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How to Do a Standing Leg Lift | Thighs Workout

Hey, I’m Layla, and this is how you do standing leg lifts. So for your standing leg lifts, you’re just going to start off standing. You’re going to have all… Read more »

How to Do the Grapevine Dance Move | Hip-Hop Workout

Okay you guys, this next one is super simple. It’s a grapevine. I think we’ve all done the grapevine at some point in our lives. Whether we’re at a birthday… Read more »

How to Do a Squat | Bosu Ball Workout

Squatting on a BOSU ball is very similar to squatting on the floor except now you are using more muscles because you have to stabilize yourself. So you are going… Read more »

How to Do a Dumbbell Kick | Arm Workout

Today we’re going to go over a dumbbell kick, otherwise known as a dumbbell kickback. It’s for your triceps. It’s a very basic exercise for your triceps, a well-known exercise… Read more »