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Home – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

– Hello, everyone. Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji. And today I’m coming at you with a very special announcement, something that is very near… Read more »

Downstairs EP1 – First Time Yoga

Okay, let’s move into the Balasana, otherwise known as the child pose. I can’t do it. Kopi Soh, are you okay? Does this look okay to you? Just ease into… Read more »

Announcing a new Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

– Hi, my name is Doug Baer and I’m the CEO at Brooks Rehabilitation. We’re excited today to announce that we will be building a new 60-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital… Read more »

Science Says These Exercises Can Relieve Your Back Pain (Stretches & Strengthening)

Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist, together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob Science says… Read more »

Autism in Children: Exercises to Help Calm the Body

Welcome back Rachel and I are here again and Rachel’s gonna share with you some amazing tips on how to help to calm the body, right? Yeah! So we’re gonna… Read more »

Video 2-1, Experiment 2: Physical and Chemical Properties of Liquid Compounds

For experiment two, the first thing I want to point out is, again, our safety precautions. I have my hair tied back. I’m wearing my safety goggles. Even though I… Read more »

Villa Del Palmar Cabo San Lucas Hotel Tour

Hi it’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV. Today we are going to take a look at another hotel in one of our favorite Cruise destinations. This time it’s the Villa del Palmar… Read more »