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Adapted Physical Ed Green Lake Elementary [CC]

SPEAKER: What’s this? How do we get started for P.E.? Ready?SPEAKER: Alright, P.E.’s starting! TONI BADER: We will do our five minute dance party rock-out as our warm-up. we’ll go… Read more »

Usability in the Physical World vs. on the Web

Some years ago, I was at our UX conference in Sydney, Australia. At the time, the Starbucks coffee chain had just opened up in Australia. And they were distributing in… Read more »

What Do Men Like about Women Physically

What Do Men Like about Women Physically? Perhaps by reading the title of this entry you will respond instantly “Men only look for breasts, and big butt!”. And yes, obviously… Read more »

MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health – An International perspective

I’m a Nutritionist, so I was interested always in physical activity so I think, that this was the programme that gathered everything together and it was quite unique.. My background… Read more »