 to 30 hours then I'll check you guys out again.

  13. Shnel M4 Post author

    Is it possible to set up multiple bike profiles for different types of bikes and tire sizes if you can how do you do it if not what do you do when you have different bikes with different tire sizes and all that with different sensors

  14. Paul Schultz Post author

    I bought a Garmin Edge 1000 one year ago. After it messed up my 180km biketour I smashed it in the middle of the road. I will send it back to Garmin and tell them to give me my money back. Just a little bit of glue and it looks and works like after the first software "update".
    I'm going to buy one of your devices and I really hope I don't have to smash it, too. But after owning this piece of s*** from Garmin I think it can not get worse.

  15. Craig S Post author

    There's nothing "easy" about this device at all. Sure, with the original QR code it 'pairs' to its Android app. Try, however, riding once or twice and getting it to pair AGAIN and actually transfer your data to the app. DOESN'T HAPPEN. Device says "paired to phone" after it's turned on in a wi-fi environment and placed close to the phone. App scrolls and scrolls and scrolls and scrolls until the phone battery is dead and NEVER gets the data from the device. Online instructions basically assume you already know how to deal with this because they tell you only to "re-pair" the device to the phone. Can't do that because the QR code from the first device startup is LONG GONE. There's nothing in the Android App "settings" other than "searching for device." so, now i've managed to "forget" the pairing to the device in the app and when i want to try again to pair, the 'SCAN ELEMNT TO PAIR WITH PHONE" window is all I get. Can't get the QR code to come up again – no information online about how to resurrect it – and the "can't see a qr code to scan" link takes me to DOWNLOAD THE APP, which I still have! What good is downloading the app again going to do when the device won't give me the initial QR code? Seriously i've spent more time jacking with this garbage than i have spent using the device while riding.

  16. jaydekaytv Post author

    Best route is still a smartphone if you, like me, want a nice display with colorful maps for exploring, no UI lag, and powerful features. I have a bunch of Wahoo stuff and like what you guys are doing, but all dedicated bike computers have a long way to go (and we should already be "there"). No color is a definite deal breaker for a multi-hundred dollar device. I'm curious to see how long they try staying on this route. Color displays are very doable these days and are plenty viewable in bright outdoors. Any worries could easily be addressed by offering a high-contrast mode.

  17. Peter Hearnden Post author

    I recently bought a Elemnt, and the navigation compared to Garmin is poor. Setup is ok, but tbh it's a pain having to use a smartphone to setup. Uploading routes, with turn-by-turn, not possible unless you want to pay for a third party website (i.e. ridewithgps)

  18. Francis Hemeter Post author

    "Garmin is the flop phone of the 90s" its like comparing Netflix to programming a 1990s VCR to record. As somebody stated below "Garmin is the Blackberry of GPS" soon to be extinct with UI sucks I brought the 520 stuffed around and wasted plenty of time on it for a few weeks, found out Ant+ and only bluetooth for your phone not devices (so no Polar H10 HR sensor on bluetooth). Returned the 520 brought a bolt and back to cycling, Garmin needs to sack their entire UI department or buy up another company like Strava and be done with it, otherwise they will be lucky making OEM parts for other manufactures in the future. Wahoo so so so much better to setup, wahoo 🙂

    Room for improvement:
    Turn by turn navigation, they really need to have the ability to download maps for your country with the meta data so you can do turn by turn instead of just breadcrumbs.

    Take me to on the app.. is great it is powered by google maps so you can just type in a business name and click select and you are away, it would be nice if this was a live link, like when you go off the breadcrumbs you get an alert flashing beeping, this would be a good time to communicate with your phone app if you have your phone on you and send another take me to request using your current location, basically allowing a reroute via google maps when you are off course by a simple push of data without running google maps all the time. This is probably possible by a firmware update as it has the ability to push data to the phone, so just single a push when off route send a reroute request via google maps (yes needs the phone) then back to the head unit with the new maps.

  19. Eltoca21 Post author

    I am curious. Will the turn by turn navigation correct and re-route you if you go off course? Can you overlay data fields (if so how many) onto the turn by turn navigation map screen?


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