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Fitness tracker subverted powerful militaries

Military bases, patrols, convoy routes — these are generally things the world’s most powerful militaries don’t want you to find. But … a fitness app has kinda’ thrown a wrench… Read more »

BlendJet Review: Does this USB Portable Blender Work?

Hey guys this is James White with Freakin’ Reviews, bringing you As Seen on TV product reviews, gadget reviews, and more. Now if you like what you see in this… Read more »

How Fitness Trackers Work | How Things Work with Kamri Noel

KAMRI: Hey y’all. It’s Kamri, and I’m playing with my Fitness Tracker. These things are amazing. And, 10,000. I’ve always wondered how Fitness Trackers work. They’re on my wrist, but… Read more »

OMbra is a Fitness Tracker Disguised as a Sports Bra | Mashable CES 2016

Fitness trackers are everywhere and now you’ll even find them under your clothes. This is the OMbra. It’s a bra with a built-in fitness tracker. You can see right here… Read more »