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A Marathon in the Most Isolated Country in the World | Running in North Korea

Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon is a yearly event that started in April 1981. We picked April to commemorate our Great Leader’s birthday as one form of celebration. Many athletes from… Read more »

How to Create a Healthy Plate

What can you make your family for dinner that’s healthy and tastes good? You can follow the plate method! This healthy eating plan works for everybody, including people with diabetes…. Read more »

Adapted Physical Ed Green Lake Elementary [CC]

SPEAKER: What’s this? How do we get started for P.E.? Ready?SPEAKER: Alright, P.E.’s starting! TONI BADER: We will do our five minute dance party rock-out as our warm-up. we’ll go… Read more »

Ankle Sprain Exercise – X Excursion Exercise

This exercise needs very little tools but is essential to decrease your re-injury rate by 20-30% First, tape a large X on the floor as shown here Stand with one… Read more »