The Best Waterproof Sleep and Fitness Tracker – Oura Ring | 1 Year Review

The Best Waterproof Sleep and Fitness Tracker – Oura Ring | 1 Year Review

– Hey friends, it’s Courtney, welcome back to my channel, Phyrra, where we talk about all
things cruelty-free beauty, gothic fashion and lifestyle. If this sounds awesome to you, click that subscribe button
and get spooky with me. So, today’s video is gonna
be all about the Oura Ring. The Oura Ring is the most
advanced fitness and sleep tracker that I have ever found. I had been using mine for over a year, so this review is really long overdue. So, let me tell you what
prompted me to buy the Oura Ring. Number one, I was looking for a product that was waterproof, that
I didn’t have to take off in the shower, or in the
pool or anywhere else. I wanted a product that could
do all of my fitness tracking and I could manually add
stuff like lifting weights or running with the dogs. I wanted something that
could track my sleep because I’ve had a lot of
problems with my sleep. And, if possible, I wanted it
to be aesthetically pleasing. So, that is how I
settled on the Oura Ring. I was very very tired of my
clunky Bellabeat Leaf Urban that I had, and the
product I used before that was the Fitbit Charge HR. Both of those really, in my opinion aren’t not nearly as good as the Oura Ring. So, as I mentioned the Oura Ring is probably the most advanced
fitness and sleep tracker that is on the market today. It has three different sensors that I think are what makes it so good. So, there’s a body temperature sensor, there’s a heart rate monitor sensor and there’s an accelerometer and that tracks movement and motion. It tracks heart rate variability which is an advanced
heart rate measurement. The Oura Ring gives you
insightful baseline information into your overall health. That’s absolutely what they use to determine their rolling
scores to come up with stuff. So, let me go ahead and
tell you what Oura Ring says about the ring. “It tracks your training
frequency and volume “and helps you achieve great results “by balancing workout and recovery days. “It keeps an eye on your
sedentary time during the day “and reminds you to stretch
your legs every once in a while. “It tracks your daily
calorie burning steps “and you can also manually
track activities.” Oh, and I want to show you
what the inside of the app looks like, ’cause that’s
the important thing. So, your ring is gonna
pair with your smartphone or smart device. I think you could probably
pair it with an iPad but I have mine paired with my iPhone. So, this is your readiness score. The readiness score is a rolling score that takes your sleep and
activities into consideration and it tells you whether or
not today is a day you can push yourself to train hard
or if you should take it easy. On days when I’m at 80
or above, I push myself. On days when I’m low, I
take that into consideration and I don’t push myself as hard. So, in the sleep tab, this is
where your quality of sleep is measured, and, as I mentioned, sometimes I feel like I sleep
forever but I’m still tired. This Ring shows me how often
I’m lacking deep sleep. It’s proven to be one of the
most useful features to me and I’ve been trying a lot
of things to help improve my deep sleep, so I’m really
grateful that I have the ring to let me know what’s
working and what’s not. It also tracks your heart rate
variability as I mentioned. And this is important for
indicating the quality of sleep. Someone who is an athlete
will have a higher heart rate variability number than someone like me who wasn’t really too active
until five or seven years ago. I do love that the sensor on it is so good it can tell when I’m doing low, medium and high-impact activities. So, when I’m playing Beat Saber, which for me I get really into it and I’m movin’ my whole body, I burn somewhere between
300 and 500 calories an hour doing that, it’s a cardio thing, but I can’t do it sustained
for that long, so, it’s definitely something
that it can track when you go up and down,
and I love that feature. So, let’s talk about how it looks. I chose the Black Metal Balance because it goes with my gothic aesthetic. I also got a sizing kit to help me figure out what size to buy. I wanted the Oura Ring to fit as many of my fingers as possible because I didn’t know where
it was gonna be the best place for me to wear it. So, after trying out their size guide, I ordered a size nine. But, because I’ve lost over 30-pounds, and the Oura Ring was one of the things I used to help me with my weight loss, I really needed to get
a new ring. (chuckling) I had been using one of my Enso Rings to help hold my Oura Ring in place and then I accidentally lost my Oura Ring and I knew I lost it in the house, so, I went ahead and ordered a size eight, a smaller size for myself and then just set about
trying to tear apart my living room to find the ring, so that my husband can
have the one that I lost which is a size nine, ’cause
that’ll fit his fingers. So, if you are wondering
would Courtney buy this again, as you just heard me say,
I’ve already bought it again because when I lost it I was like, (inhaling) I gotta get a new one anyways, so, it’s definitely something that my entire household loves, we all now three have the Oura Rings that we are using for our
health and for fitness. I only need to charge
mine probably I’d say once or twice a week. One of the things I have
started doing though, is I will actually put
my ring on the charger while I’m in the shower just
to give it a little boost, so I have to charge it less frequently. But again, I really love the fact that I don’t have to take it
off unless I really want to. Now, I do have a couple of wishes. I wish that there was a
little bit more functionality in the app, I wish that the app allowed me to track my periods, I wish that the app would
allow me to track my food in it as well, that’s just
me wanting to have everything all in one app, as opposed
to havin’ to use multiple different apps to track those things. Okay, so let me talk to you
about some of the drawbacks of the Oura Ring. Number one, it’s $299 and $15 shipping. So, it’s not cheap. And I think it’s probably
twice the price of I think most of the
Fitbit’s that are out there. I’m gonna put a price comparison breakdown of some of the top, popular
fitness trackers so you can see. The second thing is that
it’s made of titanium which can be good and bad. Titanium’s really really strong. But, the bad thing about
titanium and these rings, you can’t have it resized and my old ring got really scratched up, I would wear it on my left thumb and I noticed that’s how
I would open water bottles and stuff and that scratched the ring. So, I’ve made sure to put it
on my right thumb this time so I’m not gonna scratch
it in the same way, but, that was a minor annoyance,
is that (sighing) I feel like for as much money
as I’m paying for this ring, it shouldn’t scratch. And then of course the
last thing is that it takes four to six weeks to get your ring. So, even when you order
it, you’re not gonna have that instant gratification. All right so, who is this for? If you’re somebody like
me who wants to track your fitness stuff and your
sleep, this is a great option. If you’re somebody who’s a bio-hacker and you’re trying to hack
your body to reach your full potential, this is a great option. If you’re looking for a waterproof fitness and
sleep tracker, this is it. And if you’re looking for
something that is accurate, information wise, I believe this is it. I did watch several reviews
by doctors on the Oura Ring, who did say that they
felt all of the tracking in this was accurate, so, I feel like the company
that made Oura Ring did a really great job of putting together a really useful product
in a pretty package. So yeah, I love the Oura Ring, I hope you enjoyed seeing inside the app and seeing how to use it. And like I mentioned, I’ve
already purchased a second one because I love the first one so much. If you liked this video
and wanna see more like it, hit that thumbs up button, let me know in the comments
below, share the video. And if you hated this video, make sure to hit the thumbs
down and tell me why. And if you wanna know what to watch next, just look up here, ’cause
YouTube will suggest something awesome that’s just for you. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.

26 comments on “The Best Waterproof Sleep and Fitness Tracker – Oura Ring | 1 Year Review

  1. SaBr 417 Post author

    I have an iWatch and I love it, but I feel it's kinda iffy on tracking my activity. When I'm walking or running it's great, but if I do HIIT it doesn't really record my full workout. I might check this out, it looks really cool and like it would fill in the gap that my iWatch has.

  2. Rebecca R. Post author

    Very informative! I'm thinking that the black one is plated, so the scratches are more evident. If you went with silver ( titanium color) they would not be as visible, and the scratches on the outside of the ring could be occasionally polished out the same as you can do with other fine jewelry. My main issue with this one is the lack of display. I don't want to have to keep syncing it to my phone and opening the app to see my stats throughout the day. I like seeing everything on the screen of the fitbit alta hr ( now discontinued). I just go to the app for sleep tracking, food logging, period logging, etc. I also use the fitbit to give me alerts to phone calls and text messages. I can see who is calling on my fitbit, then decide if I want to go find my phone and answer it. 😉 However this ring is much more elegant looking, certainly way more attractive than any other tracker. If I could afford both I would get the ring for dressing up/going out, but wear the fitbit the majority of the time. The newest models of fitbit are waterproof, so I am considering an upgrade to the charge 3.

  3. Judy Schmidt Post author

    I didn’t even know a ring as a tracker was an option, this is pretty cool. Definitely cheaper than my Apple Watch!

  4. Kath TheFabZilla Post author

    I love the top you're wearing here. Love that it tracks sleep, that's something I need

  5. Etta Jensen-Barnes Post author

    ooh! This is the best looking fitness tracker I've seen. It is much more my style than a fitbit.

  6. Cin Seven Post author

    I would love to switch to this, a waterproof ring would be so much nicer than my Fitbit, which I constantly forget to put on after my shower! Unfortunately company health tracking program doesn’t include it, but as soon as they do, I’m getting one.

  7. Marcia Friedman Post author

    I think this would be more comfortable for sleeping. I really didn't like a fitbit on my arm at night. I'd like to see how it tracks my sleep.

  8. Claudia Materdomini Post author

    These are definitely the most stylish fitness trackers I've seen! I wear a chest strap and it's not pretty but It was connected to my gym and their screens so I enjoy it.

  9. Slashed Beauty Post author

    I think it's super cool to have the fitness tracker in a ring vs. a chunky watch which I admit the Apple watch is!

  10. The Alternative Non-Conformist Post author

    Thanks for this review. I might be saving up for this. I really need something that tracks my heart rate and sleep. It would be so helpful to me.

  11. Allison Cohen Post author

    I haven't gotten a FitBit or one of the others because I don't want a watch type device. The Oura Ring would be perfect! (Love the green eye look)

  12. Lori K Post author

    I clicked the like button but am not getting spooky with you. I don't want to put you through that. 😉 I'm looking forward to this review & appreciate that you've been using it for a year as opposed to just a month or two. I just can't see how it can tell if I'm really sleeping as opposed to just laying down (which I still need to do often) let alone if I'm having quality sleep.

  13. Glamorable Post author

    Love this idea!! I hate wearing trackers on my wrist, so a ring tracker would be perfect for me.

  14. Terese Powell Post author

    Nice! This is definitely something I will look into, because I do take my watch off when I sleep, so to find out there's this option is a good find. Though I do agree that the price should reflect more durability and features. Thank you! Have a great rest of your week. Much love and big hugs! ❤🤗

  15. 25 Sweetpeas Post author

    A ring as a tracker seems like a nice option, a lil less in your face, it will be interesting to see how trackers become smaller!

  16. Rachel Runyan Post author

    I love your dress! I really like that these rings are not obvious. I should look at getting one. I could use the sleep tracking, too.

  17. Amethyst Wicked Post author

    I’m curious, I work in a factory with a strict no hand/wrist/neck jewelry policy on the floor. So I’ve been tucking my fitness tracker in my pocket so I can still track steps, would the Oura ring still track my movement if I’m not actually wearing it? I’d hate to spend the money on something I can’t even use for 40-50 hours of my week…which is also probably my most active time besides.


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