Tax Day Freebies & Deals For 2016, Free Stuff, Amazon Coupons ► The Deal Guy

Tax Day Freebies & Deals For 2016, Free Stuff, Amazon Coupons ► The Deal Guy

– Today, tax day freebies,
and insane deals. Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one stop shop for savings, I find huge deals everyday, none of which are ever paid products. No company pays me to talk about them, and all of the deals I find,
including our ongoing, developing list of freebies
and deals for tax day, 2016, located right under this video screen. Just click that “Show More” tab. I promise, I will update
that list throughout the day. Now, before we get to the deals, we have just had some
amazing deals right here. I’ve saved you $70 on Beats Wireless. We tackled Apple refurbs,
and other bargains, many of which, I have coming up. Before, I get to the deals. – Good news for subscribers, we do not only have these tax day freebies that are located right
under your video screen, we also have these awesome items. Look at this, we have
a kid’s Android tablet. We also have a waterproof Bluetooth. So, if you haven’t yet subscribed, you probably want to do so, because, these are gonna be given out, for free, for eligible subscribers, for daily draws. – [Matt] Click the “Subscribe” button, you see on your screen,
you’ll be signed up for all of my huge daily deal
alerts, and eligible, for not only today’s freebies, but other freebies moving forward. So what are tax day
freebies 2016 looking like? Well, I wanna remind you
first, this is designed purely, so idiots like me, will
mention the names of companies. But, there are actual
savings worth acknowledging, and then some deals. For all those private
documents and records, there is free paper shredding,
if you find yourself near a Staples today. To relax from all that
filing, free hydromassages, if you’re near a Planet
Fitness, with a coupon, located right under this video screen. On the sale front, the best I have seen in two years, from SentrySafe, that deal
under this video screen. Coffee deals are typical on
tax day, including espresso machines and coffee makers
at 66% off, from Mr. Coffee. Above ground pools, almost
at half price, and then the start of some laptop
deals, with more on the way in the coming weeks. And all sorts of, other huge savings. What would I not buy? Patio furniture, anything tied to audio, Power Banks, and some upcoming digital deals, you will only find right here, alongside all those other freebies, Thank you so much for watching. I wish you a wonderful
rest of your tax day, and if you’re not yet subscribed, and you want those other big deals. I got you covered. For free stuff, click
the “Subscribe” button you see on your screen right now, you’ll be signed up for that, and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts, you’re gonna see a wheel beside the “Subscribe” button. On a mobile device, it looks like this. Click the box, and turn
on your channel alerts, that will ensure your
emailed, every time I upload a huge deal. And remember, you wanna
buy any item I feature, there’s a link, right
under this video window. Click the “Show More” tab,
and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go. You are awesome, thank
you so much for watching.

100 comments on “Tax Day Freebies & Deals For 2016, Free Stuff, Amazon Coupons ► The Deal Guy

  1. Frankie S Post author

    Feet up on the coffee table, great music playing on the background…ready to check all these deal! Awesome!!!

  2. Quinn E Post author

    Hah those companies are clever to have you spend your return right away! Might have to take up one of those restaurant deals!

  3. DC Ray Post author

    thanks for the info…. always look forward to your email alerts!!!! happy tax day….. (that is just so wrong…;-) )

  4. DC Ray Post author

    thanks for the info…. always look forward to your email alerts!!!! happy tax day….. (that is just so wrong…;-) )

  5. terry terry1 Post author

    I like the deals on Safes, If you would send me a big one my mail person would be pissed. LOL

  6. David Stokes Post author

    Thank you so much Matt. Nice puck me ups on such a BAD day. LOL

    Ya'll don't forget to claim this free stuff also. LOL

  7. ANDREW Post author

    Nice to demo kids android tablets with more and more schools using them for younger and younger students

  8. jimsad12 Post author

    I have to admit that free is my favorite four letter word. Thanks for the freebies as well as all the other offers. Another great job Matt.

  9. Pam Griffin Post author

    Wow Matt!!! I just watched your very entertaining and informative video telling us about all of the awesome tax day savings and freebies!!!!! Thank you for doing all the hard research finding these things! Did I hear free tablet and other goodies?????? Love it! I'll keep checking back to see what other cool items you add! Thank you for all you do for your subscribers and I must say, you are a ray of sunshine! Happy Sunday!

  10. Greger Post author

    I think we need to change your title to Awesome Deal Guy cause that's what you are Matt. So glad that I found your channel all because of watching WGRZTV. Hope you get out to enjoy this beautiful weather as well Matt.

  11. Kasandra Logan Post author

    I got the TV!!!!! I needed it like I need a hole in my head. What I really need is a new washer and dryer. Can you steer me in the right direction???

  12. Aryamann Sharma Post author

    Back From a trip And just now saw so many AWESOME deals and coupons!!!!!! Man, I don't like trips from now on!!!!

  13. lRobin Barrick Post author

    Thanks for the deals info. Have a great day! Rose too…You are doing a great job. 🙂

  14. Kissiah Aiken Post author

    More awesome deals, as usual! Thank you. Oh I got those cool color changing light bulbs yesterday and it was so cool my husband had to have one too. Luckily the code and sale was still happening!

  15. David Cruse Post author

    WOWOWOWOWWO ! Matt ! Thanks for the FANTASTIC Links ! And Deals TODAY ! ! !
    So many discounted items and Great Prices !
    Certainly appreciate you, and your hard work to pass along these EXCELLENT Savings, Love ya, David

  16. VinNyVin Vin Post author

    I absolutely love how this channel uploads almost daily videos. I'm always expected a new video everyday now.

  17. TnCouponer Post author

    we couponers love freebies.. thank you and your team for doing your research.. enjoy the rest of your weekend..

  18. John Barlow Post author

    wow awesome deals I can't afford them all so how about a freebie lol waiting your Patio Furniture.

  19. Lucy Keating Post author

    Hey Matt, Is this Lenovo tablet the only laptop you have available today? I am still looking for a deal on laptop? Have a great day, thanks for your tax day deals and freebies! Please advise. Thanks, Cindy

  20. Michael Nguyen Post author

    Love your deals Matt. That's an amazing deal on the Lenovo and the coffee maker! Hopefully I can convince my new roommates to chip in for the coffee 🙂

  21. CECILIA AGOSTINE Post author

    Hi Matt, you rock!  I love all of the deals you offer, I have told all of my friends about you and they were super excited to jump on those fantastic deals you offer. Keep up the good work… Thanks again, Cecilia A.

  22. RON WARREN Post author

    Great job guys there is just so much good stuff to look at. Matt you are working Rosalyn too hard with so many deals. Well I have to check the rest of the deals out and then finish my taxes, the Country needs my money to run one more one millionth of a second.

  23. Eric Jolly Post author

    Wow! All these deals make today just a little less TAX-ing!!!!! Thanks for all the hard work finding these goodies for us all!!

  24. Albert Montes Post author

    Love these tax day freebies, Matt!  Definitely can use a free hydro massage after preparing my taxes.

  25. Joe Scot Schroeder Post author

    WOW, YOU REALLY DID YOUR HOMEWORK! WHAT AN AWESOME LIST! Hey, Maestro, if you ever decide to work for me, I'll pay you double what you make on this channel. Now that's a DEAL! LOL Not only does the taxman cometh, but the dealman cometh as well.
    Have a GREAT week! 🙂

  26. joe woods Post author

    Hey Deal Guy, I got the sound bar you reviewed last month and LOVE it! I'm a sports guy, so hockey, NASCAR & baseball are so much more enjoyable.
    Thank you.

  27. Patricia Thornhill Post author

    Wow!  How have I never heard of you before!!!  I will be sharing you with everyone I know!  Thank you!


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