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Women Try Extreme Yoga

– [Selorm] Ghost twerk on a friend. We’re doing yoga, yogi, yogi, yoga. – [Maya] Eww, I don’t want you booty juice. – You know what, I don’t have juice… Read more »

Introducing the Bumble Bizz One Connection Series

The ability to make connections with other people in a work context like that’s just something that did not exist when I was starting my career I’ve talked to so… Read more »

15 Day Challenge – Workout 2

Hey guys, Kaytlin and I are back with a day two work out for you. If your upper body is feeling sore from yesterdays workout don’t worry, cause we’re working… Read more »

The fitness industry – Isaac Santana

Welcome everyone to a new episode Today we’re going to speak about something very interesting So sit back and relax Let’s get started We could define the fitness industry as… Read more »