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Best Budget Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor 2018

Hey what’s up everybody TECHFIT360 here and in today’s video we will be looking at the NO.1 F6 SmartWatch. Now this is my very first review of any smartwatch although… Read more »

Fitness-Tracker im Uhr-Design! – Withings Activité Pop – Review

Smartwatches gewinnen immer mehr an Beliebtheit, übernehmen immer mehr Funktionen des Smartphones und sind mittlerweile schon einiges mehr als nur eine Uhr. Das es aber auch ganz anders geht, zeigt… Read more »

Samsung Gear IconX – truly wireless bluetooth earbuds / fitness tracker

테크게지! 안녕하세요, 오늘은 ‘기어 아이콘 엑스’ 를 살펴보겠습니다. 각각 이어폰 사이에 선이 없는 무선 헤드셋입니다. 완…전…무…선…?? 진짜 외계인 고문해서 기술 개발하나요??!??! 이게 다가 아닙니다 4GB 내장 메모리로 스마트폰 없이 음악… Read more »

8 Metrics Fitness Trackers Should Give Triathletes

– Well you know I could write about heart rate monitor and step counting and sleep quality but that’s really pedestrian (whoosh) Sir that canned food was meant to feed… Read more »

Measuring body composition with your fitness tracker

Measuring body composition with your fitness tracker Body composition analysis shows you the approximate percentage of body fat and muscle mass Before you measure your body composition wear your fitness… Read more »