The Biggest Loser || Digging Challenge

The Biggest Loser || Digging Challenge

On your mark, get set, go. The team is
split up attacking both hills at the same time. Alison says go and Joe, Alex, and I
go to the left and the rest of them go to the right, and it’s pretty hard. Not
even two minutes in and it’s exhausting work. You know I went into this thinking
you know sand’s not that heavy. I’ve shoveled snow all the time in Chicago, it
can’t be that bad. This is packed wet sand. Red red! The most disappointing part is finding that
red X, cause you’re just like oh we just dug for no reason. It looks like Joe’s made contact. Towards Francie more. My strategy was to figure out the best way I could not get in the way.
Because I knew it wouldn’t be the strongest digger so I was just really
paying attention to what everybody else was doing. We need to find the arrow. Clear it clear it. We haven’t even got the first arrow and I’m already completely gassed. Close quarters
means you all got to work together you got to talk it out. Throw the dirt behind
you, don’t throw it over here. Arrow, let’s go to this one. Alright 10 minutes in, you found the first arrow. Every new dune it’s just it’s a whole nother obstacle, then if you
get to the top of the new dune and it’s just like starting all of your work
right over again. This is so much harder than it looks. Arrow! Arrow! Come on. This side. You are looking for the box with an arrow on it. Joe’s getting it. One big shovel scoop. Come on, save your energy. I got it, I got it. There you go. Move fast guys. It’s
exhausting to get from mound to mound. It’s exhausting to dig in the sand and
we’re having to be careful too not to hit each other. I mean there’s a lot going on
especially when we all come to one mound and there’s seven of us. You are halfway
there. Come on Danni. My ankle. At one point completely missed and just go straight into the side of my ankle and I’m just like…I want to scream
right now. It’s throbbing pain, it’s shooting up to my knee. Push through babe.
You’re strong. At this point I have to stop thinking about my ankle and think
about the end results, what we got to do. So I’m hoping adrenaline’s gonna kick in
at this point and I can just fire through and just let that take away the
pain. I’ll worry about the pain later. We got this, keep going. Green! This one! I’m staying motivated
just by keeping in mind that it’s 10 pounds. I almost went home last week and
I definitely don’t want to go home this week. It’s okay guys, we’re almost done. Let’s work together. Let’s just work together and get this done. Got to move fast. You have
ten minutes left. We finally get to the last set of sand piles and it is just
like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is coming down to the wire.
We have this much time left to get that flag and get to the finish line. Go to the other pile.
Don’t cave it in Jackson. I’m not caving it in, calm down. Alright guys come on. You have less than two minutes on the clock. When I see the last arrow, that just
means it’s go time. Everyone immediately jumped on it and it’s chaos. But right
now I have no idea how we’re gonna do some hill jumping, find the ladder, and
then we have to run down the pier and put a flag up. It’s getting less and less
likely that we’re gonna accomplish this. You have one minute guys to get that
flagpole to the finish line. One minute remaining. Careful guys sidestep sidestep.
At this point we’re like we just need to make it but we’re all just like okay we
got it we got it. Oh no Gina fell down, she’s hurtin. She doesn’t
look like she’s about to get back up anytime soon. Get up girl. Come on. All I’m thinking is,
like oh my god she can’t injure herself right now. You got it Gina. Push through it baby. As I went down my hamstrings
snapped and I went down to the ground. And ironically enough Joe picks me up. When you have differences with somebody, or you don’t… something doesn’t match up, it doesn’t
matter. I mean when you step on that field and you’re competing, all that
stuff’s left behind because you don’t take it with you. If you do you know it’s gonna you’re not gonna finish. You got it. We got it come on. It is do-or-die right now so everyone is
pulling their weight. Everyone in the home stretch. Thank you Jackson. Bringing it home. Come on guys, come on guys, come on. Let’s go baby. Come on. 10 feet. Get that flag pole up there. Watch your head. Yes!!! As a group we feel
awesome. We did it together, we worked really hard, and now we have a better
chance at all staying here. Well congratulations. You’ve just earned
another ten pounds off your total goal weight.

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  1. Harper Post author

    One lady SPLIT HER HAMSTRING and another hit herself in the ankle with a metal shovel. And the camera crew and everybody around the group did nothing. There needs to be a line drawn between dedication and health risks.


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