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The psychology of self-motivation | Scott Geller | TEDxVirginiaTech

Translator: Quan Sun Reviewer: Denise RQ Thank you. Thank you. Beyond boundaries. What a theme, huh? Now, when I think of boundaries, I think of rules, regulations, and restrictions. And… Read more »

Finding sobriety on a mountaintop | Scott Strode | TEDxMileHigh

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs Reviewer: Ellen Maloney I am a person in long-term recovery from a substance-use disorder. (Applause) And what that means is I haven’t smoked crack, snorted a line… Read more »

The Power of Plant-Based Eating | Dr. Joanne Kong | TEDxUniversityOfRichmond

Translator: Hélène Vernet Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Good evening. What if I told you that we can change the world through our food choices? I challenge you in the… Read more »

How to Make a Behavior Addictive: Zoë Chance at TEDxMillRiver

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Chryssa Takahashi I haven’t started any mass movement, I don’t have a mass movement to start but I can speak from experience. I’ll be talking with… Read more »

My philosophy for a happy life | Sam Berns | TEDxMidAtlantic

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Hello everyone. I’m Sam, and I just turned 17. A few years ago, before my freshman year in High School, I wanted to… Read more »

How bicycling connects us at the speed of discovery | Jimmy Hallyburton | TEDxBoise

Translator: Khanh Linh Nguyen Reviewer: Hélène Vernet Before we get started, I want you to look at this picture for a few seconds. You probably don’t know this girl, but… Read more »