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Chautauqua Physical and Occupational Therapy

Chautauqua Physical and Occupational Therapy is the largest outpatient rehab provider in Chautauqua County. My name is Patrick Green. I am the cofounder and owner of Chautauqua Physical and Occupational… Read more »


say hi to my vlog! me : it’s all dusty because… i haven’t…used it in awhile dropping off my dog right now we are going to vegas! i wish you… Read more »

Inner Thighs Workout Exercises : Leg Lifts for Inner Thigh Workouts

In this segment we’re going to start out with your body in somewhat of a plank position. Therefore I’m meaning your hands are down in front, feet are out behind… Read more »


I started daily vlogging. Go subscribe to my daily vlogging channel. Link is in the description. Just go subscribe after you watch this amazing video. Because it’s awesome, seriously though… Read more »

How to Do Aerobic Exercises : How to Do Step Touch Aerobic Exercises

KATIE BOWERS: Hi, my name is Katie Bowers with Expert Village, and you are watching my aerobics with a twist kinda combined with boot camp. So we’re making our traditional… Read more »

Real Women – Beauty Through The Decades The Realistic Way

1900 Gibson Girl 1900 In 1901 almost 40% of factory workers were female. 1910 The “Titanic” Era 1910 The Suffragette Movement 1920 Silent Cinema Actresses 1920 1 in every 9… Read more »