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Custodial Correctional Officer physical assessment – Respond to a Medical Emergency (RTME)

Hi there. I’m Kate Holman and I’m the General Manager of Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre. Health and fitness are very much a part of life at the Queensland Corrective Services… Read more »

In-Home Abdominal Exercises : Oblique V-ups in Abdominal Exercises

I am Kyle Brayer and your next in-home abdominal workout will be the oblique v-ups. So Kerri is going to lay down on her side on our ab mat. She… Read more »

How-To Do A Chin-Up • One Academy Training

Alright, what’s up guys, here we go: we got our chin-up. So same thing with the military press, when our hands are overhead and on a bar, I want to… Read more »