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When is the ideal time to go grocery shopping? – Quick Tips – LA Fitness

[Intro Music] If you’re hungry, don’t go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping, while hungry, can lead to poor food choices. Attempt to shop when your appetite isn’t doing the thinking for… Read more »

Why is Racquetball Maintenance Important? – Quick Tips – LA Fitness

[Intro Music] If you play a lot of racquetball, your strings will wear out over time. If your strings have deep notches where they cross or the strings make a… Read more »

How To Setup a Patreon that Supports You Full-Time

Today, guys, we’re going to help you learn how to best optimize your Patreon page by taking a look at my own Patreon page with Peter Hollens. He knows a… Read more »

Glute activation exercise – Clams

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist today I’m going to be showing you two different ways of doing a clam exercise now clams activate your gluteus medius muscle which sits on the… Read more »

What is Circuit Training? – Quick Tips – LA Fitness

[Intro Music] Wanna define your muscles and burn lots of calories? Why not try circuit training? Circuit training helps keep your heart rate elevated by doing consecutive sets of exercises… Read more »