hi everybody
welcome welcome welcome to tasty my Fang tasted my Fang tasted my flame tasting
my Fang tasty mukbang eats no tasting is here today working out in the daytime
today getting ready to do my workout y’all come on in get the video a thumbs
up I have mine epson salt lotion rub on my calf legs started school right here it’s cool out here and this lotion has
really been helping you guys so i’ma go get this over with it feels much better I’m around with this overweight yeah give the video a thumbs up okay now it’s distorted less giving
let’s go but isn’t she a shame walk in place yeah I used to live for an hour I feel the burn be careful you don’t hit your mouth on
stage take your breaks in between Thank You
i-44 thumbs up who’s in the house Alisa Gayle is that
miss Cathy mr. Kathy and mr. lizard girl fell in
the comments I see you see anybody else comment well yeah
thumbs up the video is y’all come in thank y’all for joining me I don’t know
what workout day this is I think it might be five or six I need to go back I
need to go back and count the workout days but we are staying consistent
staying on track and keeping in mind that something is better than nothing so
just get up and do something something is better than that yesterday and the crisscross on
downstairs something is better than nothing nothing is better than nothing
thank you all for 9 thumbs up hi Terrance hey miss Connie
miss Connie say hey lovelies how are you guys doing today thank you for joining
me for this hour workout section session we are 12 minutes in don’t forget to
take your breaks in between don’t forget to drink your water in between I’m
drinking distilled water and somebody is passing by with music you guys so I
might have to run a house for a minute they passed by with that music has
something going on with YouTube where you came use your video now I’m not
understanding it it’s not letting you mint on your phone
so after this I’m gonna go live on the other channel you all guys know what
channel that is I’m gonna take a bath and I am gonna go betta
early tonight because you don’t make no sense
how late I’ve been letting y’all keep me up I’ve been letting y’all keep me up
too late my my calf legs are feeling so much better
I’ve been using the Epsom salt on this and I think I’m gonna do a review on
this Epsom salt for you guys they sell this at your local drugstore CVS
Walgreens I think I got this from Walgreens years ago and I actually
looked on it and I don’t see an expiration date on it which is good and
it’s Morton’s unsalted Epsom salt lotion with natural
epsom salts greaseless gentle convenient it really ears you guys and you can use
it for regular lotion because it’s not greasy at all I love it
it says soothes minor aches and and strains and it really does help so I might
to a video on this Thank You alpha man thumbs of I was about to go in the house for a
minute because somebody playing music but they turn the car off eight people
in the house please thumbs up the video if you haven’t already
hi miss Bonita chicken with t hey there Terrance thank y’all for 10 thumbs up make sure you’re drinking your water
taking your breaks in between exercises especially if you’re exercising for an
extended amount of time like an hour make sure you’re taking your breaks
sitting down taking a breather don’t overexert yourself don’t overdo it especially if it’s been
a long time since you’ve been working out and you’re not quite there yet don’t
over exert yourself and I’m trying to show you guys that you could do get an
active adequate workout at home with no equipment you could build muscle with no
equipment and you can burn fat with more quick so you can do anything that you want to
do if you put your mind to it that’s the first step is deciding that you want to
do it then putting your mind to it and once you put your mind to it you have to
be able to stay consistent and even though the days when you don’t feel like
doing something remember to tell yourself that something is better than
nothing even though you don’t feel like doing a full workout that day do
something do 5 minutes to 10 minutes do 20 minutes do 30 minutes do something
just do something and you will be surprised even when you didn’t feel like
doing anything will you get up and do something it will give you the energy to
do more and you’ll be surprised because you will start doing more than what you
thought you were going to do from the beginning so something is better nothing say with me something is better damn nothing I got sweat rolling down my
back right now sweat rolling from behind my ears something is better than nothing
Thank You Alyssa Gill Alyssa Gail says something it’s better than nothing even
if you can’t leave out your house and you’re sitting in a wheel chair just
moving your hands up and down moving from side to side lifting your feet a
little wiggling your toes if that’s all you could do is what were your toes even
watching me if something is better than nothing
getting the encouragement that you need to go forward that’s good something is better than
nothing yeah these people passing by with this
music I do not want to get no copyright strike and I can’t mute the video like
this that sucks you can’t meet the video what’s up with that YouTube okay 13 thumbs up thank you miss Bonita say
be right back and let’s go see it okay and there’s a girl say hi T excuse me
we are 26 minutes in you guys over 30 minutes to go something is better do something it’s
better than the thing so it’s getting dark now some I got to think of a theme song for
something is better than nothing something is better than get up and keep it get up Venki that don’t sound good
yeah don’t charge him either soundly cuz then I’ma know y’all was lying to me you
lyin to me Oh I felt the burn
ah we I’m almost through with that gallon of
water I’m drinking I’m drinking distilled water I’ll be
having more people in my life late at night yeah when I’d be going live it 10
and 11 o’clock at night it excuse me Taron say something wake them up
don’t put them to sleep more pet more pit Terrance get up here and do this –
hey bro bro say how long are you drinking water how long what you mean
girl you know I’m doing it I’ve been doing the 30 gallon of water challenge I
mean 30 day gallon of water challenge forever I’m starting back with my green
drink as soon as I go make I drink water everyday row even when I’m drinking the
green drink this water it’s just water with the green parsley in it but it’s
still water its water on steroids this water at its best no artificial
nutrients at all so whoo thank y’all for 13 thumbs up we
are 35 minutes in whoo we got 25 minutes to go I have worked up a sweat sweat
rolling down my back and behind my ears this against a high road hold you guys I
can’t wait till I start back on my green drink and my vegetable smoothie because
my stomach was going flat flat flat flat flat I also want to start implementing
some days in where I do like a green drink fast and only drink green drink
for a day and end up working my way up to doing a seven-day green drink cleanse
so I don’t know when I do the one day green drink cleanse maybe you guys can
do that with me if you want to where you just drink green drink for one day it’s pretty much the same thing as a
water a one day water cleans okay this is playing water today I
didn’t make the pinnacle water and the lemon water again so I think the last
two days I’ve just been drinking the plain water then I’m gonna go back to
the green drink hardly by next week I’ll go back to the green drink and you guys when I be exercising also
it seem like it does promote the release of gas so that’s good if you’re getting
rid of gas that you wouldn’t normally get rid of that’s not coming out
normally but by you moving you’re getting rid of gas excess gas that’s
really a good thing okay one more come back fighting thank you for 17 thumbs up hey there I
need to say I’m here to take a call for my son who lives a girl say welcome back
Bonita say thank you young Caesar say you guys don’t come in my lives asking
me questions about stuff cuz when you do it just makes me do that because I don’t
like controversy don’t like trouble don’t come questioning people if you did
something you weren’t supposed to do then that’s what happened to you and you
come into people pages and questioning them just make it come in and say hello
and talk to about the conversation that’s going on that’s all I’m working
out come in and talk to me about working out what I’m doing how I’m doing don’t
come question to me I don’t have time for that I don’t have time for dysfunctional
families if you want to be this a family if you wanna be the person in the family
to bring the dysfunction I’m gonna do you like I do everybody else in my real
life I’m a blocky in the year-long Jess all I’m saying if you want to be a part of this family
coming in with no drama cuz if you come in with drama you gonna be gone and my
mods make sure that I don’t have to do it so oh yeah they playing music house
y’all they play music when they leave I’ll go back I said if my mods like you
I pretty much don’t go back and question it because I already know they know what
the dealio is so if they block to you for something you dare to say it don’t
come asking me why like cuz nine times out of ten they told you to stop doing
it and you didn’t stop so you got blocked so don’t come asking me why cuz
if I wasn’t there I don’t know but I don’t like dysfunction in a family so
don’t come to my family this is my family don’t come over here to my family
asking me a million and one questions cuz and then if you get blocked on one
channel and you come in with the same thing you left with then you go and get
that channel block that just makes sense don’t it don’t that make sense if you
get blocked from one channel and you open up another channel and you come in
with the same kind of stuff you left wit then that mean you’re gonna get the
other channel blocked like they’re doing says don’t do that don’t do that oh y’all is 47 minutes in and people came
outside drove up the planet music Lisi they not going but they nothing I music
no more because I had to cut my work out shortly I had to cook my work out short last
night because music roll say your scheme is blowing oh is
that a glow row or Swift oh is that a glow or is there sweat so we got about 10 more minutes left let
me get this ten minutes and then we don’t go in the house and do a wrap-up
on this and being y’all know where we gonna be yesterday I’m gonna do
a few Catholic exercises today and we just do a feel I’m wanted
it’s but I probably overdid it
that other day okay yeah let’s go in the house I’m feeling like I don’t need
enough today huh yeah I work out here today thank y’all for joining me let’s go in the house and sit in jail
for a few more minutes they’re getting ready to start their car back up anyway
playing music so let’s go in the house I like my little tripod yeah the $4.99
tripod I like it I’m gonna go get me cuz I thought you can only use it for your
Nick but as you can see I can use it for everything um I’m gonna go give me
another one cuz like I told y’all it’s good to have more than one of something
especially if you love it so much and you break it and it’s the item that
you’re not gonna be able to find everywhere yeah excuse me go and get you
more than one of them especially if you find on four cheese so yeah
Oh Bonita C is more tender how are you doing and she s do this again how’s she
doing she say she blessed bro say your skin is glowing y’all my skin is
sweating look at it y’all see this wig can y’all see can y’all see this way can
y’all see this way so your girl has been working up a sweat so let’s get ready to
go live on the other channel into our nightly life let me set everything up so
I could just go live over there don’t just saying is in my way thank you
miss Connie yes I’m sweating right now thank you Miss Connie thank you oh yeah I got to put tags in my other
videos before y’all know every time I do a new life I got the potatoes in it
and all that jazz and put my ads in it and all that jazz but only alum steal kidneys tags in here thank out for 19 thumbs up hey Kippy I
don’t need one more thumbs up to give the 20 yeah I’m getting ready to end
this live and start a new one on the other channel so I just wanted to add you don’t know okay let me I’ll talk
about that on the other channel Terrence said hi Bonita hi Connie and
you’re speaking back let me put my title in come on over and see you guys in a
minute bye now I love you thank you for 20
thumbs up y’all come over to he answers prayers if you want a chance okey-dokey
smokey bye now

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