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what’s up fambam and welcome back to
another video so today’s video is gonna be a little bit different but it’s still
sticking with the theme of my channel which is to build strong confident women
through education strength training and community if you’ve never seen me before
hello and welcome to my channel here on YouTube my name is shrila vanilla and if
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channel where you can see everything that I produce so yeah onto the video so
today’s topic is going to be on being true to yourself and knowing who you are
and following your decisions based on who you are inside because okay I’m just
gonna go I got no notes for this I got no leg normally I’m pretty
organized in my videos but this one I’m not but I think it’s good if I just talk
so let’s get into it it can be hard sometimes to really be in tune with who
you are and when I say Who what I say who you are I mean things that you stand
for alright values that you have passions that you have big dreams that
you’ve always dreamed about doing and society sometimes can push you in a
direction as to make you think that you know you don’t want to pursue what you
really want to pursue deep down inside because there’s this structure around
you it’s either people what’s yeah it’s people because people cause those
structures those like norms in society they’re kind of in your ear like there’s
a lot of negative people out there okay there’s people who are afraid and so
when you say that you would like to do something with your life and maybe it’s
not the norm or maybe it’s a little bit out there if that’s what you want to
call it there’s a lot of people who maybe it’s an insecurity on their part
but they will not be the first people to be like yeah you gonna reach those goals
you go do that like a lot of people you’ll be very surprised as I get older
I encounter more and more well we’ll say things like
oh I don’t know about that or like oh how you gonna make money doing that are
you sure you want to do it I don’t think that’s a good idea just a lot of things
that’s okay people will try and navigate you off of the path that you’re supposed
to be on and for a lot of people it can be really difficult to stay on your path
when you have all of these voices in your ear telling you to you know take
this path or go this way or do this with your life instead and a lot of people
end up doing that and following other people’s advice so then you go down
these paths that maybe aren’t your own that maybe other people have kind of
encouraged you to do that they’re not necessarily who you are or what you’re
gonna be the best at in your life and I think that you will leave life with a
lot of regrets about all the things that you didn’t do that you knew deep down
inside you wanted to or you were just too afraid to do or other people
convinced you that it wasn’t a good idea and that’s kind of the downside of
people sometimes is when you broadcast your ideas too loudly to a lot of people
you get a lot of feedback and sometimes that’s a lot to deal with you know if
you just have an idea and you’re like like I’m just gonna go for and do it but
then you start second questioning yourself and you start just asking the
masses you know everyone family your friends people on the street you know
what do you think of this idea you’ll get a lot of feedback and a lot of that
might not necessarily be what you want to hear and it might not even be right
that’s just their idea on your dream that’s their interpretation for example
let me just give you guys an example for my personal life here I know I talk
about this all the time but I think it’s a really good example basically I wanted
to move to a spanish-speaking country okay I did not speak Spanish I was
living in an english-speaking country I didn’t have a job okay there was no job
waiting for me in the spanish-speaking country there was no accommodation there
nothing had been sorted out literally I was like know what I’m just gonna go I’m
gonna go and I started telling people hey you know
this is what I’m gonna do and I honestly would say the ratio it
was like nine out of ten people got back to me and they were like ooh but you
don’t speak Spanish do you know how many people told me why are you going to a
spanish-speaking country if you don’t speak Spanish it’s like did did you know Michael
Jordan know how to play basketball the first time you stepped in the basketball
court No unless he was naturally born with like internal basketball abilities
I don’t think so how do you think anyone does anything okay we’re all born
without the ability to do anything and we learn and we you know transform maybe
we grow in uncomfortable situations and that was really interesting to me having
that feedback from so many people that love line you don’t speak Spanish
it’s like well obviously I’m gonna go learn it aren’t I I don’t know I just
think and then you know oh but you don’t have a job how are you gonna make money
you don’t have a place to live you don’t even know where you’re going and anyways
long story short I now speak Spanish I have a place to live and I’m extremely
happy and he’ll literally everything has worked out there has not been one bad
thing that has come of me pursuing that that dream that goal and I just want to
tell you guys and just let you guys know what like have the confidence in
yourself and and know who you are and make decisions based on big dreams big
goals don’t let anybody limit you don’t let
anybody tell you you can’t do it because no because I I’ve heard that from other
people I now make an effort to not be that person if anybody its aren’t
getting worked up here if anybody ever you know confides in me and a close
friend or even somebody I don’t know tells me you know hey I you know this is
my biggest dream I really want to let me think of the most insane thing
and embarrass people who want to travel the world and get paid for it and a lot
of people will be like mmm good luck with that like that’s gonna work out for
you and I just make an effort now not to be that person and I encourage you as my
viewers as well to a be that person follow your dreams follow you know do
what you want to do and don’t let other people like shape you into a person that
you’re not and try and like you know mold you into this thing that you’re not
gonna be happy being if you’re happy doing that then do it no problem with it
but don’t don’t make your decisions based off of other people’s opinions and
then be unhappy with a position that you end up in because that happens to a lot
of people and I think you just end up with a lot of unhappiness and a lot of
regret thinking about what your life could have been so okay so I have one be
that person yourself and to be that person for your friends your family
anybody because everybody needs people like that in their lives
there is not enough people who are gonna tell you like yes go full steam ahead
for your dreams just like you can do anything you set your mind to there’s
not enough people or maybe I don’t know enough but there’s a lot of just
doubters and there’s like this kind of you know when you’re not doing the
traditional thing that everyone does in society it becomes a problem for other
people and people get a bit like ooh I don’t think you can do that I’m here to
let you guys know you can literally do anything you want to get that that body
you’ve always dreamed of okay you want to get you want to become a runner you
want to get you want to get a fast mile time you want to be able to lift X
amount of weight you want to start your own company you want to you know travel
the world you want to literally and you want to start like a sewing company
making niche like socks hand-sewn socks I don’t know but I just know you got to
go with what you were put on this planet to do because if you don’t nothing but
bad is gonna come of it and so we’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent there but
in addition I also wanted to say about being true to who you are you
it should take some time if you haven’t already to figure out who you really are
like what you really stand for and what really makes you tick and what kind of
decisions that you make in your life let go in line with those values for example
there’s another example in my personal life
sorry I keep giving these but I just think they’re the only way that I can
connect these kind of abstract points just some sort of example in reality and
basically if you guys don’t know I don’t drink alcohol I have a video on it on my
YouTube and the time when I was trying to figure out that decision in my life
and like who I was and why I wanted to make that decision was kind of a rocky
period because here in one year you have in one here and one ear you have people
and yeah I would say society as a general like society in general for
example where I was living it’s very much part of the culture it’s very much
a societal you know thread that kind of ties everyone together and your air kind
of pressuring you to do something and and people as well you know you’ll go
out with people and you’ll say you know mmm I don’t really want to drink cuz
like that’s genuinely Who I am I I didn’t enjoy it and took me a long time
to realize and like make a firm decision you know what I’m not gonna do that
anymore because I don’t like that it took me a long time sitting in limbo
being like oh do it and like the only reason I was having that limbo was
because there was Society on this on this side telling me like you’re a loser
if you don’t do it you know why aren’t you drinking everyone drinks you have
this like little thing here and then there’s you over here like look they
even I don’t want to do it I don’t like it like you know is there something else
I can do I like fitness or I like this where and I and I like spent not so much
time not so much time that I would regret it but I spent time like debating
between these two like sides there was Society and then there was me and my
values and eventually I just made the decision and I have never been happier
and I want that for every single one of you out there who’s you know thinking of
making a decision or you want your life to go in a certain
you’re sick of doing the exact same habit so I’m just saying for anybody out
there who is kind of struggling with these conflicts maybe between who you
are deep in your soul and then what the outside world wants you to be follow
your deep person inside because you are your most important person like your
friends your drinking buddies all of these people like they’re not gonna be
with you when you’re sitting in your house the next day the morning after
like you’re hungover they’re not gonna be with you okay you’re you’re gonna be
there by yourself and you’re gonna evaluate your own decisions like hmm do
I want to do this we’re like what I have been happy you’re doing that and and I’m
saying this because I think it’s really important to make decisions for yourself
and not based on other people as if you live a life making your decisions based
on what other people want from you or because you’re afraid that other people
are going to judge you for making a decision that’s different from what
society wants you to do for example going to the gym on a Friday night
instead of partying there are gonna be plenty of people who are gonna be up in
your ear I’ve had it I know it in your face saying you know you’re a loser and
they’re gonna make you feel bad for making a decision but at the end of the
day like I said those people are not gonna be there with you okay they’re not
gonna die with you at the end of your life they’re not gonna feel how you feel
when you don’t make that decision that’s best for you if you just follow what
other people do all the time you know say you go out and party but you really
want to go to the gym let’s say you’ve got a party because you know you get
pressured and you know people make you feel like going to the gym is lame and
then you wake up and you’re they’re like man I really wish I would have gone and
then months go by you know weeks months even years go by and you’re the only one
and you’re stuck with your own self and you’re looking at yourself in the mirror
and you’re like man I really wish I would have just done what I had wanted
to do you know because now I would be fitter I would be stronger if that’s
your goal that was my goal back in the day
I looked at myself in the mirror and I’m like I’m not happy I’m not happy here I
don’t like what I look like you know I don’t like my ability to like I can’t do
anything I can’t run I get tired I want to be you know I want to be this person
who I’m not right now but I know that I can be that person the best version of
myself and the more times you know I was like out drinking partying and all these
kind of things the less I was getting closer to like my true state and what I
really really wanted to be and what I was gonna make me happy and that’s
that’s basically this I take a long time to say stuff but that’s basically the
point I’m making is that you’re just with yourself you know those people in
your ear people pressuring you aren’t gonna be around you all the time and
they’re not gonna be around to you when you’re sad that you’re not following
what you truly should be doing with your life um and you know deep down inside
you want to make a decision but you just don’t have the courage to make it I’m
here to tell you get that courage and do it because you are gonna be so much
happier and you know we all got to be who we were truly meant to be we you
have skills you have passions you have things that you could be great at and
you are probably greater than right now but if you don’t pursue them if you’ll
have this crazy passion but instead you’re stuck working this nine-to-five
job that you absolutely hate you’re brain dead you’re not learning anything
you know your true essence and your true skills that you could offer to the world
right now they’re just being wasted they’re being absolutely wasted and you
might be too afraid to pursue that other crazy dream because it’s out there you
know you might not have money for a while or you might not like it’s so
uncertain but I’m saying that if you never give that a chance and you never
show the world like you never even try it the world would be missing your
talent and you are amazing whatever you can offer everyone has something and
that’s really sad because if everyone was fulfilling what they were meant to
do I think would be a more efficient place you know the world would be more
efficient imagine there’s people stuck in dead-end jobs like they don’t want to
be doing that job they’re not good at what they’re doing they drink something
mundane mindless job and I understand that money is really important but on
the other hand money can come when you do something that you love and your
passion all money will come to you automatically because if you’re good at
something and you’re and you’re you know smart enough to kind of just weasel oeid
you can make money anywhere okay and that’s not the point of this podcast but
I think if that’s the fear that you’re having please don’t let that deter you
because there’s ways to do everything I am living breathing proof of it I’ve had
miracles happen just because of a passion to do something and if you
believe it you can do it I’m sorry if this video was kind of rambling but if
you did get something from it I’ll be super pleased and you can definitely
write a comment to me down in the in the comment section below that would be
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don’t stop to eat up together come beloved only give me what – yeah

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