The Check In: Trump and Trucking

The Check In: Trump and Trucking

-President Trump was swept
into office in part because of his
supposed blue collar appeal. For example, he promised
that America’s truckers would prosper
under his administration. So how are they doing after
three years under Trump? This is “The Check In.”
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Bell dings ] Trucking is a huge American
industry, worth over $700 billion and employing over 7 million
Americans, which is why Trump pandered
so hard during an event with trucking industry
executives at the White House
a few years ago when he donned
an “I love trucks” button and then played inside of one. [ Crowd applauds ] [ Laughter ] [ Honking ] -Tell me how to get out of here. [ Laughter ] -Nothing says
“I’m a real blue-collar guy” like “How do you get me
down from a truck?” [ Laughter ] This looks like
a geriatric remake of “Smokey and the Bandit.” “Wait for me, Bandit.
Snowman’s gotta pee again. 10-4.”
[ Laughter ] When Trump later addressed
trucking CEOs and executives at the White House, even he had
to admit that he was full of it. -Through day and night
and all kinds of weather, truckers course the arteries
of our nation’s highways. You carry anything
and everything, the food that stocks
our shelves, the fuel that runs our cars, and the steel that
builds our cities. You think I wrote that?
It’s not bad. [ Laughter ] Save that.
I want to save that paragraph. -No one thinks you wrote that.
[ Laughter ] You read that like a kid
reciting a poem in class. “Two roads diverged
in yellow wood.” [ Laughter ] No one even thinks
you wrote this. [ Laughter ] Also, what did you mean
when you said, “I want to save that paragraph”? When will you ever have any
reason to use it again? [ Laughter ] “Happy Valentine’s Day, Melania. You carry anything
and everything. The food that stocks
my shelves.” Now, as Trump waxed poetic
about truck drivers and promised to
put American truckers first, drivers said he hasn’t
delivered. In fact, the Trump
Administration has actually made things worse for many
truckers by enacting policies that hurt
them financially. Take Trump’s tax law,
which he tried to sell as a huge tax break specifically
for truck drivers. And when he touted the plan in
front of hundreds of truckers and industry executives, it was the classic Trump
one-two punch — transparent pandering followed
by incoherent thoughts. -I want to tell you,
to the truckers in this room, which is a lot of people, you’re going to make more money, you’re going to do better
than ever before, more jobs, higher pay,
and lower taxes. This huge tax cut. [ Scattered booing ] Two words.
Huge and now rocket. Can you believe it?
I have ’em in the same — Rocket. You know what we’re talking
about, folks. Don’t worry about it. It will rocket fuel, and it will be rocket fuel
for our economy. -Now that I believe you wrote. [ Laughter and applause ] “It will be huge.” [ Cheering ] “And then rocket fuel, and it will be… rocket fuel.” [ Laughter ] So there you have it. Trump said truckers would
pay less and make more money than ever thanks
to his tax plan. So how did that go? -Do you feel like
this administration is listening to you as truckers?
-No, ma’am. -No, they’re not listening,
not at all. -They say some of their issues
affect all Americans, like the Republican-led
tax bill. How many of you,
by a show of hands, saw your taxes increase
this year? -They all went up, yeah. -One, two.
-Yeah, this year they went up. -One, two — all of you? So most of you saw
your taxes increase? The reason?
Something called a per diem. In the past, truckers could
deduct things like food and daily expenses
from their taxable income. Now, with Trump’s new tax bill,
they no longer can. -I have a young family at home
and with our per diem, they took the per diem out. That made an $8,000 difference. -$8,000?
-What I personally paid. -So what were you paying
in taxes last year? -Nothing.
-Amazing. So while the tax plan
lowered rates for trucking industry executives who make millions of dollars
a year, it only made things worse
for those actually doing the driving. In fact, because of
Trump’s tax law, accountants have had to tell
truck drivers that after years of being able to count on
receiving tax refunds, that they in fact would owe
thousands of dollars. As one small fleet owner put it,
they got screwed. It’s so bad, a lot of them can’t
even afford clothing for the women on their
mud flaps. [ Laughter ] And in this case, a lot
of the people getting screwed voted for Trump,
and they aren’t just worse off because of his tax law. Truckers are also hurting
because of Trump’s trade wars and tariffs, which, again,
is a direct contradiction to what he had promised. -America first means putting
American truckers first. When companies stay in America
and move to America, it’s our wonderful workers
who reap the rewards, including our great truckers
who will have more products to deliver
and more contracts to fill. That’s the way it happens. -Well, it turns out
that’s not the way it happens. In fact, the exact opposite is
what ended up happening. -Industry data shows the rates
trucking companies charge are down nearly as much as 17%. The reason? In part,
the President’s trade war. With fewer goods like steel
and electronics coming into U.S. ports, fewer trucks are
needed to move them. -These tariffs are having
real-life consequences on states that rely on,
for instance, trucking. These states, many of them voted
for President Trump. Some of America’s biggest
trucking companies are blaming the U.S./China
trade war along with new tariffs for hurting their bottom line. -That’s right.
Because of Trump’s trade war, trucks have less to haul. But Trump would probably say,
“If you think about it, that means they can drive
smaller trucks and then it’ll be easier
to get down from them.” [ Laughter ] “Because they’re very high
in the air.” So Trump’s tax law
and his trade wars have had a negative impact on truckers. In fact, one of the few policies
Trump enacted that trucking industry lobbyists
actually pushed for is one that arguably puts
everyone else on the road in danger. -The transportation department
is moving to relax federal regulations
on the number of hours that truckers can be
behind the wheel. -Highway safety advocates say
the contemplated changes would weaken the regulations
leading to driver fatigue, making roads
more dangerous. -They say truckers will put in
even longer days at a time when they say driver fatigue
is a serious problem. -For someone who loves trucks
so much, Trump doesn’t seem to care much about the condition
of the person behind the wheel. Maybe he doesn’t even realize
there are drivers. “I just assume the trucks
go all day and then at night
they turn back into giant robots and go to sleep.”
[ Laughter ] So thanks to Trump’s policies,
truckers are forced to work more for less pay in potentially
harmful conditions. And his ongoing trade wars could
put thousands of truck drivers out of work entirely. So the best we can hope
for is that truckers return the favor in 2020. This has been “The Check In.” ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Bell dings ]

100 comments on “The Check In: Trump and Trucking

  1. Thebe Bashaleebee Post author

    They voted for a loud mouth lying billionaire – truckers, farmers, miners, etc. should not be surprised.

  2. The,ode Tho,masa Post author

    OH! Boohoo! I'm doing bad now! (Too bad!!) As long as you thought hurting others it was OK.
    But now, OH! Boohoo! I'm doing bad! (Too bad!!)

  3. T Bloopner Post author

    Yep..They were OK with the racism, xenophobia, suspension of the rule of law, the massive tax break for the rich, the 100 million dollar golf bill, the tweeting and mass rallying that incited massive shootings, the welfare plan for his farmer base using taxpayer's money, the paying off of porn stars, the crotch grabbing, the compulsive lying, ..but now that the problem is at their door, they are in a mood to complain

  4. Justme Okay Post author

    Trucker's should just stop their trucks and leave them on the road and walk away with the keys.
    Let the truck block the highway till it gets looted.

  5. Serious One Post author

    So… farmers and truckers thought that a guy who was born on third base and lived in a gold-plated penthouse would put their best interests ahead of his own? Thoughts and prayers. That's all I have for them.

  6. Greyson J Post author

    The scariest part is those said truckers will vote trump again after a single rally of sugar coated "Baby I promise you I will do better"s. trump supporters act like abuse victims without them even realising it.

  7. Cody H Post author

    Genuine question, has anyone blue collar actually seen a fraction of benefit from Trump's presidency? Or has it just been exclusively top heavy since day one?

  8. Phil PA Post author

    What does he try and get out of when he panders to the (donors) "people" of the military industrial complex

  9. Red Lights Post author

    They need to relax/change the hours of service. Making drivers work 14 hours straight (30 min. break req.) is what's not safe. Government bureaucrats and clown late-night host don't have a clue, a driver can't take a nap to rest without using their hours allotted to work for the day, should be able to break up the hours. Once the 10 break is up and its time to work, doesn't allow for working around weather, rush hour traffic etc.

  10. Monette Midy Post author

    Trump became President for himself and the rest of the 1%. He just used Obama's birth certificate, immigrants, minorities, fear( a typical republican playbook) to get the base to vote for him. Don't be shock he gets elected again.

  11. crickiet Post author

    Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is standing up for Truckers. He knows what self-driving vehicles will do to the industry and has policies to help them through the transition (and now this!).

    If you would like to learn more, please watch this,, and his interview with Joe Rogan for more details.

    If you want to help these fellow Americans, please tell your friends and family about Yang and support his campaign!

  12. Riki Adams Post author

    If you voted for Trump and now regret it you are a god damn moron. It was blindly obvious it wasn't going to be better.

  13. declan gibo Post author

    lol and trump wants in a 2nd time hahahah

    surely the US people can;t and wont be so dumb for a 2nd time around

  14. Richard Hardin Post author

    I am sorry but I do not feel for anyone that is suffering from the GOP and Trump's tax laws if they voted for this moron. He lying during the campaign and he is lying now. Sorry his supporters can't discern the truth from his lies. VOTE STRAIGHT BLUE NOVEMBER 3, 2020 NO MATTER WHO!! Republicans have never worked for the middle-class and never will. Look at the history of the Republican party and you will see why!

  15. Katheryne Mero Post author

    I don't feel sorry for people who voted for Trump and now they've lost everything. You kind of got what you deserved. You voted for him and you are reaping your rewards. I'm going to quote John Wayne– "You made the decision alone; you live it alone." Congrats motherfuckers.

  16. raptor 1-2 Post author

    They knew he is a habitual lying cheating perv and still trusted him with their lively hood. Sad…but at least they had a good laugh at his make me feel better rallies.

  17. Monie Flook Post author

    Like everything that comes out of his orange mouth…Tweeto El Cheeto couldn't tell the truth if his miserable life depended on it. What a complete blithering idiot.

  18. jim Johnson Post author

    I noticed that there aren't many truck drivers committing. I'm a professional driver and work for a mid sized union LTL carrier. My taxes did not go up, my allowable deductions went way down (semantics?), my standard deduction went up and i got approximately $20 a week in my check. We try to get back $0, (i don't want the government holding any $ i don't owe). We ended up owing $300, I'm fine with that. I didn't hear many drivers at my terminal complaining, but maybe it's because we aren't owner operators and our tax preparer told us exactly what was going to happen and what to do.

  19. molly cruz Post author

    Why do we expect Trump to do anything differently from the way he left his former businesses and not leave the country bankrupt?

  20. Joe Post author

    That last part is a good thing. Less regs on hours of service. Fatigued truckers is not a serious problem. Over 80% of car vs semi fatal accidents are the fault of the car driver. Truckers are overwhelmingly the safest drivers on the road.

  21. Molly Spurgeon Post author

    The auto predictive text on my cracked Nokia flip phone from 2002 can string together a more cohesive sentence than whatever the hell was dribbling out of his mouth. "You know what I'm talking about, folks. Don't worry." That caused me more worry than pennywise popping out of the sewer to give Georgie a paper boat. It's never reassuring when someone says "trust me," or "don't worry."

  22. Donut Dash Post author

    I think having Trump as president is a very good lesson for Americans of what qualities are not good for presidency.

  23. Valore Dramack Post author

    As Dave Chappelle once said about Poor White People who vote for Donald Trump:
    "You dumb motherf*ckers….YOU….ARE….POOR……..He's fighting for me!!"

  24. Matt F Post author

    5:09 Wait when companies MOVE to America? So that would make them…immigrant workers? Interesting…

  25. Jere w Post author


  26. Marco Castillo Post author

    Its ok, 2016 trump voters, sometimes you have to be personally impacted for you to realize what people were saying about him was true all along, now that you know whats really going on. Just dont vote for him in 2020

  27. I.J. T. Post author

    Donald Trump is a tragic liar and childish sort of adult. Zero respect, zero faith in the United States anymore

  28. Moreh Yeshiah History Lessons Post author

    when you see the index and thumb fingers put together, it is a code that he does not mean what he's saying

  29. yew 2oob Post author

    The sad truth is the Republicans do this EVERY time they are in power and the Democrats come in and try to fix it only to "Let Down" the "common man" who turns around and votes in a "smart" right-winger. Literally, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Bush Jr, Trump all promise a lot and deliver far less and their plans ruin America again and again. I hope these Trumptard truckers starve to death and so do their families it seems that's the only recourse. Intelligent, informed, educated people try to take care of everyone but when they vote in someone with 2million more votes they still don't get their candidate in meanwhile "middle america" gets these right wingers that are NEVER right about anything.

  30. No One Knows Post author

    When Trump says he will help you, that's when you are in trouble. See: coal miners, car manufacturers, farmers, truckers, poor people, sick people, the American people.

  31. y5e Post author

    Truckers will be totaly screwed when self driving trucks are introduced, even more if trump stays president

  32. Tom Finan Post author

    You get the Government you deserve. Next year you get another chance. Try thinking about this time and vote the orange goblin out.

  33. Gary Wilson Post author

    Those Trump supporters were too obsessed with the colour of other people's skin to be able to understand the economic impact Trump's policies would have. History will set them straight.

  34. Wilhelm Sarasalo Post author

    Surgeons often work long hours, at least the ones I have met and not just in the U.S., how crazy is that?

  35. Sarah Trohiard Post author

    i first read this as « trump and tucking » and ngl im a lil bit disappointed it isn’t that

  36. Ronald Smith Post author

    They tried to tell the people the tax cuts were only for the rich!! The low people get screwed every time,look at the farmers who can't get people to pick thm,he kicked all the good pickers out the Country,so who he thought was gonna pick up the Slack? White folks hell no they not built right or black's you think black folks going back to mr Charlie's fields Nope,so you farmers who Voted for the(turd)in the W.H. The blame is on him?

  37. Dan Malott Post author

    It's actually a blessing in disguise, having Trump in power because truckers and farmers are massive polluters and that pollution is causing climate change, so it's actually beneficial that Trump is destroying the trucking and farming industry because less truckers and less farmers equals less pollution.

  38. Carlos B Post author

    I'd settle for regulating the cost of parts and maintenance. It's ridiculous how many are getting rich off truck owners. Over $1000 to replace a water pump not much bigger than a car water pump and takes even less time to replace. Every single part on a truck is overpriced by a lot

  39. Michael Holopainen Post author

    USA is kind of F**ked. Within next 20 years there will not be a profession called "trucker". Many countries a significant portion of trucks are driven by robots. Many states truckers are are significant employment. When those jobs are gone due t automation (making Trumps buddies even more money) and US education system does not improve there will be very few opportunities for people with lower education to make decent money.
    Maybe these slaves can then build the 1000 miles long monument Trump is planning for his honor at US southern border.

  40. Missy Barbour Post author

    This is why Trump won't win again. The people who were desperate enough to roll the dice on a New York billionaire have seen that his promises were empty. Fool me once.

  41. K Bar Post author

    He was so surpised they booed him, then tried to change the damn subject, but he had nothing except rocket!

  42. feikuai tubage Post author

    comparing what America sells and what China sells, you will find that America mainly sells things that upgrades your life, if price goes high, people won’t buy it, that’s not a big deal for general people. But China sells cheap products that is so closed to our daily life, when there’s a trade war. Guess which people hurt more? American low income people and small business! Good job!

  43. Kathryn Foster-martin Post author

    Somebody has to pay for the tax cut. Its the billionaires tried and true formula. They keep money, they take money from our paychecks, they dont pay the check and leave the table so we have to cover the cost. They lose no sleep, they dont care nor think about what or how often we eat, where or how we live, how we cover our bodies, what options are open to us when we fall sick. We are disposable, like beasts of burden or tissues. And when they control the size of our families they guarantee that there will be many more of us to wipe their noses and fill their bank accounts after theyve worked us to death.

  44. HannuKaleviElo Post author

    This criminal network and syndicates website is shut down!!!But here's a bank account where they hiding money which they have stolen from people over the world!!!Read above…

  45. 48peon Post author

    We need Andrew Yang. If you watch CNBC, automation is closer then we think. Embark shown in CNBC is already doing hub to hub. Freedom Dividend, $1,000 per month, to all Truckers, and all Americans 18 and above. #yang2020

  46. Thomas Zabel Post author

    Amazing how they're willing to lose their jobs and cut their pay, all in the name of "owning the libs".

    By the way, the tax changes and other changes weren't Trump's idea. It was the GOP House and GOP Senate that came up with this stuff. Trump is just a rubber stamp.


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